They should not have sold it in the first place.

Steve Burnell, Weston-super-Mare

Frequent travellers need decent fares.

Roxana Anniuk, Philadelphia, USA

The fact that the French and German nationalised train industries have shares in the most profitable lines in Britain should speak for itself.

Geraldine Mitchell, Manchester

Re-nationalise the railways.

Chris Cooper, Worcester

The current rail structure is lunacy with no real competition anyway. I believe there are 23 companies responsible for different aspects of safety etc.

Kevin Webb, Accrington

Provide an integrated and non-profit transport system for a modern Britain.

Imogen Lloyd, Eastleigh

Public transport should be run as a service not as a business.

Malcolm Jarvis, Leeds

Extortionate prices, extremely shitty services. Shareholders rubbing their hands together and smirking. That sums up national rail pretty well.

Kane Pawlina, Chelmsford

Make it a partnership: a publicly-owned John Lewis, with passenger, employee and government representation – not a state bureaucracy, as before.

Ian Mycroft, Leamington Spa

This service was much better before being given back to the private sector and it was making a profit.

Kathleen Hines, Washington

British Rail was cheaper, cheaper for tax payers, better run and more pleasant than private rail companies.

Keith Mitchell, Dunfermline

The government funds all of the infrastructure and new stock. Little comes from the private companies themselves. Therefore it will take little effort to go the whole way.

Adam Scadding, Stowmarket

A sense of shared ownership would encourage train usage.

Linda Baker, Brighton

Privatisation has lost the unique ’rounded’ service previously provided by lifelong railway workers with cross department co-operation and were ‘proud to belong’.

Tom Cloughton, Darlington

If Labour would make a commitment to this, I’m positive that they’d boost their poll ratings overnight.

Robin Orton, Norwich

Make the railways work for the commuters, not the corporate profiteers. Vote Green.

Christopher Flossman, Bristol

Is it true that we subsidise German rail fares.

David Dickson, Nelson

Services by the people for the people, let’s not stop here. Bring the energy and water companies back into public ownership as well.

Gareth Brown, Rugby

The profits which would otherwise be given to shareholders can be ploughed back in investment in the rail infrastructure. The East Coast main line has made the point.

Philip Whaites, Arrington

We cannot let this continue any more and we need to stand up and be counted.

Wesley Barrett, Brighton

We need a joined-up rail network with fair working conditions for all employees.

Gill Haggie, Rotherham

We need the railways at reasonable prices to travel for the jobs.

Karen Rowell, Sheffield

Making profits for shareholders should not be the primary motive for a public transport company. Providing reliable, efficient, safe and affordable transport should be.

Hannah Meese, London

Fares need reducing and additional carriages added during busy periods. Passengers having to pay for the privilege of standing for the entire journey is simply wrong.

Su Bradley, Folkestone

The current set-up is a farce, over-priced, difficult to use and set up only for the benefit of the shareholders.

Neil Cameron-Rollo, Clare

Also red star.

Tony Rawlings, Woking

British Rail wasn’t perfect but at least you understood the ticket pricing and a single was cheaper than a return.

Elizabeth Richardson, Milton Keynes

Too many different fares. Railways should belong to the state, never to private companies.

Martyn Andrews, Torquay

British Rail didn’t fail, it was the Conservative government that failed it by reducing subsidy year-on-year then splitting it up into 100 bite size chunks to sell off.


It should never have been sold in the first place.

Andrew Byers, Newport