We need a fairly priced service with enough carriages to make sure there is less over-crowding and that any profit is re-invested in the service, not to shareholders.

Trevor Green, Worcester

I hope we are successful.

Mary Cameron, Leeds

Privatisation does not serve citizens or passengers. The East Coast service is making a profit, which goes into public coffers.

Joan Stewart

The current British railway system is inherently flawed, and has gone noticeably downhill. As a 24 year old, I am struggling to afford the 1 hour commute into London.

Jarvis Coxwell, Farnham

Maybe get Google to help with the technologies, Ferrari and Mercedes for the engines. The timescale won’t be a problem if you have the correct QA procedures.

Justin Lillywhite

British trains are deplorable for their service and prices. We need to compete with our European peers.

Harry Willoughby, Wells

Nationalise the railways and let us have affordable, efficient trains again.

Lois Bennett, Doncaster

Does support from overseas also count?

Eliot Lopes, Eischen – G.D. Luxembourg

The service provided by Chiltern is woefully inadequate. Clearly not enough resources are allocated to developing infrastructure.

Clare Simmonds, Beaconsfield

Rising prices, unreliable service, don’t know who is ultimately responsible. Bring back BR so that we have a clean and well managed service.

James McCourt, Gateshead

It could be done for nothing.

Anthony Roberts, London

This is self explanatory.

Stephen Baxter, Glasgow

Privatised rail companies are subsidised yet take profit. This is madness.

Pauline Hammerton, Manchester

It’s time for change. Fares for re-investment not profit.

Paul McLeod, London

I hate having to split train tickets to get the best deals from different train companies. Bring back sensible pricing and Bring back British Rail.

Jenny House, Aylesbury

It costs more in subsidies now. Your logo is facing the wrong way. I was a BR man for 17 years.

James Sinclair, Jersey

Rail travel should be affordable to all and fares should be at a level to encourage people to abandon their cars and take the train. For the sake of the planet, please.

Christine Gunby, Sheffield

The fragmented nature of the privatised rail network benefits neither passengers nor the taxpayer – only rail shareholders.

Philip Mullen, Leeds

Not before time listen to the public.

Frank McQuade, Motherwell

Current arrangements are inefficient and over-complicated. There are better ways to spend government subsidy.

Andrew Webb, London

Bring back BR and get the job done properly and with better value.

Keith Davies, Bangor

Bring back National Rail.

Kristian Ramsingh, Hatfield

Public transport like railways should be a basic infrastructure thing, not a profit opportunity.

John Fryatt, Northampton.

Railways and all essential services need to be run as public services which are much, much more trusted than big business. We have bad banks, and profiteering water companies too.

Nicola Mortimer-Stokes, Cheltenham

About time. Let’s go for it.

Nick Green, Brighton

Bring it back now.

Umar Amin, Manchester

Please fix the broken and disjointed rail mess that has stemmed from the privatisation in the 90’s.

James Delaney, Brighton

Bring it back into public ownership before we are ripped off again with the sale of the East Coast Line.

Richard Lockwood, Heckmondwike

I believe rail transport should be run as a joined-up service and this should be funded out of general taxation.

Anthony Oatham, Epping

Please keep the rail network in public, not private, hands.

Robin Allen, Wellingborough