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£1,082 Raised

Goal: £5,000

Bring Back British Rail represents ordinary people sick and tired of a public transport system that does not work in its passengers' or employees' interests. Over the last five years, under the part-time stewardship of just two people, we have grown our online supporter base from 500 to 50,000 people! Knowing that politicians only listen when they want votes, we hope to double this to 100,000 supporters before the General Election next May.

We cannot do this without your help! Over the coming months we want to raise £5,000 to help publicise Bring Back British Rail, fund the campaign's operating costs, and encourage more and more people to sign the petition on our website. If just a fifth of our Facebook supporters donated a single pound (via www.bringbackbritishrail.org/donate/may2015) we would reach our target in days. It's a worthy cause, so please do help us to fight the good fight to return Britain's railways to public ownership.

So far we have raised £1,082.

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Our Supporters:

  • Bernard Harrison
  • Ellie Harrison
  • Tamar Shlaim
  • Andrew Dehany
  • Jay Loring
  • Pavitar Mann
  • Andrew Shore
  • Olwyn Emery
  • John McMillan
  • jose clements
  • William Weller
  • Sandra Hutchinson
  • Christopher Blackmore
  • Chris Carter
  • John White
  • Claire Shearsby
  • David Doubleday
  • Simon Andrew Turner
  • Terry Dixon
  • Steven Flower
  • Colin Larcombe
  • David Bowen
  • Dr Philip Dixon-Phillips
  • Jane Evans
  • Paul Black
  • Jim Flanagan
  • steven wallis
  • wendy evans
  • Andy Polshaw
  • Graham Geary
  • James Cook
  • Adam Dolman
  • Chris Singleton
  • yvonne filsell
  • karen westbrook
  • Roger Clogg
  • Eileen Jaques
  • Michael Boty
  • Joseph Kelly
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