Founded in 2009, Bring Back British Rail strives to popularise the commonsense idea of re-nationalising the ludicrously over-priced and over-complicated railway system, which the people of Britain have been left with as the result of privatisation in the ’90s.

Together with our ‘sister campaign’ Power For The People, we aim to highlight the disastrous consequences of the privatisation of our essential public services, which has caused prices to soar whilst standards have fallen. We will ensure that the history of our once proudly publicly-owned services and utilities is not forgotten!

This website, and our Facebook, Twitter and Riseup communities, aim to unite disgruntled rail passengers and disheartened train employees all over the country, to give us a collective voice. Together we are demanding a re-unified national rail network run for people not profit.

Join us today! Read all the evidence, then sign the petition and contribute your views, ideas and memories to our archive on this website. The counter above records the total number of people like you who support Bring Back British Rail.