Bring it back.

Kay Davies, Nantwich

National Rail is the best way forward – but it must be well-funded and inventive, so it needs real investment.

Lois Hubbard, Doncaster

I remember old Beeching, the beginning of the demise of the British Rail network, and it’s even worse now.

Malcolm Halliday, Exeter

As a retired British Rail Civil Engineer I will confirm that, with a direct labour workforce of BR employees right up to Chief Civil Engineers, we rocked.

Alan North, Spalding

Start with the railways, then re-nationalise gas, water and electricity. Hands off the Royal Mail too!

Iain Logan, Liverpool

I like trains and want to see more trains without the trains being owned by bad train companies.

Geiif Mcghee, France

Give the railways back to the public. Private ownership doesn’t work. It’s not a new idea and it can be done with next to no cost. What are they playing at?

Naomi Brown, Southampton

Bringing back British Rail can put an end to the mass confusion on the railways by having to go from one company’s train service to another’s.

Nicholas Ham, Newquay

Prices for train travel have soared through the roof and passengers are penalised financially if they travel at certain times.

Richard Brierley, Derby

I’m sick to death of Tory-inspired rip-offs.

Mazhar Asghar, Leeds

Re-nationalisation and the profit made would assure governments that they could invest to improve our failing rail system. It’s a win/win situation.

Gina Woods, Norwich

Put people above profits. We were once known around the world for having a great rail service. Stop selling the people’s property.

Peter Kimble, Luton

Bring BR back. SouthEastern and the others are a joke, and are ripping us all off.

Glen Reeves, Folkestone

We regularly travel across the country, encountering delays due to cancellations, strikes etc. Different providers do not take any responsibility for the consequences.

Patricia Preece, Ledbury

One of the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders, we believe transport should be for the use of the public with control by the public not a money-maker for private companies.

George Arthur, Barnsley

As a West Coast line user I have seen rise after rise and I only get a seat on one in four of my journeys.

Andrew Watson, Bury

East Coast rail, state-owned, more efficient than private rail companies, also given taxpayers’ money and costs more.

Helen Evison, Harrogate

Public transport is, or at least should be a public service and, like all public services, it should not be a business opportunity for private companies to exploit taxpayers.

Wilfred Watson, Lincoln

The privatised service is much worse for customers and employees. It makes no sense.

George Johnston, London

Long Overdue for changing, this nightmare called privatisation.

Christopher Connery, Birmingham

I’m due to become a university student, but the train fares are too high for me to perform a morning commute. A nationalised rail would help reduce these ridiculous fees.

Matt Pattinson, Hednesford

Nice advert on the back of Private Eye.

Thomas Meyrick, Dorset

I’m fed-up with subsidising this privatisation.

Jeanne Woodcraft, Berkhamsted

The theft that was their nationalisation continues to rob us daily. This must end.

Richard Keel, Glasgow

It’s so obvious, it hardly needs arguing.

Jsnr Ayres, New Mills

We are fed up with paying high rise prices for these greedy rail bosses. The trains never get you on time. Bring back British Rail.

Barry Gallego, Rochester

We need to maintain a core of public services which create a sense of shared ownership and shared benefit. Water, energy, health, education cannot be open to profiteers.

Sean Millwood, Stevenage

Good ideas here!


Nationalised services for the common good should be preferred over shareholder profit for the privileged few.

Chris Tucker, Bristol

Britain has the most expensive railway system in the world because it has been carved up for profit.

Philip Sutton, Gateshead,