It wasn’t theirs to sell, and profit has pushed out service and safety. Bring it back into public hands.

Steve Thomas, Cheltenham

Of all the European countries that came to investigate Britain’s great railway privatisation experiment, not one country copied the British experiment.

Andrew Rosthorn, Darwen

It’s a bloody farce now.

Steve Walsh, York

Stop privatising everything. There is more to life than trying to make profits as the only priority. What about providing decent public services?.

Albert E C Hemmings, Salisbury

If even ‘Red Ed’ couldn’t be persuaded to re-nationalise the railways then it doesn’t look too hopeful – but good luck anyway.

John Hicks, Sunbury-on-Thames

Although not frequent, I am a regular train user, mainly between York and London and occasionally other destinations.

Eileen Jaques, York

Too much inefficiency, too much fragmentation, and too many rail operating companies making huge amounts of profit from rail franchises.

Simon Morris, Cwmbran

Public service not private profit.

John Rowlinson, Westcliff on Sea

The present set up is wasteful.

Meic Batten, Maesteg

And the water, gas and electricity.

Paul Taylor, Bristol

Bring back British Rail indeed. We need green public transportation that doesn’t cost the earth to use. We’ve had this before and we can have it again.

David Bryant-Moore, Cheltenham

I believe that infrastructure vital to a nation should be owned and run by (and for) that nation, not for private profit.

Kieran Wardle, London

Bring back British Rail. A unified railway is a good railway.

Jason Warner, Raunds

Get this cash cow for the rich and greedy back to the people who use it.

Paul Miller, Ilkeston

Privatised railways are a Victorian concept.

Gerard Moore, London

We compare badly with other countries where railways and postal services are still public.

Chris Freimanis, Brighton

Scrap privatisation and bring back British Rail.

Connor Egan, Chatham

I use the East Coast service fairly regularly and it is excellent. Please don’t privatise it.

Peter De Voil, Colsterworth

A publicly owned, democratically accountable public transport system.

Abdul-Nasser J G Baston, London

What’s a mess, Bring back British Rail.

Lee McDowell, Maghull

We need to encourage more people to use public transport. This won’t happen whilst the railways are run for private profit.

Greg Phillips, Bristol

Privatisation has been a farce from the word go.

Thomas Baldwin, Dunfermline

There are some important services which should be just that – not business, e.g. NHS, transport infrastructure. Reverse Tory privatisations.

Elizabeth Burling, London

Full communism.

Jack Dickinson, Penzance

As a pensioner, money is tight. It would be brilliant to be able to travel to see my son and grandsons at an affordable price.

Diane Moore, Harrow

Stop us, the taxpayers, having to subsidise the railways for the benefit of fat cats and let us take ownership and run the railways for the benefit of us all.

Peter Madariaga, Liverpool

Rail was a privatisation too far.

Stephen Russell, Peterborough

The rail network has become a cash cow for multi-national corporations. Any profits should be spent on improving the infrastructure.

Roy Davis, Caerphilly

Bring back British Rail.

Ashley Sinani, London

Deliver good and affordable service so that everyone could benefit.

Irina Ozerkina, London