Journeys are too expensive. And why do I have to pay to use the toilet? This is a violation of my human rights I’m certain.

Chiara Knott, Nottingham

Simple. Enough is enough.

Nathan Day, Redhill

It has got to the stage when it is cheaper to fly than catch a train Jaw dropping prices and having to search loads of internet sites just to find a reasonable fare.

William Power, Royston

Privatisation has been a complete waste of time, has not benefited anyone who uses it. It’s turned out worse value for consumers as prices hike and services get worse.

Nicolas Richardson, Cardiff

Bring back British Rail.

Craig Gardiner, London

Let’s have a public service that everyone can use and not just for the rich. Let’s go back to simple pricing and timetables that are realistic and get rid of the middleman.

Les White, Stafford

East Coast has run a great service. Why not allow them to continue and others join them?

Joan Briggs, North Shields

Privatisation has failed the passengers and serves only the shareholders of the rail companies. Re-nationalised and run efficiently East Coast line shows public success.

Simon Bell, Torpoint

I like the BR logo. I want to see it more. I want the conductors back. It will be better organised and cheaper.

Oszeromolago Babalouista, London

I just tried to book a day return journey to take my son to London for the day (leaving after 9.30am) in 3 weeks time and the cheapest option was £60. This is shocking.

Ruth Atkinson-Wilks, Bristol

Economic and reliable rail travel is not a luxury but a requirement for a modern, successful economy. Get rid of the franchises and nationalise the railways.

Ray Laidlaw, North Shields

The railways should not have been privatised in the first place. The subsidies are a ludicrous price to pay when there is no ownership by the taxpayer.

David Cuthbert, Winscombe

Railways for travellers, not for shareholders.

Barry Barker, Stoke-on-Trent

I strongly believe that any part of our society that serves the masses and helps our society run efficiently should be non-for-profit and for the people.

Daniel Grixti, London

Lets go back to a service for the public not a service for a few shareholders.

Chris Clarke, Huddersfield

Private good – Public bad. It’s Orwellian.

John Butler, New Malden


Kevin Ryan, Birmingham

Let us undo the great mistake that New Labour would not, when they had a golden opportunity.

John Carlisle, Sheffield

Maybe if we achieve this then we can start with the Water Companies?

Julian Balmford, Aylesbury

Put people before profit.

Sheila Rowhan, London

Public transport for public good rather than private greed.

Mark Mayo, London

I left BR in 1995 after 18 years service, as I could see bad things happening because the changes that were made after privatisation (Potters Bar, Hatfield.)

Paul Gardener, Wallasey

What the Tories said about privatisation was wrong – better service, lower fares and competition. None of that has happened!

Andy Teed, Devon

No public service should be run for private profit as it can never serve people’s interest.

Chris Moon, Bridgwater

It is absurd that a public service is in the hands of those whose sole interest is their own profit.

Maria Dolores Moreno Manzano, London

The country should have a proper public transport system.

Steve Ince, Pocklington

It’s clearly sensible.

Sue Ahrens, Watford

The trains are hugely expensive. I can’t afford to go home to Northumberland with my fianc

Peter Burns, Southampton

When returning from mainland Europe by train, I am always embarrassed by the contrast, the high prices and tattiness of our un-nationalised railways compared to the SNCF.

Sue Stewart, Newcastle-upon-Tyne