Let’s get back to a rational co-ordinated transport system.

John Hoyle, Kettering

I am not a socialist, but I think that such important services should be in the hands of the people and not in the hands of those that seek profit.

Dean Morrice, Bristol

As a student, I feel that, even with a railcard, rail fares are extortionately expensive and the ticketing systems with multiple vendors are far too complicated.

Tom Cannon, Stoke-on-Trent

A recent trip to Munich left me in awe of a brilliant public transport system which is in stark contrast of the poor British standard. You can fly for less over here.

Kevin Wheatley, Stockton-on-Tees

People before profit.

James Bates, Isle of Skye

I am sick of all these foreign businesses abusing the system to milk us of all our hard-earned money. It has to stop being about profit. Make British rail British.

Callum Winfield, Ilkeston

If the East Coast mainline can make money for the government, so can all the others.

Ken Howe, Hexham

Enough sky-high fares, increasing year in year out for a service that is only becoming worse and only profit driven.

Yann-Eric D’addario, London

Government greed and hidden agendas appear to be the reason that the rail network was privatised. The unjust fare increases have made little improvement to our commute.

Chris Cunningham, Market Harborough

The only way forward.

Ivor Wiggett, London

Please end the privatisation that destroyed Britain.

Dan Brown, Durham

We want our British Rail back in our ownership.

Isobel Burke, Leeds

We’re now suffering from all the privatisation programmes from the 80s Tory era. Bring back nationalisation of them all. Rail, oil, energy companies. And the rest.

Ann Love, Pembrokeshire

I travel every day using Southern. They have been making my travel a misery for the last year and it’s getting worse by the day. It’s outrageous what they make people go through.

Martin Siedek, London

It costs too much to get the train, and the for 16/17year olds it should be kids’ price not full price.

Lewis Farmer, Ashtead

We must bring back British Rail. How can it cost more to go by train to Scotland than it does to fly to anywhere in Europe?

Jo Harrison, Southampton

As a train driver, I believe we should go not back to the old BR but a new BR investing profits back into our railways.

Chris Wilkinson, Horbury

It will cost us far more in the long term to continue to allow greedy private companies to run the network that we use everyday.

David Mcintosh

The once finest rail network in the world was maligned, under-funded, and then broken up and given away to the spivs and speculators.

William Loneskie

I was involved at the time privatisation started in the energy industry and have watched in amazement the mess Thatcher and her mates made of it. Let’s get it all back.

Andy Togneri, Derby

Nationalise British Rail.

Andrew Wilkes, Cardiff

I started using BR in the 1970s, along with National Bus Company buses. I see nothing wrong with state-owned transport and I support this campaign. I must get the T-shirt.

Adrian Willats, Waterlooville

Appalling quality and ludicrous prices of rail in the UK are uneconomical, unfair, and do nothing but push commuters to use cars. Nationalisation is for the common good.

Charlie Furness, Cardiff

It is high time we started to reverse at least some of the damage that was done to our services by selling them off to profiteers.

Colin Everest, Sherborne

We need a rail service that benefits its passengers. We need British Rail back.

Amanda Bouskill, Swinton

We are being ripped off.

Michael Read, Nottingham

As an ex-employee of British Rail, I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work hard and to serve the public. Re-nationalise now.

Ian Young, Hexham

There should be a national standard and national investment for today’s transportation needs. There should be re-investment instead of private profits.

Giselle Frank, London

Please reverse the privatisation of the railways.

John & Beatrice Rogers, Leeds