BR worked and worked well. Stations would help each other rather than compete.

Guy Foster, Pickering

The UK’s rail network shouldn’t be subservient to shareholders’ interests and fares should be reasonable for all.

John Phantis, Bath

The system requires unification. Trains used to connect with one another but no longer do so. Ticket purchase was much simpler and the ticket was valid for all lines.

Teresa Wormald, Knaresborough

Bring back British Rail.

Janet McLoughlin, Manchester

I’m very much in favour of the nationalisation of natural monopolies.

Robert Astin, London

Stop the rip-off billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money drained off to private companies’ shareholders. Money should stay in railways to cut fares and keep stations open.

Brendan Glynn, Manchester

Re-nationalise not just the railways, but the electricity, gas and water suppliers as well.

Steve Goodman, Wellingborough

Nationalisation to offer flexibility and protect rail travel at an affordable price for all.

Joe Stamper, Burton on Trent

At last, I have found a campaign group dedicated to re-nationalisation of the rail network. The current system in the hands of private ownership is totally dysfunctional.

Martin Ludford, Peterborough

The railway should be for people not for profit.

Matthew Boynton, Coventry

People Not Profits.

Mark Lansbury, Isle of Wight

If the rail tickets were sensibly priced, car usage would be reduced.

Andy Lewis, London

We’ve been taken for a ride far too long.

Ron Ellis, Weston-super-Mare

I can’t wait, especially now the East Coast is privatised again.

Judith Edminson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

This is unfortunately all I’ve known (as a 27 year old). I cannot fathom how it could be more difficult than it is in this situation if it was nationalised.

Zac Duncan, London

Privatisation has been a disaster for passengers and a bean feast for rail companies.

Roger Theaker, Liverpool

Vertical integration has to make sense. But please keep out the politicians and civil servants from meddling in the rail industry.

Andrew Long, Flitwick

I’m totally disgusted that Virgin and Stagecoach will be taking over the running of East Coast Trains. It’s all downhill from now.

Elizabeth Moffat, Nottingham

Granted I know Network Rail are trying to modernise the railway but they’re using taxpayers’ money anyway so it should be kept public.

Adam Moon, Bristol

Bring the railways back under state control and provide a better service to passengers.

Ian Roberts, Telford

If the railways are a loss-making industry, why are there big payouts to shareholders? Where does that money come from?

Frank Belsey, Enfield

Imagine BR with the amount of funding all these companies get and the only compensation payments were to end users not the paper excuses we have now.

Michael Jones, Shrewsbury

BR got a quarter of the subsidy of the private companies and did a better job.

William Hughes, Rugby

Bring the British rail system under state ownership and democratic control.

Paul Mackney, London

Public services should be run and owned by the public, not private financial institutions who care only about profit and not service. It’s a no brainer.

George Davies, Darwen

Bring back British Rail and stop the rip-off of the extremely high fares we are forced to pay.

Robert Chinnery, Grays

I hate the trains. We are the passengers. Make the railways a public service again.

Lucy Wade, Kent

As a First Capital Connect victim, I fully support your aims.

Alison Parker, Enfield