Campaign to Keep Northern Public

Re-nationalised March 2020

The Northern franchise was taken back into public sector control in March 2020 following four years in the hands of the private operator Arriva, which were blighted by frequent delays, cancellations and strikes. The franchise is now operated on behalf of the Department for Transport by its so-called “Operator of Last Resort”, a partnership of Arup Group, EY and SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit, which also operates the London North Eastern Railway and Southeastern franchises.

• Do you use the Northern service regularly?
• Do you want it to remain in public hands and become part of a re-unified national rail network run for people not profit?
• Then, why not start a campaign building up to the franchise end?

Bring Back British Rail will support you by promoting your campaign’s details on this website and putting you in touch with other local activists via our Facebook, Twitter and Riseup communities. Please get in touch on the email address below!

Existing Campaigns / Groups:

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Stop Northern Rail from introducing Driver-Only operation

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Fight travel cuts in south Yorkshire

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