Bring Back British Rail

Last chance to sign our petition!

The new government has now officially reopened the Bring Back British Rail online petition after it was temporarily closed during the election campaigns. We now have just 1000 days to collect as many signatures as possible, before it finally closes on 3 June 2010.

We are asking everyone who supports the campaign's aims to ensure that they have signed the petition and then take the time to forward it onto sympathetic friends and colleagues, post to blogs and social networking sites and generally just spread the word!

This is the final push before the petition closes and, provided that we get enough signatures, it could be a fantastic opportunity to force the improvement of our country's railways onto the parliamentary agenda early in the new government's first term.

We know that Vince Cable the new business secretary is keen to keep East Coast Mainline in public ownership so we now even have a sympathetic voice within the cabinet. Also, Caroline Lucas the new Green Party MP is now officially a patron of Bring Back British Rail, so will be speaking up in support of our aims in parliament.

So please do all you can to spread the word and get as many signatures as possible on the petition in these crucial next few days!

For regular updates and to join our thriving community of campaign supporters, please visit our Facebook page, which now has nearly 7,000 fans.

  • Are you fed up with train delays and expensive tickets?

  • Do you want a fast, efficient, reliable, cheap and fully integrated national rail network which is not-for-profit?

  • Do you want a public transport system for the people, owned by the people?

  • Then join the campaign and sign the online petition today!

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