Bring Back British Rail

This year has seen lots of action and attention for the Bring Back British Rail campaign: three national days of action for Public Ownership of our railways (5 January, 27 February and 1 April) and two backpage adverts in the national press funded by our supporters. Thank you!

New Government, New Tactics!

Alas, following the General Election it seems we really do have a fight on our hands! Thirteen of the twenty current rail franchises come up for renewal during this parliament and we must work hard to demand that they are not re-privatised against our will (with contracts of up to 25 years!)

In response, Bring Back British Rail is launching its own 'franchises'. Our aim is to encourage and support a network of grassroots campaigns around the country each targeting a different private Train Operating Company in the run up to its franchise end: highlighting its failures and inefficiencies and promoting public ownership as the commonsense alternative.

We need you! Below is a list of the Train Operating Companies in most pressing need of local campaigns. If you rely on any of these services regularly and believe they should be returned to public hands, then please get involved!
(dates show when new contracts will be awarded)

Please spread the word!

Wear It With Pride

Bring Back British Rail T-Shirts

Back by popular demand! Bring Back British Rail T-Shirts are now available in two colours (white & grey) via Fabrily. All proceeds help fund campaign activities and materials. To get one, you must place your order before end Monday 25 May 2015 at:



Bring Back British Rail together with our 'sister campaign' Power for the People, is supporting the self-organised European Citizens' Initiative against the controversial Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP).

TTIP threatens to make our aims of returning our essential services and infrastructure to public ownership far more difficult, by giving big corporations yet more power to sue the governments who finally wise-up to the injustices of privatisation and decide to take their assets back from the profiteers for the benefit of their citizens. Please sign the petition before the deadline on 6 October 2015.

Please spread the word!

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