I’d so like to see fares come down and more room on trains, as they are the most economical on the environment.

Christina Shaw, Leeds

For-profit ownership of the rail service simply doesn’t work. In most rural areas there is zero competition, so zero incentive for improvements or price reductions.

Joseph Burnham, Sheringham

The first experiment in private management of transport in this country ran for 100years – the turnpike system. It ended because it was useless and expensive.

Ternan Macnamara, Thirsk

Nationalise the railways.

Ross Atherton, Dunfermline

Some things are better in public hands. British rail is one of them.

Robin Carr, Birmingham

l firmly believe in the nationalisation of British Rail.

Dave Leonard, Liverpool

I work for one of the unpopular train companies operating in the UK, and the vast majority of frontline staff want BR to return. Obviously upper management don’t.

Gary Hale, Evesham

Too much taxpayers’ money going into private hands.

Simon Alcock, Whitby

Rail should be the transport of the future and part of a government environmental public transport strategy – public being the operative word.

Cathy Moss, Redditch

I’m fed up having to get on a bus when I’ve paid for a train. There’s engineering on the lines every weekend.

Luis Osborne, Bexhill-on-Sea

Bring back British Rail.

Ned Lane-Barry, Leeds

The success of the East Coast Line clearly demonstrates how much better the railways are in public ownership.

Caroline Pickering, Northallerton

I’ve been using the railway for 14 years. Over the past four years my weekly ticket has gone from £104 to £129. All we see is these private companies making extortionate profits.

Ryan Virgo, Oxford

Working hard to make the stations look ‘pretty’ whilst service gets worse.

Alina Popa, Reading

Re-nationalise now.

Alan Brown, Basingstoke

How many directors and shareholders are taking a cut out of the present arrangements?

Leslie Barrett, Rugby

Public ownership for public transport.

Richard Le Corney, Nottingham

As an artist and member of Equity, we often have to travel at short notice. Our current rail system does not work for me. It’s expensive and unreliable.

Edward Currie, London

I believe that without the involvement of private companies the railways would have little investment. I do believe in a national passenger operator (but just that).

Bertie Shaw, Deal

If the East Coast mainline can be run at a profit by the public sector, so can the rest of the network.

Michael Woodward, Nottingham

We need a unified rail system where one, public, not-for-profit owner manages the whole system – i.e. trains, track signalling, scheduling etc.

John Yarnell, Nottingham

Perhaps we shall see some sense when the Cons and the Labour join forces.

Jim Read, Chesterfield

The system we have at the moment is not working and is not very good!

Tom Tyler, Kent

We have to put up with some of the world’s most expensive train fares. Why?

Peter Rivet, Lancaster

Three painful words – Govia ThamesLink Railway.

Thomas Broome, Hayward’s Heath

The privatisation has been a sham and a travesty.

Colin Ives, Wigan

It should be a service, not a cash cow for shareholders.

Patricia Crow, Jarrow

This is extremely important, not only for our economy, but for the people who live in this country. People are unable to see each other due to high travel fares.

Alessandro Marini, Glasgow

Essentials like travel and public services and utilities should be run by us, for us.

Carole Williamson, Durham

Let’s have our National Transport System not for profit.

Graeme Dawes, Uckfield