It is time to bring back British Rail and it is time to stop privatising.

Ann Lerning, Preston

I’m behind this 100%.

Nick Lawn, Derby

What does it take for the government to finally do something about this level of incompetence?

Michael Fuller, Horsham

Our trains are a joke – dirty, smelly, uncomfortable and noisy. The first train on a Sunday is 12.30, so can’t get anywhere in time to get back.

Andrew Gammage, Skegness

Privatisation was the worst thing that ever happened to the railways.

Graham Lucas, Westcliff-on-Sea

Rail privatisation is an expensive failure that has cost lives and left us with a system that privatises profit and nationalises risk and cost.

Daniel Nesbitt, Cramlington

Privatised railways make no sense. Look at the fantastic French system. You can’t plan proper infrastructure improvements without looking at the overall picture.

Marianne Hitchen, Sheffield

Bring back British Rail, run by the people for the people at a profit for the people not private business.

Derek Wagstaff, Plymouth

It needs to be re-nationalised and profits re-invested in the service and health and safety of staff and customers instead of benefiting the city fat cats. Royal Mail next.

Margaret Gallacher, East Kilbride

Let us keep some of our nationalised companies that are showing that they can provide profit for the nation.

Gary Hawkins, Leeds

The whole franchise system is a joke. Fares could come down under BR. It would be good to see Intercity, Network South East, Regional Railways, ScotRail and Rail freight back.

Liam Feeley, Wimborne

Run the railways for people – not for private profit.

Ian Macpherson, Egremont

Let’s get back to a rational co-ordinated transport system.

John Hoyle, Kettering

Shameful actions by respective governments have badly served the population as a whole. Labour need to get back to principles and act, before it’s too late. Some chance.

Paddy Costall, London

BBBR. Except this time make it accountable to a committee of the travelling public, railway experts, successful business people, and no politicians. Thank you.

Stephen Hine, Reading

Actually, I have lived in Norway for 37 years and the railways here are still (almost entirely) publicly owned and are very good.

Charles Andrew Rose, London

Track, facilities, rolling stock and staff should be managed regionally, with overall direction from the centre.

Geoffrey Crouch, Cranbrook

Why sell off a profitable sector? Let’s get back to one national system, with built-in safeguards to prevent union domination.

Geoffrey Stevens, Sheffield

I remember the days when we had a wonderful national transport service, unlike today.

Simon Leavesley, London

Privatising the railways was the most stupid political decision after Beeching’s Axe. It’s time to do something about it.

Madeleine Howell, Bath

Please keep me informed on your progress.

Mark Cameron, Burnley

Public transport should be based on service and not profit-making for shareholders.

John Hobday, Bristol

Things need to change. We must have the worst railway in Europe.

Owen McGreevy, Edinburgh

They should never have been privatised. The railway has been in decline ever since.

John Murdy, Lytham St Annes

Essential services should all be nationalised.

Christine Platford, Brighton

The present railway system is a shambles. Re-nationalise it now.

Barry Crozier, Ipswich

I often use East Coast which has improved massively since it was taken back into public ownership. Why oh why are they going to privatise it again? Oh yes, to get rich.

Char March, Hebden Bridge

Simplify fares and concentrate on running reliable trains.

Sue Horne, Brighton

The railway industry is costing far more to run privatised than ever it did under British Rail.

Dennis Pocock, Woking