A Better Railway for Britain

A Better Railway for Britain

We've come a long way since our campaign for the public ownership of our railways launched in summer 2009. Not only is this now official opposition policy, but rail re-nationalisation is also part of the mainstream debate. This summer alone we featured on the Today programme, Talk Radio, Share Radio and the Daily Mail, to name a few.

This autumn, we're celebrating the launch of our campaign's first report: A Better Railway for Britain at the Houses of Parliament. The report is now available to read online.

An edition of 1,000 print copies was funded with proceeds from our benefit gig in Brighton in December 2015. As well as being distributed to every MP in the land, over 100 peers in the House of Lords and other influential policy makers, a few print copies of the report are available to order online along with other campaign merchandise. All proceeds go towards funding campaign materials and activities.

Only Bring Back British Rail - a volunteer-run campaign founded and funded by ordinary passengers - has the real freedom to speak truth to power.

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A Better Railway for Britain

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