Well how bad is it now? Expensive, industrial action, we can’t get to Blackpool from West Yorks. Lines that need opening are stopped by incompetent managers.

John Alan Ramsden, Cleckheaton

Reduce fares and stop taxpayers and passengers lining the pockets of the owners of train operating companies.

Ewart Fitzgerald, Sittingbourne

Better commuter trains to the south coast

David Tipp, London

I believe that the railways would serve the country better if publicly-owned.

Emma Anderson, Otterburn

Enough is enough.

Richard Jones, Plymouth

Privatisation has left us with the most expensive and worst trains in Europe.

Alex Ross, Cambridge

Why must they all privatise the profits and nationalise the losses?

Evin Ryan

East Coast – all that needs to be said.

Barry Maginn, Manchester

I use the East Coast mainline to visit my mother in London. I’m delighted with the service. Trains, like hospitals, schools, water, gas and electricity should belong to the people.

Caroline Bond, Leeds

It’s better not to use wording like “re-nationalise”. Include all utilities and bus companies. Make sure the latter run services co-ordinated with the rail system.

William Houston, Grange-over-Sands

We shouldn’t have to wait this long before we get back what was once ours.

Jim Granter, Alsager

The rail fares are ridiculous and should be much more cost-effective.

Jill Coleman, Middlesbrough

Taxpayers’ money profiting German and French state rail. A total travesty.

Patricia Julie Brandrick, Uttoxeter

In the US the push for the privatisation of government functions and services has always resulted in reduced services at higher costs.

Nancy Neal

Privatisation does not equal improved service or cheaper tariffs. Re-nationalise and give Britain a rail network to be proud of.

Phil Gallon, Saltburn

The East Coast ran very well recently and was making a profit. It didn’t need a private company to run it.

Maureen James, Northallerton

East Coast Rail have shown that publicly-owned is better than privately-owned, for customers and taxpayers.

Stephen Helm, Ponteland

It’s sickening that profit to a small number of shareholders is what drives this essential service. Terrible.

Robert Irvine, Glasgow

Return all the land by the railway lines that has been misappropriated too.

Joe Jordan, Dundee

If our rail franchises can be run by French and German nationalised railways why cannot we run our own nationalised railway network answerable to a parliamentary committee?

Richard Whitfield, Leeds

It would be great to see the return of a great travel organisation..

Edward Niven, Dundee

Transport madness by the loony right-wing government.

Harry Facey, Flamborough

Late trains, no seats, constant and unjustified price increases since privatisation.

Daniel Zlupko, Manchester

It’s about time there was a serious debate about the re-nationalisation of the railways. The present system is a farce.

Katy Collins, Hastings

I demand a re-unified national rail network. Capitalist gain is the operational cause of all failure on this planet. Provide for the people, not for their profit.

Daniel Scroggs, Bristol

The inefficiency and politically-motivated bigotry that have created this mess should be rectified and a sensible integrated and publicly owned railway created.

John Cockcroft, Nottingham

As a pensioner, money is tight. It would be brilliant to be able to travel to see my son and grandsons at an affordable price.

Diane Moore, Harrow

It’s obvious that this has to happen.

Wallace Henning, Folkestone