If the railways are a loss-making industry, why are there big payouts to shareholders? Where does that money come from?

Frank Belsey, Enfield

Restore our national rail.

Jus Sargeant, Middlesbrough

I’m an East Coast disgruntled rail passenger.

Philip Nevins, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Privatisation is theft.

Jason Whattam, Launceston

The privatised railways make no sense for the passenger. Companies and managers make huge profits whilst passengers, taxpayers and workers are ripped off.

Mat Fleming

It was doing okay, so why was it changed?

Pam Heynes, Carnforth

You know it makes sense.

Kevin Murphy, Bristol

Bring back British Rail.

Al Iby, Holsworthy

People’s daily commute shouldn’t be left to free market greed.

Nicholas Hayes, Durham

Your talk last night convinced me.

Christopher Shevlin, Leeds

Good nationalised public transport is essential to any civilisation.

Linda Duckenfield, Sheffield

Run the railways for the people and not for the benefit and profit of the private railway companies.

Mark Reynolds, London

As an ex BR employee it makes a world of sense, as passengers would benefit over and over again.

Bruce Williams, Barmouth

Yes, but we need more lines re-opened (and not HS2) to create more capacity.

Hugo Rogers, Newbury

Another wonderful institution built by the people for the people. Keep it decent. Keep it affordable!

Vivienne E Heatley, London

Bring it back.

Mandi Riseman, St. Albans

As a student, I feel that, even with a railcard, rail fares are extortionately expensive and the ticketing systems with multiple vendors are far too complicated.

Tom Cannon, Stoke-on-Trent

It’s time we all stopped being fleeced by big business.

Michelle Strange, London

I just totally agree with what you say.

Rex Holt, Bradford

Bring back the British values of a great rail company.

Jamie Massey, Essex

UK trains are a shambles compared to the rest of Europe.

Akit, London

The current privatised rail system is ridiculous. There is no competition on the privatised lines. It is just a licence to make money at the customers’ expense.

Linda Brachio, Croydon

Awful service which is often late, combined with insufficient capacity due to the lack of carriages put on by the operator.

Sam Hilson, Llanelli

Bring back British Rail.

Adam Moon, Bristol

Put an end to private profit, public risk.

Barry Smith, Clevedon

Hands off our railway. It is making a good profit. Stop selling off the crown jewels.

Jennifer Ware, York

Re-nationalise not just the railways, but the electricity, gas and water suppliers as well.

Steve Goodman, Wellingborough

The fragmented privatised railway is still paid for by the taxpayer, yet is so inefficient that it costs three times what BR cost. It’s time to give us back our national railway.

Philip Davis, Birmingham

we are an embarrassment compared to other European countries. The rail system is a shambles.

Carolyn Black, Newnham-on-Severn

I think the East Coast should remain publicly owned as a means of comparing profit levels and costs while continuing to raise money for improving other public services.

Brian Wilkinson, Harrogate