Just look at East Coast. We in the North could do with a bit of that.

Max Burton, Manchester

The opposition to public ownership of railways is ideologically based, and flies in the face of the evidence.

Jana Jeruma-Grinberga, Enfield

The East Coast mainline in public hands has needed less subsidy, increased efficiency and returned money to the Treasury. Government response? Re-privatise. Madness.

Kane Clements, Exeter

Bring back trains where seats are available in ordinary class and not just for 1st Class passengers. 1st Class carriages are half empty whilst the others stand for miles.

Kathleen Napier, Preston

Can be done over time, when contracts are due to expire.

Brian Cox, Stafford

East Coast line is encouraging if it could be reproduced throughout the network.

Derek Lowe, Knaresborough

Basic public services should never be used for private profit.

Sara Kadar, Derry

The railways have for too long been an industry wedded to shareholders and profit and not to service delivery. That has to change.

Peter Burrows, Dunstable

Please re-nationalise and put people before profit.

Alison Daly, Shrewsbury

Transport is the business of us all and should not have been stolen for the sole benefit of shareholders.

Douglas Cook, Penzance

Railways should be publicly owned.

Neil McNab, London

Public transport in public hands.

Paddy Carstairs, Dalkeith

The current British railway system is inherently flawed, and has gone noticeably downhill. As a 24 year old, I am struggling to afford the 1 hour commute into London.

Jarvis Coxwell, Farnham

Not only do I want to bring back British Rail, I want everything to be brought back.

Cyndy Kelly, Wetherby

I am not a socialist, but I think that such important services should be in the hands of the people and not in the hands of those that seek profit.

Dean Morrice, Bristol

I joined British Rail in 1983 and am still in the industry today. I can’t believe we pay people to run a service so that they can make a profit.

Dario Giudici, Stevenage

East Coast is the best service presently in the UK, doesn’t have to pay a dividend to rich shareholders, and is less of a burden on taxpayers than any private company.

Christopher Rowe, Durham

They should never have been privatised. The railway has been in decline ever since.

Dave Huxham, Leeds

I support the re-formation of British Rail. The current un-unified service has caused me numerous problems

Iain Macleod-Brudenell, Nottingham

Don’t waste money on HS2. Just get us an affordable transport system.

Steve Mulvale, Padstow

Take back the community’s railways.

Douglas Mitchell, Bedford

I hate the trains. We are the passengers. Make the railways a public service again.

Lucy Wade, Kent

The myth that public ownership doesn’t work is busted. Private enterprise has let this country’s transport system down in a spectacular way.

Bob Swann, Liverpool

I hate privatisation, especially when it’s on the railways.

Andrew Tappin, Bristol

We invented rail travel and we should lead it, not be the butt of European Jokes. Every other country I have visited has a better rail service than the UK.

Paul Denney, Dursley

Bring back BR and introduce a clear standardised fare structure.

Robert Hill, London

They should never have been privatised. The government conspired to make them look unprofitable at the time and also at the time of Beeching.

Allan Jones, Elgin

We once had the best railway in the world. We now have to go by bus.

John Midcalf, Darlington

A national railway system for the people and owned by the people run at cost plus investment.

Stuart Parker, Liverpool

Yes, we would sincerely like British Rail to be brought back to the British public.

Nigella Kennedy, London