Bringing back British rail is the only solution to this savage destruction of our railways.

Bill Porter

Also bring back some of the many lost stations. Reduce individual cars on the road and more railways for everyone.

Elizabeth Clark, Peterborough

I’m tired of catching overcrowded trains.

Mary Johnstone, Surbiton

The trains are outdated and whatever new stock Northern do get is cast offs from down south or abroad.

Craig Robertson, Birkenhead

I totally agree. Re-open all the branch lines and put freight back on the rails.

Kevin Boulton, Trefnant

It’s the right thing for the country and the hard working commuters of Britain deserve a better railway system.

Eliot Johnson, Devizes

It’s much better to have the government running the rail system for the good of the country and not shareholders.

Jean Berry, Nottingham

The service has been bad since privatisation, and the fares sky high.

Arvind Jadwa, London

Before nationalisation (and I was there) people complained about the trains. The same complaints are happening still – fares are beyond reach, and profits exist.

Elizabeth Lindsay, Matlock

End the rip-off of both passengers and taxpayers. We pay more now than we did for BR.

James Aitken, Edinburgh

We currently subsidise the rail network more heavily than we did when we owned it yet they still make a profit. That’s our money and it should be re-invested.

Glyn Morgan, Liverpool

No car. I travel a lot and found having to change trains more as before we used to travel straight through. Now have to suit train companies territories.

Sean McCarroll, Penzance

Never have so few robbed so many.

David Haimes, Barnsley

I want not only for the railways to be returned to public ownership, but for all transport provision to be unified under a National Transport Service, mimicking the NHS.

Sebastian Clare, Dublin

I saw this in today’s “Grauniad.” Good on you, Ellie.

Richard Wakeford, Cambridge

Southern strikes are showing that the private sector is not more efficient at running the railways.

Peter Lucas

Just bring it back.

Paul Dickerson, Scunthorpe

If public ownership works and makes a profit on East Coast line, why not have the lot in public ownership?

Michael Morgan, Cinderford

Some things should not be privatised.

Jason Courtney, Guildford

It cost me £110 for an advance return train ticket from Yorkshire to Great Missenden but £120 for a return plane ticket to Berlin. Ridiculous.

Jennifer Brazil, Great Missenden

About time, bloody Thatcher.

John Devine, Chippenham

Re-nationalise our railways immediately.

Sam Bird, London

Let’s turn the privatisation tide.

Peter Murray, Doncaster

Having rail in private hands has proved to be a complete disaster on all counts.

Steven Caris, London

The railways should be a public concern, serving the public, not wealthy shareholders.

Andrew Nix, London

It’s maddening that we have state-run trains in Britain but other countries manage trains. They siphon away our tax subsidies. We fund DB, NS and SNCF. Why not our BR?

Aidan Turner-Bishop, Preston

The railways should not have been privatised in the first place. The subsidies are a ludicrous price to pay when there is no ownership by the taxpayer.

David Cuthbert, Winscombe

We spend less per head than any country in Europe on our rail network. It is about time we got a proper public service so we can get people off the roads.

Peter Jackson, Bungay

It’s our country.

Colin Carr, Newcastle-upon-Tyne