British Rail was broken up (badly) in the 90s to satisfy some ideological political dogma rather than what was best for passengers.


Brexit has brought our sovereign country back to its senses. The UK railways privatised some 20 odd years ago have not worked and only Virgin has worked for the elite.

Jack Ormrod, Llandudno

In Italy. 9 euros gives me 5 hours of clean, modern, punctual rail travel. It is essential that we give people an affordable alternative to car travel to save the planet.

Lindsey March, Kings Langley

I strongly support this, and bringing energy back into public ownership as well.

Lesley Doveton, Uxbridge

Some things in life should never be privatised. Education, the NHS, the Police, the Post Office and the Railways.

Bobbie Syrett, Leeds

BR may not have been perfect, but at least it got people to their destination, with very limited government funds.

Paul Johnson, Chelmsford

An efficient, well-run state railway with proper investment. Not subsidised ‘pretend’ markets.

Dave Draycott, Halifax

Please re-open the lines that were closed in Northumberland by Beeching.

Rob Turnbull, Hexham

I wish for a publicly-owned and accountable railway.

Ray Jackson, Sheffield

This must be done for the sake of our nation and rail safety.

Colin Anderson, Dunstable

Cramming passengers into undersized carriages and providing an awful service whilst making millions for shareholders is unacceptable.

Paul Ahdal

This is extremely important, not only for our economy, but for the people who live in this country. People are unable to see each other due to high travel fares.

Alessandro Marini, Glasgow

Privatisation has been a catalogue of disasters.

Martin Odoni, Salford

Privatisation failed the British people and served an elite few. This is basic infrastructure that needs to be affordable and functional. It isn’t. Bring BR back.

Chris Tate, Surbiton

Bring back British Rail.

Therese Jonason, Dartford

Rail travel in this country is so expensive it’s disgusting. We are an embarrassment to the rest of Europe.

Kris Deedigan, London

Bring back British Rail.

Matt Hessing, Ilfracombe

I’ve just had the worst train journey ever travelling from Birmingham to Wakefield. It took just under 3 hours, making an average speed of 34 mph.

Lynda Pickersgill, Barnsley

For the people, not for private profit.

Stewart Moffat, Eccleshall

We could even bring back the connecting service.

Peter Wilton, Maidenhead

It means the return of common sense and a slap in the face for the British oligarchs Souter the bigot and megalomaniac Branson and their ilk.

David Hill, Doncaster

Privatisation was and still is a publicly funded rip-off, to defraud the public of money, the very taxes we all pay. Shame on you Con-Dems!

Zack Kahn, London

I wasn’t around when British Rail was running, but when I see other European countries with railways of a quality almost unrecognisable to us in Britain, I want BR.

Peter Staker, Edinburgh

The railways should be a public service, not a means to extract cash from the public.

Deborah Gibbens, Shropshire

The railways are a public good and should be run as such.

Peter Critchley, St Helens

I don’t see how an increasing cost to the taxpayer and passenger, on a monopoly, can be considered acceptable. It strangles the economy if nothing else.

Peter Baker, London

British Rail was far better than any other rail company. I started work for them. Regional Railways again was a good company and then things started getting worse.

Ann Brown, Lincoln

Public services are best. The railways need to be given back to the people who should own them, the people of this country, not those who just want to make money.

Sarah Markham, Flitwick

The railways were a national asset, but now they are used to finance other countries. The railways of Britain should be for the people.

Donald Bladwin, Tattershall