Cheaper train tickets.

Graeme Dowie, Beith

Give us back some of our family jewels.

Edward Luigi, Portsmouth

Bring back British Rail, a transport system for the people not the rich.

Kevin White, Haverfordwest

Southwest Trains are crooks.

Paul Sheppard, London

Fare prices are far too high (in contrast with Europe) and FGW services are either always delayed or cancelled. What happens with the public subsidy? We have had enough.

Mia Brar, Slough

Worst value train service in the developed world.

Patrick O’Brien, Slough

It’s about time we shut down this bunch of crooks.

Bill Walker, Lye

As a regular rail user I know that the previous set-up was better. Bring back BR and put service ahead of profit.

Rick Salter, Penrith

I am old enough to remember the good old days of BR when we all knew what the fares were without going through different web sites and companies.

Barry Woodcock, Kettering

Our railways are obviously not working as they are. The government should sort it out, but it’s unlikely as it’s such a gutless entity.

David Miles, Kent

Privatising the railways was the most stupid political decision after Beeching’s Axe. It’s time to do something about it.

Madeleine Howell, Bath

Take it back to British Rail.

Christine King, York

I use the Brighton mainline daily for my commute. First Capital Connect are by far the worst and latest trains I’ve ever been on in England.

Rob Vickery, Brighton

Stop the thieving speculators.

Ron Chalack, Sheffield

Wouldn’t it be better if profits went back into the service and any excess goes back into public coffers?

Zoe Mercer, London

Enough of high priced and shoddy services for the traveller.

Tim Brown, Leeds

I’ve been a railway engineer for the past 24 years. Bring back BR. At least it was run by engineers not bean counters.

Frank Stephen, Preston

Great idea, about time.

Patrick Hilley, Keighley

Bring back British Rail.

Charlie Sheahan, Stevenage

It was once ours. Profiteers should not get richer by setting extortionate fares and providing a disgraceful service.

Mark Ross, Mansfield

The present system is a financial disgrace.

Brian Bushell, Porthmadog

Privatisation is not progress.

Michael Letwin, Brooklyn NY

Good to see action.

Julie Boston, Bristol

Private ‘good’ public ‘bad’ is an outworn doctrine with little evidence to support it.

Susan Tresidder, Liverpool

Railways for the benefit of people and the country, not for private profit.

Chris Yong, St Albans

Rip-off Britain. See it by rail, if only you could afford to.

Alan Rimmer, Fleetwood

They should never have been de-nationalised. It was nationalised because it didn’t work as a mish-mash of companies.

Tracey Allen

Yes, take it all back, but don’t spoil it by outlandish claims when we do.

David Elford Johnson, Telford

The franchised, privatised railway we have today is a disgrace. Why wasn’t British Rail subsidised to the tune that todays private railways are?

David Potter, Stevenage

One of many bad decisions by Mrs Thatcher and followers. They basically sold off the family silver to their friends and backers at rock bottom prices. Only their friends benefited.

Trevor Larsen, Kingston upon Hull