Railways should be nationalised, upgraded and provide cheap alternative travel to take as much traffic off the roads as possible.

Jean Wanless, Glasgow

Public services should be owned and run by the public, for the public good, not for profit.

Christopher Willan, Birmingham

In 1948 the Government of the day had to nationalise the railways to keep them operating. That time has returned.

Roger Jacob, Wrexham

Let’s put this public service into the hands of people who have to listen to the public they serve rather than the enemies of public service.

David Fellows, Brighton

Privatisation was a travesty.

Lawrence Green, Lewes

We need a joined-up train service run in the public interest, owned by the public.

Simon Jones, Bromley

It works so why mess it up again.

Tony Tyler, Letchworth Garden City

Money can be made, so make it for the taxpayer.

Alan Williams, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Private ownership only ever lines the pockets of shareholders and never serves the public needs.

Doreen Stevenson, Portsmouth

Privatisation is an article of faith in the political consensus of our times, despite its appalling record of failure. It is time to bring back British Rail.

Joseph Miller, London

Enough is enough. Rail users first.

Simon Gee, Coventry

Chris Grayling has now conceded that the trains and the tracks need to be operated by the same entity. Therefore, re-nationalisation is now imperative.

Kayla Ente, Brighton

Please don’t privatise the whole of Britain. We have little left. Leave trains alone.

Patrick Healy, Billingham

I generally moan the loss of our National Railway owned and run by us and not the French or German franchises. Lets pay the right price for travel not subsidising others.

Edward Cordell, Newark-on-Trent

It used to work, not perfectly, but far better, and cheaper than the current mess.

Jo Winship, Hull

It should never have been sold off in the first place. We owned it, why did we need the chance to buy something we already owned. It was all about giving it to the rich.

Gary Madden, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I want better public transport, not richer leeches.

Francis Varley, Sheffield

I demand we have our railways back.

Estelle Mageean, Barnsley

I do believe it is a disgrace that the British railways are segregated and have the unusual rip-off fares.

Charles Barratt, Castleford

Public transport should be a service, not a business.

Jan Halligan, Holmfirth

My grandfather used to revel in taking me around the country on British Rail. It was classy, romantic and visionary, and with its unrivalled history.

Ryan Board, London

Basic transport should be a right in this country. Stop the fat cats profiting and support the public.

Robert Sunners, Cockermouth

The public purse is always propping up private business!

Doug Craner, Nottingham

Every privatisation has been a disaster. Beeching was in the pocket of the road hauliers. Bring back our rail networks in state hands.

John Mangan, Norwich

The privatised railway companies are massively subsidised by public money. All privatisation was only ever about creating a mechanism for the elite to enrich themselves.

Robert Ormerod, Cardiff

As a kid I could travel anywhere safely at low cost, including those great day trips tickets. Now I can’t afford to go anywhere in UK as I get coach sick.

Nancy Jones, Folkestone

A good service well run.

David Hall, Huddersfield

Privatisation of the railways has been a disaster for rail users with rising fares and the lack of investment that was promised.

Kevin Wilson, Leeds

This is something I have been saying for a long time. The government should be responsible for transport, hospitals and schools. I wish this action the very best.

Martyn Thirlway, London

Stop rail companies avoiding tax here while shipping rail profits and taxpayer subsidies abroad. East Coast line is a great example of what public ownership can do.

Robert Powell, Stockton-on-Tees