We want our railway back. I was a former employee.

Chris Brettell, Ringwood

The whole rail network should be given the opportunity to repeat the success of East Coast Rail.

Eithne Murphy, Leeds

Great campaign. Now a serious outline of proposals are required from a think tank.

Marc Collinson, Bangor

The railways are an essential service for all, not a source of private profit.

Joel A Forster Jones, Bournemouth

Too right. Fragmentation of the railways to private companies is a total mess. Train travel is more expensive, more stressful and a lot worse than it used to be.

Margaret McFadyen, Norwich

Cheaper fares in the long run.

Dean Anderson , Merstham

That privatised railways receive 3.5 times the subsidy that British Rail did (even taking account of inflation). It is a national disgrace.

Mark Sawbridge, Wolverhampton

Stop subsidising other people’s profit.

Eric Penman, Liverpool

Privatisation equals false competition without choice but plenty of complication for customers.

Antony Drawmer, Birmingham

Sort it out.

Sean Ryan, Liverpool

Let’s stop yet another example of rip-off Britain.

John Stannard, Sheffield

We need the railways to be brought back into the public ownership now.

Mick Brady, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Unify the network again.

James Ford, Reading

In recent years we have seen spiralling costs, deteriorating services and vast amounts of public money used to subsidise the rail companies. This experiment has failed.

Federico Moscogiuri, Hertford

Billionaires don’t listen to anyone’s words but their own. Is there any point to this? Derail the City of London if you want social justice.

Steve Anderson, Bristol

Northern Rail are the pits. For goodness’ sake, give our railways back to the people of Britain.

Neil Pritchard, St. Helens

We need a re-nationalised railway network that offers a consistent, reliable service, value for money for the tax-payer, and a simple, sensible and fair pricing structure.

Andrew Shore, Nottingham

Enough of high priced and shoddy services for the traveller.

Tim Brown, Leeds

Fares are too high. The system needs to be run for the public.

Alex Shearman, Solihull

Bring back before it’s too late.

Teresa Claxton, Chesterfield

I support the idea of re-nationalising the railway system.

Sonia Santana, Bishop’s Stortford

20 years of above inflation price hikes and I’m travelling in trains, not properly cleaned, with broken dirty toilets.

Tina Comparini, Southampton

First Capital Connect London to Brighton service is dreadful. Old trains, noisy, rattley, uncomfortable, freezing cold or baking hot. It’s a complete rip off.

Jim Allen, Brighton

I support a unified, nationalised rail network for the UK, run as a public service, not for private shareholder profit.

Dean Williams, Stevenage

It has been an absolute disaster for the travelling public and even worse for the staff. Punctuality, fares and safety have never been so poor.

D H, Newport

I use the trains every day. I’m sick of greedy private sector companies cheating travellers with constant overpriced and poor services.

Paul Bemrose, Brighton

Bring back British Rail to the people and fine and imprison all those who have stolen taxpayers’ money.

U. Monad, London

Our rail system is embarrassing, especially when compared to other state-owned European systems.

Richenda Herzig, Ely

Yes please, we can run it better and cheaper with 1st class service.

Norman Sullivan, Nottingham

Yes, but we need more lines re-opened (and not HS2) to create more capacity.

Hugo Rogers, Newbury