Bring Back British Rail

New Website Launched!

The Bring Back British Rail campaign has come a long way over the last four years, since we launched in summer 2009.

We have amassed close to 40,000 supporters on our Facebook page, and have witnessed the idea of re-nationalising our country's railways, go from a pipe dream to policy which political parties are starting to consider as a realistic alternative to the mess of the franchise system.

Last month, Caroline Lucas MP introduced an Early Day Motion in parliament calling for the Public Ownership of the Railways. Please take the time to write to your MP to ask them to add their signature to this.

This month, we are very excited to finally be launching our new campaign website. It's built around a definitive online petition, which aims to act as barometer of public opinion for the re-nationalisation of our railways. Even if you have signed our petitions in the past, please take the time to add your name to this!

Sign the Petition

We will continue to amass support in this petition until the railways are finally reclaimed from the profiteers and are back in our hands where they belong. Please share this simple link with all your friends and colleagues today:

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