Privatise it now. Let’s get back to being a real railway again.

Ian Gornall, Preston

My granddad would be turning in his grave. He was a BR worker, when BR was British, and was a career choice, with a decent pension.

Angela Sandford, Ipswich

People not profit.

Sue McCormick, Lancaster

Because we are tired of fuelling share holders’ pockets and getting worse and worse services.

Donasld Wilson, Bristol

Privatisation of national structure is theft of public assets.

Nick Scarr, Aldeburgh

It is high time that control over the railways was put back where it belongs, under the control of the government and the people. Any profits should come to the system.

Peter Nisbet, Glenrothes

Please nationalise the railways. Privatisation has not worked. I want our railways back in public ownership and accountable to the taxpayer.

Lynn Cotton, Durham

Bring back British Rail. Privatisation of the U.K railway network is a proven failure; just ask the fare paying passengers!

Phill Lloyd, Hailsham

I am really fed up about the sky-rocketing price of train tickets brought about by the “free market” model. My family are scattered and can rarely afford to get together.

Barb Sheppard, Windermere

I’d love to use trains more but, almost every time I do, I’m staggered by the inefficiency and outrageous cost of the service. It needs to change.

Gregg Burnell, Chesterfield

I am utterly stunned at the appalling state of our rail network. This needs to be put right. I have stopped using trains and started using planes, which are cheaper.

Keith Graham, Cheltenham

Simple logic: a private company has to make a profit/pay a dividend to shareholders. Either there is less left over to invest in the railway itself or fares have to rise.

Paul Bungay, New Ash Green

We used to complain about British Rail, but the expensive privatisation is a dog’s breakfast. Kill it dead and bring back proper public services.

Frank Burgin, Sheffield

It would be nice to have the trains back running from Fleetwood to other parts of the country again so that people can travel to work.

Norah Stuchfield, Fleetwood

Eventually the powers that be will see sense and they will bring back British Rail, an organisation we can all be proud of.

Rich Mottershaw, Cheshire

Re-nationalise the utilities too.

Thomas McCormack, Eccles

It is clear that the de-nationalised industry has seen no improvements to services. Travelling often in Europe, it is evident that states can run excellent rail services.

Jenny Pashley, Harrogate

Delighted to find a group which thinks as I have done since privatisation of the railway.

Rosemary Charles

An integrated and unified rail service is the sensible solution to put the railways back on the right track.

David Green, St Albans

British Railways was run more effectively than today’s Train Operating Companies.

Alistair Salmon, Medway

When I think of what we used to have and what we have now it is definitely regression not progression.

Julie Hope, Cheddar

Fully publicly-owned, and fully funded.

Steph Jones, East Yorks

Why we as taxpayers and passengers continue to fund private profits with public money is crazy.

Damian Kershaw, Wallasey

It’s great that we finally have a forum to help put an end to this crazy state of affairs that is rail privatisation.

Stephen Millership, Stockport

Even in its darkest days, starved of investment, British Rail wasn’t as bad as these cowboy operators.

Jonathan Davidson, Coventry

Save East Coast from privatisation.

Joan Maclellan, Edinburgh

Privatisation just hasn’t worked. Fares are too high, ticketing too complicated, services inadequate. Please bring British Rail back.

Christopher Gunning, Rickmansworth

The railways have been going downhill since the days of the dreaded Dr Beeching. Why should we be the only country that has to pay over the odds to travel by rail?

Rita Cocking, Plymouth

Privatisation drives up prices and encourages companies to make too much money out of a public service.

Jennie C-Knight, Cromer

Extortionate prices for horrendous services.

Kelly Norman, Wellington