Campaign against Merseyrail (Serco / Abellio)

Since July 2003, the Merseyrail network has been operated by a joint venture between Serco, a British private-sector outsourcing company, and Abellio, the international arm of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the national state-owned rail operator in the Netherlands. Franchising of Merseyrail services is the responsibility of Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive, which let the franchise as a management contract, the PTE retaining the revenue risk. The current contract is due to end in 2028. Serco also operates the Caledonian Sleeper franchise, whilst Abellio operates East Midlands Railway, ScotRail and Abellio Greater Anglia as well as West Midlands in a joint venture with JR East and Mitsui.

• Do you use the Merseyrail service regularly?
• Do you believe it should be returned to public hands as part of a re-unified national rail network run for people not profit?
• Then, why not start a campaign building up to the franchise end?

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Existing Campaigns / Groups:

Right Track North