For all our sakes – and the environment – let’s have our national rail service back.

John Wakefield, Stone

I am old enough to remember the days when British Rail ran the railways, and I can tell you it was run better in those days than it is now.

Frances Moran, London

Private enterprise has been a disaster for the railways.

Chris Lemin, London

Privatisation of our railways has been an abject, expensive failure..John Major should hang his head in shame.

Michael Markson, London

Privatisation has put profit before safety.

Harvey Gelder, Pontefract

In the present system driven by the obsessive need for profit, the needs of the passenger are not considered – they are only important as the source of revenue.

Brian Racher

I’m sick of train fares going up every year. It’s an absolute farce. How is this sustainable?

Javed Miah, London

Travellers are the losers with a franchise system where the bidding is based on income for the government. Promises about through ticketing were broken within weeks.

Elizabeth Thomas, East Sussex

The railways are for the people of the UK, not shareholders.

Colin Sutton, Ramsgate

Transport should let people get from A to B as cheaply as possible, not for profit. One fare for each journey, not having to find the cheapest available.

Keith Barrow, Huddersfield

Since BR was privatised by the government it is now run by different companies. These companies hike up the fares every year and provide a poor service for high prices.

Eirug Griffiths, Neath

I used to work for British Rail in Horwich, York and Crewe engineering works. I would love to see the railways nationalised again.

Richard Power, London

Privatisation has failed, as it seems do in most public services.

Melvyn Dalley, Sheffield

The franchising fiasco has shown conclusively how privatisation fails the public. The rail network is a national asset and should therefore be run nationally.

Alexander Scott, Ardrossan

It should never have been privatised in the first place. It was the worst thing John Major ever did.

Luke Oldale, Worksop

The people will it.

Jim Harkson, Lincolnshire

Please re-open the lines that were closed in Northumberland by Beeching.

Rob Turnbull, Hexham

Let’s bring sense back at last.

Sheila Lovett, Newton Abbot

You know this makes perfect sense.

James O’Grady, Coventry

I would like to travel long distances and know connecting trains will be waiting for me.

Alison Broadley, Bedworth

The tax payer should not pay for foreign companies to make a profit whilst operating at the highest prices in Europe.

Richard Stainton, Hinckley

I fully support the need for a publicly-owned and run railway in Britain.

Paul McNally, Washington

I strongly support this, and bringing energy back into public ownership as well.

Lesley Doveton, Uxbridge

With so much direct and indirect subsidy, the idea that the railway isn’t already nationally funded is laughable. Let’s take charge if we’re going to pay for it anyway.

Sam Hayes, Manchester

Privatisation has been a total failure (As we knew it would be) Greed has replaced efficiency and duty to the people it once served.

Michael Ley, Luton

We need a train service run for passengers not shareholders.

Steve Yeates, East Sussex

Privatisation of the railways is a sham so that shareholders can make millions. We should re-invest in re-opening closed lines and bring back a real service.

Chris Tugwell, Welling

This privatisation experiment has failed. The East Coast Line ran at a vast profit when in government hands but not when previously run privately. It’s time for British Rail.

Richard King, Bristol

Transport is vital and would be preferable in the public interest rather than big business.

Janet Groundsell, Isle of Wight