The fortunes of East Coast show that public ownership is not the enemy of efficiency and quality service. This must be true for the network as a whole.

David Lindley, Leeds

I’m sick of being price-gouged, especially since Virgin took over the East Coast line and all the advance tickets shot up in price.

Reuben Taylor, Edinburgh

Privatisation of the rail system is a disaster, with extortionate and variable rates for the same journey, multiple ownership of the track and rolling stock and unreliable.

Judith Ward, Mansfield

Time to end the nightmare of privatisation and the myth that it gets results. It’s pure greed.

Terry Connolly, London

British Rail is best for Britain.

Dan Girard, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Privatisation has made travelling by rail expensive, uncomfortable and difficult.

Pat Budd, Harlow

Franchised rail is ludicrous. Just look at the success of Germany’s DB rail to see that the UK needs to return to a unified railway system.

Andrew Rogers, Shropshire

Railways should be returned to state ownership.

Lorraine Byrne, Epsom

It was better when It was British Rail.

Kevin Baker, Coventry

Put an end to the mess.

Yvan Nadeau, Edinburgh

The East Coast line runs right through my town. In fact I live only a few hundred yards from it. I can sit and watch the array of privatised train companies using it.

Robin Braddow, Newark

Is there a local group?

David Gallemore, Leamington Spa

I support a nationalised rail network.

Peter Such, Canterbury

Bring back British Rail. I can remember when the trains were run for the convenience of the passengers not the money grabbing companies running the railways now.

Joy Cuff, Teddington

Not only the rail network but the whole of the transport network should be brought back into public hands.

Richard Longhurst, London

I agree. Railways and bus services should be public services, democratically priced.

Frank Leguen, Ipswich

Nothing state owned should ever have been sold.

Peter Van Stratten, Cardiff

Once the UK is free from the EU and its legislation (including competition, services and state monopoly directives) this should be one of the first things we do.

Nicholas Dancer, Manchester

Greater Anglia serves my region and anyone who uses the service will wonder why it has barely changed for the last 50 years.

Liam Gathercole, Norwich

We need a nationalised railway because being able to travel easily around the country for work and leisure is a necessity that ordinary people are being priced out of.

Julie Brownlie, Dawlish

All vital services should be publicly owned, including transport.

Rachel Craig, Thirsk

Public transport should be run and maintained with the intention of serving the public and not lining the pockets of shareholders who have no interest in the service.

Raymond Lee Meadows, Chorley

Nationalising the railway will lower the cost on the taxpayer and lower fares. Having 2000 different companies is a mess. Bring back British Rail.

Arthur Simpkin, Hassocks

It has been proven that a privatised railway is neither efficient nor reasonably priced. Put it back into public ownership.

Joy Edwards, Codsall

You cannot run a national rail system the way it’s being done. Passengers and taxpayers are being ripped off.

Peter Williams, Bexhill-on-Sea

Wasted money on private franchises – not good value for the general public.

Sandra Hanna, Selby

How about being able to travel across the country for less than it costs to fly to another country entirely?

Josh Cluderay, London

It should never have been sold off. Fat cats got fatter.

Amanda Mulholland, Birmingham

Yes please, British Rail. Service not profit.

Carol Brack, Alston

I believe that privately run trains do not have the customer’s comfort at heart and just want to make as much profit out of us. We want reasonably priced tickets.

Paul Taylor, Sheffield