The franchising and ticketing for privatised railways is ridiculous. Bring back British Rail which my father worked for many years.

Patricia Steeden, Watford

Prices have soared. Can people earning less than 15 grand a year actually afford the train for a day out or weekend away. No chance It’s too expensive.

Rob Clayton, Doncaster

As rail passenger numbers grow and the calls for the reopening of closed lines increase, action must be taken!

David Mcintosh

We need to take back control of our railways, so we get cheaper rail fares and better service.

Janine Gallagher, Huddersfield

Privatisation has been a disaster from the start. It was never the Government’s to sell in the first place. We the taxpayers owned it, not the politicians.

David Calvert, Skegness

British Rail had its problems but it was a joined-up network. Since privatisation things are probably better if you want to go A to B but not A to B to C.

Les Howarth

Can another government – Spain, France, Switzerland or Germany – run it next time and they have a better track record.


Bring back everything British to the people as the shareholders have taken enough.

Debs Connors, Wirral

As a retired British Rail Civil Engineer I will confirm that, with a direct labour workforce of BR employees right up to Chief Civil Engineers, we rocked.

Alan North, Spalding

It’s nonsense for fragmentation in so small a landmass. We all prefer train travel in a single network.

Andree Rodriguez-Veglio, Daventry

The railways are for the people of the UK, not shareholders.

Colin Sutton, Ramsgate

The railways should never have been privatised. It’s all about looking after shareholders and not passengers. Fares are ridiculously expensive and overcrowding worse.

Mark McCabe, Glasgow

If the East Coast rail line can positively contribute to the public purse why can’t others?

Bill Hush, Edinburgh

The service is so fragmented now, with everyone having their own little budget areas, that it’s no wonder that the investment in the railway itself is minimal.

Valerie Coote, Salisbury

Deliver good and affordable service so that everyone could benefit.

Irina Ozerkina, London

Passenger safety is before profits. To have a transport infrastructure that puts profits before safety is beyond belief.

Neil Dexter, Worksop

I remember the old BR which was a lot better than the service we have now, as it’s very confusing (different tickets etc.) trains are late and more expensive.

Doug Bate, Essex

The railway is a service, not a business. It enables business, so should be viewed as a means to an end, not run as the end itself.

Andrew Mclean-Reid, Sherfield

Railways are an essential environmental way of travelling around the country, and the government should be encouraging rail travel. Re-nationalisation is the only way.

Kristina Taylor, Cardiff

The railways should be run for the benefit of the community and not to make profit for shareholders and pay huge salaries to the directors.

Angela Barker, Wigan

Bring back a unified railway, then work towards a completely integrated public transport system, trains, buses and ferries.

Ann Ashby, Selby

I remember how dreadful British Rail was, run for the convenience of the staff, no customer care, and no investment, but even that is better than this awful mess.

Kevin Lycett, Leeds

East Coast seems to have done marvellously in public hands.

Janet Longbottom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

After 19 years of being informed that “we are getting there”, I see no improvement on the legacy of the British Railways Board in 1994. In fact a deterioration is evident.

Alastair Smith, Bingley

Bring back British Rail.

Anne Elizabeth Plowman, Sheffield

Labour’s John Prescott spoke of the idea before they were elected the first time. What happened? Labour caved in to city pressure is my guess. Let’s do it now.

John Self, Wissett

It’s called British Rail not private rail. It should belong to the British public for the benefit of the British public, not for private investors to increase fares..

Dimitrios Tsierkezou, Herts

The transport infrastructure should be owned by all of us so we can develop a coherent transport policy for the future.

Pauline Allies, Maidenhead

A national asset, which is for every citizen’s benefit, should belong to the nation, aiming to break even.

Ian Henden, Fareham

Nationalisation to offer flexibility and protect rail travel at an affordable price for all.

Joe Stamper, Burton on Trent