Bring Back British Rail

The Bring Back British Rail campaign was founded in 2009 to popularise the idea of taking our railways back into public ownership - a commonsense policy which would save taxpayers more than £1bn a year. We will keep the pressure up under this new government, especially now public debate is beginning to shift, with two of the potential Labour leaders coming out in support of our campaign.

Here are a few ways to get involved over the summer months:

① Join the Day of Action on 18 August! We are teaming up with Action For Rail and We Own It to organise our annual protest against rip-off rail fares. Join actions outside stations all over the country. Full details here >

② Post a letter to your MP (the easy way)! Bring Back British Rail trialing the new Mr Postman App, which allows you to post a hard copy letter to your MP for FREE. Please give it a go!

③ Sign our petition to STOP the Break-Up & Privatisation of Network Rail! Help prevent yet more dangerous fragmentation and privatisation of our rail network by signing this new petition.

④ Start your own local campaign group! See below for details of our new 'franchises' initiative to use our network of over 100,000 people to support local activists and campaigns.

Local Campaigns

Thirteen of the twenty current rail franchises come up for renewal during this parliament and we must work hard to demand that they are not re-privatised against our will (with contracts of up to 25 years!)

In response, Bring Back British Rail is launching its own 'franchises'. Our aim is to encourage and support a network of grassroots campaigns around the country each targeting a different private Train Operating Company in the run up to its franchise end: highlighting its failures and inefficiencies and promoting public ownership as the commonsense alternative.

We need you! Below is a list of the Train Operating Companies in most pressing need of local campaigns. If you rely on any of these services regularly and believe they should be returned to public hands, then please get involved!
(dates show when new contracts will be awarded)

Please spread the word!

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