Campaign against Abellio ScotRail

Re-nationalised April 2022

The ScotRail franchise will be brought back into public ownership from April 2022. Until then services continue to be run by Abellio.

The ScotRail franchise encompasses all National Rail services operating wholly within Scotland. In October 2014, the Scottish Government awarded the franchise to Abellio, the international arm of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the national state-owned rail operator in the Netherlands. Abellio also operates the East Midlands Railway and Abellio Greater Anglia franchises as well as Merseyrail in a joint venture with Serco and West Midlands in a joint venture with JR East and Mitsui. The franchise was intended to last a maximum of ten years; however, persistently poor performance by Abellio led the Scottish Government to announce in December 2019 that the franchise is to be terminated in March 2022.

• Do you use the ScotRail service regularly?
• Do you believe it should be returned to public hands as part of a re-unified national rail network run for people not profit?
• Then, why not start a campaign building up to the franchise end?

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