Can the privatised railways get any worse?

Chris Strong, Sowerby Bridge

Privatisation is really backward. Our rail network has gone down the toilet, all in the name of private profits. Change it.

Jake Eiseman-Renyard, London

Private rail companies do not work well because no-one is responsible for the whole network. We need unity.

Debbie Carmichael, Leeds

I totally agree with you. Bring back British Rail and dismantle Southern Railway. I am a regular commuter on the West Coast way and it is a disgraceful line.

Daniel De Conceicao Silva, Worthing

None of the essential public services should ever have been privatised, transport especially. The backbone of a working successful Britain, strong and globally competitive.

Bob Pearson, Chelmsford

Privatisation has failed and is a rip-off, just as many of us said when this misbegotten scheme to enrich investors was hatched.

Michael Mccarthy, London

Being able to travel is a human right not a commodity to buy and sell.

Judith James, Cardiff

Everything is repeated several times over without any meaningful competition.

Martin Prior, Greenwich

Expropriate, not just re-nationalise.

M&S Murphy, Scunthorpe

Railways for people not private profit.

Martin Posner, Hastings

British Rail cost the taxpayer half a billion a year. Today, the rail network costs us £5 billion. A stunningly successful privatisation then!

Paul Manzotti, West Midlands

We talked about this idea over beer years ago. I can’t believe it’s happening.

Henry Buckle, Acton

The fact that the East Coast Mainline can run well at less of a cost to taxpayers shows how rail privatisation is conning us all.

Graham Armfield, Woking

There is no reason why a government-run rail system can’t be efficient.

Pat Vinson, Cheltenham

Rail should be under unified public ownership, only more accountable than it was before to passengers and employees.

Sue Sparks, London

Let’s Bring back British Rail and bring down fares.

Dominic Bridge, Manchester

Fares are too expensive.

Geraldine McCarthy, Erith

The only ethical way to run any public transport system is for the public’s benefit and not shareholders’.

Leslie Anderson, Leeds

The worst thing was selling off our railway.

David Newman, Sittingbourne

It was lunacy to privatise in the first place. Railways should be for the public good – for people not profit.

Steve Black, Southampton

Bring back British Rail then fewer cars on the roads.

Margaret Hines, Sheffield

Privatisation was always a ridiculous idea and we need a transport network that is cheap, reliable and not dictated by the blinkered profit motive of rich investors.

Bryan Thomas, Bristol

Bring back British Rail.

Damien McGauley, London

As a regular traveller to London to visit family, I have noticed the service is better under public ownership and in profit. This model should be applied to all railways.

David Nicholson, Durham

All essential services and transport should be brought back into public ownership. There has been a steady decline in all of these services since they were privatised.

Stephen Pearson, Leeds

Nationalise them. Get rid of the robber barons and get back to fair fares and decent rolling stock.

Martin Maguire, Swinton

It’s not socialism, it is just sense.

Christopher Ryder, London

It’s about time multimillionaires in parliament remembered they work for us. They don’t rule us. They should do something we want for once, not what their rich mates want.

Alan Fawcett, Stafford