Public transport should not be run for private profit.

Lee Osborne, Skipton

The privatisation of British Rail has proved to be a huge mistake. Can we please learn from this one and re-nationalise it.

Margaret Tibble, London

The sooner our rail network, or fragmented network, is re-nationalised the better.

Ann Jarvis, Devizes

The current system just gives profits to private companies instead of the state.

Paul Sinclair, Baldock

The sooner the better.

Colin Fallows, Scarborough

There was much that wasn’t great about BR when it was nationalised, but the current farrago is unliveable with. Phased re-nationalisation is the only practical option. Carpe.

John Gessler, Barnsley

The only thing privatisation has brought us is poor quality, expensive, unreliable rail services.

Jo Savill, Retford

End the farce and re-nationalise the railways. I travel to and from Cumbria by train and have never arrived on time in any direction. Also the fares are so expensive,

Glyn Jones, Dartford

A unified national network run in the interests of passengers can only be better than the current fragmented system run in the interests of private profit and bureaucrats.

John Marsden, Lochgilphead

I long for the old days when the railways were run by people who were truly interested in their jobs and not run for greedy profiteers but for the passengers.

Elizabeth Cross, Chichester

We need a nationalised railway, not to support shareholders.

Sylvia Aldworth, Nottingham

What is wrong with public services for the public as opposed to selling valuable institutions and infrastructure to private companies beholden to profit and shareholders?

Marion Clement, Edinburgh

Love this idea… Could be a massive help for the country!

Ryan, Cambridgeshire

Please provide affordable, decent transport for the public. Transport should not be for shareholders’ profit.

Kathleen White, Edinburgh

Oh, yes please.

Annie Bulmer, Edinburgh

Prices are getting ridiculous now. What’s more, the service is getting worse. Delays, overcrowding and high expense is not what we need.

Kim Lang, Aylesbury

Bring it back. The people’s railway.

Martin Catchpole, Ipswich

Privatisation hasn’t worked on the railways. Bring back public ownership.

Anthony Howe, Luton

The railways are a public service.

Barry Collins, Bishops Stortford

As soon as shareholders and profits come in, consumers needs go out.

Anne Stockport, Peterlee

Railways were privatised so why is the government spending £50bn to build a new line only to hand it over to a private operator for the benefit of a few people?

Mark Waterer, Ashford

Run for the benefit if the people not a few shareholders.

David Mullin, Preston

I totally support this petition.

Elvina Wilson, Brentwood

Re-nationalise our railways now to stop the above inflation fare rises!

Thomas John Wheeler, Dyfed

The present system is inefficient and wastes money. It’s time for change.

Michael Heslop, Durham

I’m disgruntled and fed up with daily cancellations, delays and overcrowded peak-time services on the Luton/St Albans to Sevenoaks service.

Tristan Owen, London

The rail network is a disgrace to this country. We have travelled by rail in Europe where prices are affordable and regulated. In the UK pricing is a minefield.

Lorraine Rycroft, Chester

You know it makes sense.

Sheila Sheppard, Milton Keynes

It should never have been privatised, like all other public services – Water, Gas, Electricity, which were all sold to foreigners who made a fortune off the backs of British people.

David S., Milton Keynes

The sheer confusion of using our transport system makes me ashamed in other countries. The cost of train travel way surpasses travel by car.

Bradley Clark, London