Bring Back British Rail

Be Realistic, Demand The Impossible!

Three years after the launch of the Bring Back British Rail campaign, it seems momentum is growing for our cause. We now have well over 20,000 supporters on our lively Facebook page and, thanks to the excellent new Rebuilding Rail report, we now have a concrete case for public ownership, which the political parties are starting to take seriously. So bravo for all your support so far!

We are now into the FINAL WEEK of the current e-petition to re-nationalise our country's railways. If you have not already done so, please add your signature to the list before the deadline this Saturday 4 August and 'share' the link online to help us spread the word. This is one way of showing parliament that there is real public support for this idea:

Take Action this August!

On Tuesday 14 August, inflation figures will be announced which determine just how much our already overpriced train fares will increase by in the New Year.

Bring Back British Rail is working with Campaign for Better Transport, Action for Rail and Climate Rush to organise a massive demonstration at London's Waterloo Station calling for Fair Fares Now!

London Waterloo Station
Tuesday 14 August 2012
8:30 - 9:30 AM
Outside Waterloo Station
(corner of York Road and Sutton Walk)

If you would like to get more actively involved in the organisation of the demo please email with 'ACTIVIST' in the subject heading and we'll let you into our plans in the run up to the day.