Bring Back British Rail
For Immediate Release:
12 November 2009

Bring Back British Rail

Hot on the heels of the landmark re-nationalisation of the East Coast Mainline this Saturday, the Bring Back British Rail campaign aims to unify the massive wave of disillusionment and dissatisfaction amongst the people of Britain at the state of their railway system.

As the current franchise system falls apart around us, so there emerges a glimmer of hope that a fairer, much improved and more efficient public transport system is possible.

Founded in 2009, the Bring Back British Rail campaign is advocating the reintegration of the UK rail network so that it is unified as one organisation with a common goal of providing the best value, most efficient and reliable public transport system possible. By moving to a not-for-profit structure, both passengers and employees can begin to feel ownership and pride in their rail network, knowing that their fares and hard work are continually helping to improve the system, for everyone.

The Bring Back British Rail campaign is not nostalgic, harking back to the British Rail of old. Instead it is very forward-thinking. At its heart is the acknowledgement that rail travel provides the best possible transport solution for the UK in the new age of environmental responsibility. In order to reduce the country's carbon emissions by encouraging more people to leave their cars in favour of the train, the rail network must continue to expand and improve.

"The bitty franchise system seems to allow individual companies to easily shirk responsibility by passing the blame for delays and bad service onto someone else. An atmosphere of competition rather than cooperation between franchises leads to the buck-being-passed and corners-being-cut, whilst the service continually fails to improve...

Whilst in private ownership, passengers always have to play second fiddle to shareholders, knowing that the extortionate prices they are paying for tickets are not going towards improving the service, but are instead lining the pockets of a wealthy minority who do not even rely on the public transport system."

Ellie Harrison
Founder, Bring Back British Rail campaign

  • Are you fed up with train delays and expensive tickets?

  • Do you want a fast, efficient, reliable, cheap and fully integrated national rail network which is not-for-profit?

  • Do you want a public transport system for the people, owned by the people?

  • Then join the campaign and sign the online petition today!

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