Because it is right to do (ex BR employee).

Lewis Torrington, Christchurch

We need an integrated national rail system, with profits going back into infrastructure, not shareholders’ pockets.

Lesley Typhair, London

The railways can be managed much more efficiently in the public sector. We need an integrated system.

Anne Bundock, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

With the mega-subsidy the private sector is given to run the rail system, BR would totally blossom.

Tony Lyons, Manchester

My father-in-law was on a train broken down for 4.5hrs. It took him13.5hrs to cross London, after which he was fuming and died of a heart attack.

Geoff Ingram

God protect us. Have you ever tried to buy a ticket via the Indian telephone No? It’s a nightmare.

Alan Marshall, Boston

I’m sick and tired of paying through my nose for a pathetic and unreliable service on C2C. I’ve had enough.

Francois Calitz, Purfleet

When I worked on BR there were 12 Coaches on Bournemouth to London trains and 11 on CrossCountry. Now there are only 10 and 5 at most.

Trevor Shore, Poole

Yet again proof if any was needed that privatisation does not work.

Joshua Bryant, Welwyn

The East Coast fiasco showed why re-nationalising the train network is the most common-sense option.

Edward Tyrell, Liverpool

The national railways ought to belong to everyone in the country and not be just for the benefit of the shareholders.

Sue O’Connell, Leigh

I’m sick of spending 4-10 hours on coaches to visit family because of ridiculous rail prices.

Eve Tait, Leicester

Bring back British Rail.

Gareth Bridges, Swindon

The privatisation of our railways by the Thatcherite Tories has been a theft of massive proportions that must be reversed. It was totally immoral.

Frank Lawson, Halifax

We need a singular railway operation.

Claire James, Coventry

A unified and affordable rail system, owned by this country, would transform public transport and make it far more user-friendly.

Diana Defries, Cheshunt

What they have done to the railways is a joke. The fares keep going up and up for a very poor service.

Paul Harnwell, Basildon

East Coast is in public hands and doing well. It should stay public. Profits are returned to taxpayers.

Jill Hancock, Durham

A fine campaign, but sadly facing an uphill struggle against politicians who cannot see what is obvious to everyone else.

Peter Bateman

Enough of perpetual fare increases, no accountability, cattle class travel and excessive profits for train operators. It’s time to bring back a leaner, meaner BR.

Bob Billington, Magor

In order to have a fully integrated transport system, we also need to bring back the National Bus Company!


It is time to bring back what we lost, to the forefront of the railway network.

Samuel Fitzgerald, Caerphilly

Privatisation is a nightmare. It’s time to re-start some public services. Don’t let this happen to the NHS.

Kevin Flanagan, Cambridge

British Rail was using no subsidy when privatised. Now we have a company with a massive subsidy.

Graham Sharman, Peterborough

Privatisation benefits nobody except the fat cat bosses.

Cecil Richardson, Nottingham

British Rail was excellent – it just lacked investment and political commitment. BBBR,

Mike Lawlor, Gloucester

Cheaper fares, more diverse service. Rolling stock can also be shuffled for effectiveness. So yes, BBBR!

Toby Miller, Rugby

Tax exile scumbag Branson swindles millions from the public purse while living on a private island. The railways are ours so let’s take them back.

John Coan, Glasgow

I cannot believe that the current rail service is still allowed to operate such a substandard service. I travel to work on TransPennine and Northern Rail.

Russell Alexander, Manchester

Public transport should be run for the benefit of users, not shareholders.

Ann Sheppard, Hexham