East Coast Mainline proves it can be done. High quality service run for passengers not shareholders’ profit.

Martin Rawson, Derby

End the madness of rail privatisation now.

Ken Phillips, Chorley

It’s time this fiasco was ended and the country’s backbone run at cost to make us a world leader.

Lee Gibson, Lincoln

One of the very worst privatisations. It makes no economic sense from either side of the political divide. Make public transport something to be proud of again.

Aaron Bliss, Oxfordshire

Trains are the only way I’ll be able to see my girlfriend for the next three years – but I’d rather not pay through the nose.

Robin Wilde, Kegworth

It wasn’t the government’s to privatise in the first place. It needs to go back to being nationalised.

Lynda Matthews, Liverpool

Time to stop blanket privatisation of public services, including transport.

Penny Thornton, Storrington

Since privatisation, about the only thing which I can see which has improved is the coffee. Trains are still late, overcrowded and staggeringly expensive.

Shaun Hall, Halstead

Please re-nationalise our railway lines.

Dave Devaney, Liverpool

I fully agree with the concept of an integrated public service. British Rail – HST, East and West Coast Electrification, so many successes.

Mike Powell, Seascale

I have fond memories of British Rail in the early 1980’s when my mother used to take me to London on days out. We used to travel from Bristol to London.

Jason Pickering, Stranraer

If it’s running well and at a profit why oh why privatise it again?

Bill Pearson, Houghton-le-Spring

BR all the way for me, just because it should be a national institution for the people of Britain and not for profit even though I am a pro business person.

Mauro Bonventre, Didcot

Let’s get a bit of pride back into the country.

Stephen Redfern, Sheffield

Give it back: you’ve mucked it up.

James Mackay, Glasgow

I agree with all previous sentiments.

Anne Roberts, Brodick

If there’s more than one travelling it’s cheaper by car.

Polly Thomas, Sheerness

Trains for the people not for profit.

Nikki Wood, Todmorden

A UK citizen living temporarily in Denmark, aware of the benefits of state-owned railways and a joined-up system. See DSB and Rejseplanen – Britain needs the same.

Jennifer Craig, Fredensborg, Denmark

Railways should be nationalised, upgraded and provide cheap alternative travel to take as much traffic off the roads as possible.

Jean Wanless, Glasgow

Bring back our railway – under public ownership.

Barbara Alexander, Bude

It is galling to learn that privatised Arriva Trains Wales is owned by Germany’s state railways.

John A K Davies, Haverfordwest

I rarely use rail travel because I find it chaotic and expensive. I wouldn’t mind that so much if it was good old British Railways muddling through.

John Parr, Fakenham

It’s supposed to be private but gets billions from us the taxpayers.

David B Jackson, Lincoln

We urgently need to bring back a nationalised network to run our railways. We need to cut the private companies and their greed-orientated objectives.

Nicholas Ghost, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Under nationalisation trains mainly ran on time, journeys were uncomplicated and fares affordable. Now vast profits are used for high salaries and bonuses and not re-invested.

Dei Matheson, Kyle of Lochalsh

Essential services such as the railways should be run for the benefit of the public, not for private profit. Privatisation has proved to be a disaster.

John Raine, Leeds

The current situation of private companies is chaotic and inefficient for customers and increasingly impoverishing for us and enriching for the shareholders.

Marilyn Tsiorvas, Sheffield

The time has come for us to return to a joined-up rail system.

Timothy Bell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne