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Bring Back British Rail

Thanks to all the brilliant Bring Back British Rail supporters who donated to our fundraising campaign in February, we are now gearing up for our second Day of Action for Public Ownership of Our Railways on Wednesday 1 April 2015, to mark the start of the General Election campaign.


① Join the Re-nationalise ScotRail online action
If you use Facebook or Twitter, please join the online action we’re coordinating to protest the handover of Scotland’s railways to the Dutch state-owned operator Abellio on 1 April 2015. Sign-up via Thunderclap so that the 'Re-nationalise ScotRail' message goes out in unison on 11:30am on the day:

② Join the Protest Against Privatisation at your local railway station
April Fools' Day also marks 21 years since the shambolic privatisation of our once world-class railways, which now wastes 1.2billion of taxpayers' money every year. Bring Back British Rail is working with TSSA & Campaign against Climate Change to coordinate protests up-and-down the country calling for public ownership now! See the Facebook event for details of how to get involved:

You can order bulk leaflets by emailing Ricky Jones at:
Or print your own Bring Back British Rail placards here:

Both the actions above take place as part of the 48 Hours of Action for Public Ownership (on 31 March - 1 April) supported by Action For Rail, People's Assembly Against Austerity, We Own It and other groups around the country.

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