Take Action for Public Ownership of our Railways!

Bring Back British Rail (photo: Robin Prime)

Happy New Year from Bring Back British Rail. Despite another outrageous increase in rail fares this January, we are optimistic that public support and momentum is building to bring our railways back into public hands, as more people, groups and organisations join us in the fight.

The next few months are crucial, as we continue to raise awareness about the injustices and inefficiencies of privatisation and lobby MPs in the run-up to the General Election on 7 May 2015.


① Take to the streets on 5 January! Join the Public Ownership protests happening all over the country this Monday 5 January 2015. Full details here >

② Email your MP! Ask them to support Caroline Lucas's Railways Bill for a publicly owned railway that puts people before profit. Online tool here >

③ Support the Bring Back British Rail campaign! Sign our petition and join our community of nearly 100,000 people on Facebook and Twitter.

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