Bring back British Rail to make fares fairer.

Gerry Norvill, Lowestoft

Private rail simply means private monopolies, and monopolies subsidised by the state.

Jonathan Brind, Chatham

Our rail network is one of the worst in the developed world. It’s time that changed and private companies aren’t going to want to spend their profits on such a thing.

Marcus Gordon, Mottingham

It costs a fortune to get around by rail and you can only go to specific places. It’s meant to be cheaper but costs more than me getting around in my car including taxes.

Spencer Guest, Wakefield

The current rail franchise system is horrendous and poorly managed.

Paul Tandy, Cheltenham

I’m fed up with high prices and competing networks.

Chris Marsh, Rustington

Transport for the people. Allow us to travel safely and cheaply. Bring people back to quality coaches and infrastructure.

Steve Pearce, Thatcham

The public should not continue to subsidise private enterprise.

Christopher Corbett, London

Then we might have a suitable rail service near us.

Jennifer Postlethwaite, Bewdley

We could do with some of the closed stations opening again in Stoke-on-Trent.

Timothy Barnett, Stoke-on-Trent

Enough. Privatisation has been an unmitigated disaster.

Graham Levett, Brighton.

I agree in principle to the railways being in public ownership. Credit must be given for improvements in frequency and quality of service, which we don’t want to lose.

Clive Nicks, York

The rail companies monopolise the lines, charging whatever they want.

Julian Gore

The system is at present fragmented, expensive and often badly maintained. The services are ill-co-ordinated and not run for the convenience of the passengers.

Maggie Kraus, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Profit is king at the moment. Mammon triumphs again.

Jeffrey Moore, Leeds

I’d like to know how many politicians are connected to and earning money from companies involved in privatisation.

Michael Duff, Milton Keynes

As in everything else, decent ordinary people are getting ripped off with fares and nothing has improved whatsoever.

Ashley Colman, Leeds

I’m sick to death of being ripped off to pay shareholders.

Anthony Moule, Knebworth

We need a decent, integrated rail service in this country.

Marilyn Muffett, Somerton

Privatisation has raised the prices to fill private pockets, while we suffer poorer transport links and old carriages!

David Kazwini, Hitchin

De-nationalisation of the railways has not worked. Pouring more money in is not the answer. We’ve paid for it so now reclaim ownership.

Susan Ashby, London

Bring back publicly-owned transport and stop this nonsense.

Frank Rydzinski, Rugby

We need BR back. Why should we pay fat cats to run a system that should be public and run for the public.

Alan Bettridge, London

Bring back BR please.

Jimmy Ferguson, Kilbirnie

I’m old enough to remember BR and, though it was far from perfect, it performed really well, given how starved of investment it was.

Patrick Phillips, Cardiff

I can’t afford days out with my children on the train any more. They’re late, there’s not enough staff and never enough seats. Profits should benefit the country not shareholders.

Marianne Gaskell, Wirral

The current privatised system is ludicrous, unless of course you’re one of the people making nice profits. Most of us just need a decent, simplified, efficient rail system.

Janice Jarvis, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

It is disgraceful that an organisation that gets so much funding makes shareholders their priority rather than their customers.

Niall Campbell, Braintree

I would like to see the rail, water, electricity and gas nationally and not privately owned.

Carole Wheat, Nottingham

Britain was the leader for transport over the last century. The world looked up to Britain’s expertise in this area. Now under privatisation our railways are only mediocre.

Neel Patel, London