Public transport should benefit the public, not a few shareholders.

Stephen Clibbens, Harrogate

Railways operate so much better when in public ownership. Best outcome for everyone involved.

Kayey Ellen, London

Many of the private rail companies are foreign national rail networks, so it would better be one British Rail.

Richard Waltereit, Whitley Bay

I enjoy using the trains in Scotland because I’m only an occasional long distance traveller. I’m completely convinced I’d be disgruntled if I’d have to commute.

Anouk Kahanov, Aberdeen

East Coast is better now than it has been for years.

Timothy Wilson, Dundee

Privatisation has been a disaster for the public services and the culture that it has encouraged has lead to a cheapening of every aspect of our public life.

Michael Fearn, Camborne

The fact that the infrastructure and major stations had to be nationalised anyway means that simply nationalising the whole thing makes total sense to me.

Nic Hubbard, York

It’s a public service and should pay for itself, but huge profits – why?

Jasmin Crosbie, Carlisle

Under this regime there isn’t any real competition. Let the train companies have to maintain their own permanent way etc. Profits?

Tony Hagon, Wick

I use East Coast mainline regularly and it’s the best operator in Britain.

Barry Mead, Tadcaster

Rail profits back to the people.

Patricia Burn, Manchester

The continual dropping of standards, quality of service and reduction of safety while ramping up prices has to stop.

Nick Sharp, St Neots

Privatisation puts profit before performance. Privatising organisations is why this country is such an undesirable place to be. Bring back nationalisation.

Conor Tomlinson, Bolton

I hate Virgin and First.

Rowan Crawshaw, Caernarfon

The rail privatisation has got to be one of the most outrageous, harmful and impractical of all privatisations.

Martin Bedford, Bournemouth

Privatisation as it is is a rip-off.

St Clair Stewart, Forfar

Thatcher and Major sold off the country’s assets and it’s time to get them back.

Barry Hague, Derby

Taxpayers paid for it and we pay the MPs, yet they want to sell everything for profit.

Thomas Wilson, Gravesend

Private companies are being subsidised for failures and raking in huge profits whilst the average citizen’s fare is being jacked up exponentially. Bring back British Rail.

Robert Bain, Glasgow

Get rid of the fragmented, inefficient and unsafe privatised railway system.

Richard Church, London

Public ownership of a public service.

James Biddlecombe, Banbury

Transport is a key piece of national infrastructure. It has no business being run for profit in the private sector.

Stuart Bishop, Manchester

Let’s get people out of their cars and back onto cheap public transport.

Jonathan Chalcraft, Brighton

I actually reside in the US, but have friends in the UK, and have used the trains many a time. I’m all for decent travel.

Raymond Kerstetter, London

A nationalised rail network would be able to re-invest in its hardware rather than paying off shareholders.

Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty, Nottingham

The service has been bad since privatisation, and the fares sky high.

Arvind Jadwa, London

It is high time to re-nationalise British railways and get the kind of system that the French now enjoy.

Andrew Spence, Hastings

The current British railway system is inherently flawed, and has gone noticeably downhill. As a 24 year old, I am struggling to afford the 1 hour commute into London.

Jarvis Coxwell, Farnham

Privatisation has caused all costs across the board to rise beyond affordable.

Mia Carr, Glasgow

Privatisation of such a valuable service was a catastrophe from the start, so let’s rectify the mistakes of the past.

Benjamin Walker, Manchester