It’s cheaper for me to fly on a return trip to Berlin than it is to go from Stockport to London. There is something wrong here.

Faisal Qureshi, Cheadle

Privatisation doesn’t work. Nationalisation does, if not interfered with by those with vested interests. Get the country moving and working properly again.

Helen Ingham, Luton

Expensive, cumbersome, inadequate and a national disgrace – Britain’s privatised rail network. Follow the European model and bring back BR.

Anthony French, Doncaster

The fares are ridiculous and unfair. Rail travel is far more environmentally friendly than car driving and should be affordable for all.

Arwen Nicholson, Cambridge

Our rail and utility companies should never have been sold off in the first place.

Dawn Chamberlain, Liskeard

Why are the German, French and Dutch state railways allowed to run our railways, yet our own Direct Rail (BR) state railway cannot. It’s crazy.

Edward Shaw, Huddersfield

I use East Coast trains which shows what state-owned trains can do for service and value for money. Let’s extend this to the rest of the network.

James Davies, Leeds

Return the railways to the people. Five regions served by real railwaymen. Now they stuff trains in silly liveries.

Alan Smith, Rushden

Privatisation as it is is a rip-off.

St Clair Stewart, Forfar

East Coast is the most successful franchise now while two private operators couldn’t make it work.

Marcus Coupe, Egremont

Please re-nationalise the railways.

Colin Naisbitt, Stockton-on-Tees

Bring the railways back into public hands. Stop private companies ripping us off and putting profits before the public.

Hamish Anderson, Hexham

British Rail services were more efficient and cheaper. Bring back British Rail.

Vasant Chotai, Edmonton

At my station, there is no assistance, no plants and no-one who can advise what is happening at any given time.


The people have spoken.

Kevin Freeman, Glasgow

Bring back British Rail to save our railways.

Shirley Clough, Blackpool

The return of British Rail will see profits repaid to the Chancellor, not to private shareholders.

John Morris, Chatham

Power to the people. Down with privatisation.

Gemma Evans, Caerphilly

A rail service where passengers are valued, instead of being ripped off to line the pockets of the already obscenely rich.

Hilary Hunt, Market Overton

It’s time for people to take the railways back.

Darren Burling, Chester

If we’re paying for it, it should be ours.

Alan Batcheldor, Frome

Save our railway.

Paul Owenson, Nottingham

How can a fragmented service serve the needs of the UK? Co-ordination and integration of all public transport services is what is required, not mindless competition

Eddie Klos, Sheffield

It is long past the time for our rail network to be returned back to public ownership and to providing reliable, quality service and not just profit.

John Lean, Maidstone

We pay six times as much as Europe. We need a nationalised railway now.

Margaretha Galt, Cambridge

The people who used to knock British Rail aren’t knocking any more are they?

Chris Winfield, Nottingham

Open the line to Aberystwyth from Carmarthen.

Gwylon Phillips, Aberteifi

People before profit.

Ben Eckersley, Sheffield

Any profit made should be re-invested into the service not go to private companies. East Coast rail was great. I can’t believe they lost the franchise.

Sandra Cunliffe, Coldstream

The transport system is too disjointed, causing confusion for users and permitting all of those companies concerned to make profits which should, by rights, be OUR profit.

Anna Farlow, London