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Hello from Bring Back British Rail!

It's been an exciting year for the campaign, as more-and-more people find out about us and support amounts for our call to Bring Back British Rail! If you've not already done so, please make sure you sign the new e-petition via our website and share the link with all your friends and colleagues:


Below are details of a few more ways you can show your support and get involved during the winter months:


We've had plenty of requests for more Bring Back British Rail merchandise. So, we're now very pleased to announce that our new t-shirts, enamel badges and rail card wallets are finally available to buy via our website:



The perfect Christmas presents for pissed-off passengers!

These are all fantastic way of spreading the word about the campaign and making your own views known. All proceeds from the sale of merchandise will help to fund campaign materials and activities in 2012.

Fighting Fare Rises

Following the success of the demo we organised with Campaign for Better Transport, RMT, TSSA and Climate Rush in August, we are continuing to work as part of this coalition to fight train fare increases.

We are in the process of organising some massive events for January 2012 to coincide with when fare rises come into force. Please put Tuesday 3 and Thursday 5 January in your diary and look out for updates on Facebook and Twitter for how to get involved:


Local Activists...

In 2012, we're hoping to put together a team of Bring Back British Rail activists in different parts of the country who are keen to do groundwork - distributing flyers, stickering, lobbying or any other great ideas you might have! If you'd like to get more actively involved in the campaign then please email us with the subject 'ACTIVIST':