Southern has Failed Us

The Bring Back British Rail campaign has been getting lots of great coverage over the last few months - from The Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail to The Guardian and Metro - as the crisis with Southern rail escalates.

We’re continuing to promote the message that the root cause of all the current problems with our Rail Franchises - and the private Train Operating Companies that run them - lies in the misguided privatisation of our national rail network in the 1990s...

Evidence clearly shows that re-unifying the railways under one publicly-owned company, would save us more than £1billion a year. This could be used to cut fares by 20% or re-invested in improving services and increasing capacity - the exact opposite of what Southern rail (part-owned by the French government) are doing now: making many people’s lives - passengers and employees - a misery.

Take Action!

If it makes you angry, fear not! There are plenty of opportunities to take action all over the UK, in the next few weeks:

① Join #SouthenFail protest on 10th August
Print your Bring Back British Rail placard (more designs below), and join the #SouthenFail protest this Wednesday, meeting at London Victoria station at 5:30pm and then marching to the Department for Transport.

② Join the national Day of Action for public ownership on 16th August
Protests are taking place at stations all over the UK - from Brighton to Glasgow - to End the #RailRipOff. Check out the Facebook event for details of how and where to get involved.

③ Support the campaign against Abellio Greater Anglia
Through our Franchises initiative, we’re supporting the Norfolk 4 Nationalisation of Rail campaign. On 16th August they are holding rallies at Norwich and London Liverpool Street stations from 11am-1pm. Go along to hear guest speakers from 12noon.

④ Stop the Privatisation of Network Rail!
For over a year, we’ve been campaigning to stop Network Rail - the only bit of our railway still in public ownership - from being broken-up and privatised. On 16th August our friends at We Own It will be descending on Network Rail offices at 9:30am to hand in our petitions. Please make sure you sign and share them before:

Print your own Placards:

End the Farce of Franchising

Passengers before Profits

Privatisation is Not Progress

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