I agree that the current system is expensive and deeply flawed.

Stephen McVeigh, London

Public sector ownership is a more efficient model.

Alan Meiklejohn, Glasgow

Miliband must be blind not to see what a popular declaration it would be to declare now for the re-nationalisation of all transport.

Bryn Glover, Harrogate

Let’s stand up and stop the ever increasing fare rises for commuter travel.

Jamie Dodd, Liverpool

The highest fares in Europe, and the money goes to profit not improvements. Re-nationalise now.

Rebecca Roseff, Colwall

You know it makes sense.

Corporal Ward, Bridgend

Retired BR R&M Fitter. I left because of privatisation after joining BR WR in the 1960s at the Swindon Apprentice Training School. Privatisation is a shambles.

Michael Lewis, Haverfordwest

It’s clearly sensible.

Sue Ahrens, Watford

Privatisation has been a disaster. Let the state run the railways – they did a much better job.

Barbara Webb, York

A unified railway system is the only way. Bring back the branch lines too.

Christopher Evans, Byton Hand

Rail fares are a travesty – beyond the reach of the people.

John Smetham, Wallsend

Commuting on modern trains costs more than driving. How can this be moral? Privatisation was a horrible mistake and should never have been done.

Jayne Carter, Weston super Mare

The privatisation of public services experiment is an unequivocal failure. It’s time to take it all back.

Kim Grais, Leeds

Lets take back our trains and make them work for us, not private companies.

Deb Tetley, Leeds

I’m sick and tired of not being able to afford cheap rail travel anymore.

Nessie Mutch, Stowting

End the fragmented railway system. Restore railways to the people.

Frank Sowerby, Durham

Essential services and infrastructure should never be in private hands. The potential for corruption is too high and on too grand a scale.

Philip Melaney, London

People need to know that private companies cost us more than BR did, and by definition they are there to serve shareholders’ interests before the Public’s.

Bob Teasdale, South Shields

They should never have been split up in the first place. A national, essential service that has gone to the wall.

Daniel Stapley, Folkestone

It should be run by people for the people not for the rich and greedy.

Leonard Jones, Ellesmere Port

Bring back British Rail

Wayne Medina, Colchester

They’re ripping us off right left and centre.

Peter Harrison, Burton-upon-Trent

As a frequent rail traveller, I find the services in this country dreadful. The North Wakes Coast trains are being run in an unsafe and dangerous manner with no care.

Denny Evans, Flint

This looks like a wonderful idea.

Richard Scott, Chester

I use the train loads and I would love it to be better.

Daniel Isles, Cirencester

All the private owners want is profit, at a cost to safety, passenger care and just about anything. The amount of subsidies they get. Bring BR back.

Lennie Brooks, Southampton

We in Bedford have changed the wretched franchise and who knows who is pretending to run it.

Joan Slater, Kempston

BR was stolen from the British public in the most heinous crime of the 20th century.

Albert Wm Gosnall, Weston-super-Mare

I would love to take my family to London by train to see the sights but its too expensive for us to use.

Tim Payne, Plymouth

The last few times I used a train to Cardiff from Pyle it was standing room only. I travel by car now.

Leonora Matthews, Bridgend