Bring Back British Rail

Stop the Train Fare Rises!

Public Demonstration
Tuesday 16 August 2011
8:30 - 9:30 AM
Outside Waterloo Station
(corner of York Way and Sutton Walk)

If you're in / near London, please come down tomorrow morning and join us outside Waterloo Station as we demonstrate against government hikes in train fares!

We'll be unveiling our massive Bring Back British Rail banner and supporting the Campaign for Better Transport raise awareness for their Fair Fares Now campaign.

This article published in The Guardian today, outlines all the facts and figures behind these extortionate rises which clearly put the interests of the profit-making train operating companies before those of rail passengers. Read-up about it, get angry and come down and support us tomorrow!

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New e-petition to Re-nationalise Britain's Railways

The Bring Back British Rail campaign is getting behind this online petition to re-nationalise the railways as a focal point for our activities until it closes on 4 August 2012. Please help us to achieve the goal of 100,000 signatures by signing online and 'sharing' it with all your friends and colleagues:

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