Bring back BR along with Network Southeast, Intercity and Regional Railways, and end franchising for the good of the people, not profit.

Jesse Mensah, London

Bring back British Rail.

James Scott, Hull

Bring it back to the people.

Ian Scarlat, Bradford

I travel quite often on East Coast trains to London. Keep it the way it is now.

Patricia Thornton, Gateshead

The old British railway was not as bad as the governments of that time make out. They lied. Make them look like railway people by bringing the old uniforms back..

Roy Spearman, Redhill

Bring back British Rail and make it as good as Deutsche Bahn.

Mary Boehringer, Lincoln

Transport is essential in modern life for work, health needs and social enjoyment. Needs have to be supplied regardless of income and capital. Re-nationalise.

Robert Hough, London

The public must be put before corporate profits.

Nick Hill, Wolverhampton

Judging by today’s performance bring British Rail back now.

Brian Smith, Scunthorpe

We need a better, publicly owned railway. The private sector has enough other ventures to capitalise on.

Liam Corley, Aberdare

All profits should be ploughed back into the railway, not people’s pockets.

Louise Bishop, York

The railways should never have been privatised. Track maintenance is not done as well as under BR, prices are too high and they are understaffed.

Charles Punchard, Durham

Re-nationalise the railways. What we have right now is unacceptable.

Rob Kemp, London

We owned it, you sold it and we want it back.

Claire Liebig-Denham, Thornaby-on-Tees

We need a single authority that will be responsible for a unified network. This is the only way that customers will be provided with the service they need and deserve.

Edward Hudson, York

Re-nationalise it for the people, put the profits back into paying decent wages and re-generation of the system, not lining the fat cats’ pockets.

Kim Saunders, Southend-on-Sea

East Coast – all that needs to be said.

Barry Maginn, Manchester

British Rail didn’t fail, it was the Conservative government that failed it by reducing subsidy year-on-year then splitting it up into 100 bite size chunks to sell off.


I’m in full support of the re-nationalisation of the railway network.

Robert Bonner, Burton-upon-Trent

Re-nationalise the railways and make them better. There are too many top bosses getting crazy pay and bonuses which should be used to improve the network.

Steve Adie, Carlisle

Privatisation is not progress. I want to be able to afford to use the train.

Sara Castle, Holmes Chapel

The rail service should never have been privatised in the first place.

Miranda Saunders, Barnsley

I believe in an integrated system that is owned by the government, not a fragmented railway.

Stuart Anderson, Nuneaton

More money is now spent on the railways by the government than when they were wholly under public ownership.

Edward Devane, York

Let’s go back to British Rail and reclaim rail services for the British public now.

Lorna Cameron, Leeds

Our railways are public services. Bring them back into public ownership.

Maggi Hunt, Northumberland

British Rail was cheaper for taxpayers and for passengers than the current privatised system.

David Sterratt

Fares are ridiculously high compared to other EU states. Ticket pricing is a mess. Why is it cheaper to buy 2 tickets Newcastle-York-Manchester than 1 through ticket?

Tony Goode, Newcastle-upon-Tyne