Today's the Day to Have Your Say!

This January our train fares have increased by an average of 5.9% and are now the most expensive in Europe.

If you're sick of being ripped-off by private train companies and by a government which wants to rid itself of all responsibility for running our public transport system, then today's the day to take action!

No matter where you live around the country, there are three simple ways to get involved in today's #FAREFAIL protests via Twitter, text and phone.

Tell George Osborne just how much your fare went up this year and why you are so angry:

  • Tweet @hmtreasury #farefail #railfail
  • or text FAREFAIL and your message to 88802
    (texts will cost your standard rate)
  • or call the Treasury switchboard 020 7270 5000

Please take the time TODAY to spread the word about #FAREFAIL so we can deluge the Treasury and let them know exactly what we ALL think about their unfair fare increases!