The East Coast mainline is state-run and profitable, unlike all other franchises. Follow their lead.

Eric Gendle, Middlesbrough

Restore public service. Even in a recession European countries manage to run proper railways without feeding private greed.

John Ketchell, London

And British Gas and electricity and the water industries.

Joyce Laidler, Ryton

The Great Train Robbery – the British privatised rail network.

Katie Goodwin, Tadley

I’m a British expat, appalled at degradation of public services each time I visit UK. Always a Tory voter but some things should remain in state hands. Singapore for example.

Richard Pendregaust, Dubai

You’d do better supporting the Green Party than Labour if you want this to happen.

Elizabeth Timms, St Neots

Not for profit.

M Anderson, Ipswich

As a seventy three year old, having worked for British Rail, I feel that the privatisation of the railways was a retrograde step.

Colin Crockett, York

This is ridiculous – the rich get richer at the poor’s expense.

Maggie Cooke, London

BR had such a poor reputation as a brand I am not surer we want it back, but we certainly don’t want the current system.

Allan Hall, York

Having lived in Esher, Surrey years ago and used British Rail many, many times, I wholeheartedly support the folks who serve the public so well. I just wish, wish.

Cheryl Crane, USA

Perhaps we shall see some sense when the Cons and the Labour join forces.

Jim Read, Chesterfield

Infrastructure utilities should be publicly funded and accountable to their users, not to their shareholders.

Harald Dahle, Abingdon

Selling off our railways to private companies outside the UK is not working. They get richer and we get ripped off. British Rail worked. TfL taking over would work.

Jean Curr, Aylesbury

We need to do something because soon Kent to Manchester will cost over

Steve King, Royal Tunbridge Wells

If the government puts the same amount of money into British Rail as it has into the private sector we would have a good, cheaper network.

Claire Card, Shoreham-by-Sea

We want cheap fares. I want to travel around the network but it’s so expensive.

Ted Barnes, Aylesbury

Too expensive for such an unreliable service. The new increase is an absolute joke from out-of-touch people with no experience of the service.

Hannah Holroyd, Colchester

Public transport should be for the public, not for private profit. With climate change looming we need affordable fares to encourage cleaner travel. Re-nationalise the railways.

David Gillian, Leeds

Bring back a national public transport system that is for the people and not for private profit.

James Gosney, Wedmore

Privatisation is a right wing ideology that does not work with industries that need to be countrywide and where some areas need to be supported by others.

Bernice Broggio, Gateshead

Just look at the East Coast line. The way forward is to re-nationalise.

Leigh Samuels, Wolverhampton

People before profit. The country needs an affordable rail network.

Mark Zaretti, Leeds

Bring back British Rail and get rid of this joke of a railway we now have.

Paul Smith, Sheffield

British Rail was good, but it did leave room for improvement. Some of that came with the sharp edge of privatisation but then the sharks came in.

Patricia Fort, Glasgow

Old BR – poor management. New services – bad management plus greed – any thing for profit.

Anthony Thorley, Sittingbourne

Our transport system should be for people – not for profit.

Newton Cleghorn, Rowlands Gill

Bring back BR like the good old days.

Sam Morris, Millom

Yes, re-nationalise it now.

Chris Calo, Harleston, Norfolk