The private sector continually proves itself unworthy of being entrusted with our railways. Enough is enough. Time to take them back.

Keith Jackson, Stoke-on-Trent

Privatisation of the railways is far more expensive to run than the unified British Rail ever was.

Kevin Walsh, Bushey

Railways for the people not private profit.

Joseph Murray, Brighton

Nineteen years of commuting – and rail is by far the best, but no longer the cheapest way.

Michael Wilson, Bexhill-on-Sea

Please let’s get our rail network back to one of the finest in Europe.

Linda Halfpenny, Nottingham

Only issue I have is the possibility of strikes/work-to-rule as there used to be when we has a nationalised railway. If this can be avoided then re-nationalise ASAP.

Barry Cruttenden, Weston-super-Mare

Public transport should be run as a public service, not for private profit.

Roy Manterfield, Nottingham

BRING BACK BRITISH RAIL. Bring back affordable fares, profit paid back in to the public purse and quality service for all.

Daniel Eunson, Edinburgh

Privatised rail companies charge us twice. We the taxpayers pay for their subsidies then have to pay their extortionate fares.

Geoff Lange, Gosport

End the farce and re-nationalise the railways. I travel to and from Cumbria by train and have never arrived on time in any direction. Also the fares are so expensive,

Glyn Jones, Dartford

Bring it back. Give all of us contractors working away some job security and let us shine to our full potential instead of being stuck as shovel monkeys.

Paul Collinson, Shildon

Why don’t the Labour party back this? Why, it might get them some votes.

Ian Cumming, Newton Mearns

Public transport should be run for the benefit of the country, not shareholders.

John Evans, Billericay

Privatisation of the railways was a national disaster resulting in higher costs and poorer service. It needs to end now.

Paul Lally, Liverpool

The railways need good management in the nationalised sector with the capacity to raise funds to make improvements.

Maureen Cooper, London

British Rail was good. They should never have privatised the railways because the fares cost so much.

Harrison Connor, Basingstoke

British Rail should never have been broken up and sold off. Beeching only closed it all because he owned a road transport company. Criminal

Mark Day-Thomas, Milton Keynes

British Rail, though cash-starved, was actually very efficient. Rail costs after privatisation are running at 20% above inflation.

Chris Jones, Letchworth

Common Sense.

Philippe Close, Brixton

Bring Back BR. They were a brilliant company managing the railway network.

James Newby, Hereford

Neither British Rail, water, gas or electricity should have been privatised.

John Peebles, Wakefield

With good management British Rail can cut prices, improve services and still make money for re-investment.

Rob Shepherd, Beckenham

The sooner the better.

Steve Greenwood, Heywood

The railway privatisation was rushed through, our railways were sold at cut price without our agreement. If only British Rail had received the money private operators get.

Tom Spowart, Newton Aycliffe

At last, I have found a campaign group dedicated to re-nationalisation of the rail network. The current system in the hands of private ownership is totally dysfunctional.

Martin Ludford, Peterborough

I worked for BR in the 1960s and still have many friends who now work for the various rail companies. They all say Bring back British Rail.

William David Shanks, Durham

Privatisation has benefited us by providing the most expensive rail travel in Europe and a ticketing system which defies belief. End this farce now.

Michael Frank Ricketts, Buntingford

Keep up the good work.

John Hammond, Yeovil

Our railway system is nothing short of a farce. They must be under one control to make them work as one complete unit.

David Nicholson, Leeds

Bring back British Rail, lower prices and put the power in expert hands rather than politicians.

Christina McKenna, Liverpool