When I think of what we used to have and what we have now it is definitely regression not progression.

Julie Hope, Cheddar

The basic premise of privatisation is flawed.

Tim Hughes, York

End “profit before people”. Kill privatisation. Re-nationalise now.

Reuben Reynolds, Leicester

I feel that public ownership is best for business.

John Lane, Hastings

We need a nationalised railway because being able to travel easily around the country for work and leisure is a necessity that ordinary people are being priced out of.

Julie Brownlie, Dawlish

Look how successful the East Coast line is now, following de-privatisation.

Chris Coombs, Stockton-on-Tees

It is time all this privatisation stopped. There should be institutions looked after by a civil service.

Pat Ingram, Exeter

The current rail franchise system is horrendous and poorly managed.

Paul Tandy, Cheltenham

And bring back loco-hauled trains while you’re at it.

Gareth William-Philips, Penarth

I agree – bring it back to get rid of rip-off prices.

Ashley Jones, Bristol

Privatisation gives the weak quality of service, because it is focused on how to make the greatest profits. In London, public transport is far too expensive.

Radoslaw Lach, London

Do not wait for the franchises to run their course. Take them back into public ownership now.

Michael Lee, Worksop

This situation is inefficient and costly. West Coast would be better off in state hands.

Howard Sanders, Crawley

Privatisation has lost the unique ’rounded’ service previously provided by lifelong railway workers with cross department co-operation and were ‘proud to belong’.

Tom Cloughton, Darlington

I use East Coast services regularly to visit family and friends and am horrified I now have to give money to Brian Souter, an arch bigot. Re-nationalise now.

Mary Gordon, Edinburgh

Public transport should be there to provide a service not profits for big shareholders.

Philip Davies, Southend-on-Sea

More than half the British population want industries like rail back in public ownership. And they’re right.

Des Nelson, Edinburgh

Transport is such an essential part of people’s working lives and ensuring the contact of families and friends in this more disparate society. It must be better integrated.

Jennifer Brock, Bradford

We need ‘not-for-profit’ trains like East Coast.

Anne Joynes, Watford

Everything should be back in the tax payers’ hands.

John F Spencer, Shirebrook

In order to have a fully integrated transport system, we also need to bring back the National Bus Company!


The East Coast line has shown that a nationalised rail system can be efficient and cost-effective, giving resources and service to the economy.

Raymond Soltysek, Gourock

Think about the travelling public, not shareholders for a change.

Harry Hansen, London

I used to be an avid rail traveller but haven’t been able to afford the ridiculous fares for some time.

R Cross, Southampton

We need a model like the East Coast Mainline where money does not go to private shareholders.

Phil Round, St Helens

Selling vital services for profit is a short-sighted disgrace. Bringing back BR would reduce the complexity of our rail network and benefit national transportation.

John Halfpenny, Ripley

Unified, national, well planned, strategic, facilitating leisure and the economy, cheaper, better, social – easy.

John Parkes, Leeds

The East Coast mainline proves the case.

Robert Jones, Leeds