Privatisation is theft.

Jason Whattam, Launceston

Yes, take it all back, but don’t spoil it by outlandish claims when we do.

David Elford Johnson, Telford

If we don’t stick together the fat cats will get fatter. Act now.

Margaret Kearns, Ashton-under-Lyne

Bring back nationalised rail, please.

Thomas Knowler, Tunbridge Wells

I am more than sick of this madly priced rail system. I travel in Europe by train often and the fares are reasonable.

Jason Kalidas, London

The reason why the railways were privatised was because they were poorly managed.

David Marsh, London

In a truly civilized, wise society, things like railways and our electricity/gas provision, should be run by the people for the people.

John Rochford, Middlewich

The railways are a vital public service that should be owned by the people and be run for the people.

John Shuker, Carlisle

No system is perfect, but lining the pockets of big business with public money, while enjoying an expensive and inferior service, is the worst of all worlds.

Jane Ayres, New Mills

Our trains could be a force for green, accessible, fairly-priced travel, rather than solely an extortionate money-making operation for uncaring corporations.

Mark Edward, Leicester

We would have a better and cheaper railway if it was re-nationalised.

Fran Waight, Hertford

Privatised rail is massively subsidised by the taxpayer and bailed out when it fails. All the while funds are siphoned off to shareholders. Nationalised privatisation?

G Pike, London

We support you 100%. In Bulgaria government wants to sell our railways too and systematically to ruin our Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ).

Relsov Obshtestven, Sofia, Bulgaria

Take rail transport out of the hands of profiteers and banks.

Martin Griffiths, Fraserburgh

Privatisation has failed miserably. It’s time for the public to own public services again.

Will Graham, London

Rail privatisation was a hurried, botched disaster. Costly for the UK taxpayer and has brought no real long-lasting benefit. Bring it back under our control..

Richard Edwards, Cirencester

It should never have been disbanded. It’s time to bring it back.

Gary Clarke, March

Re-nationalise the railways now and plan for a long term investment in the most sustainable form of transport.

Gerry Mooney, Paisley

Re-nationalise our railways so we can once again be a united power on the rails.

Karen Fairhurst, Manchester

It should be a transport system, not a profit organisation for a few cowboy bus operators.

Gary Sell, Darlington

Expropriate the train robbers.

M Murphy, Scunthorpe

Fares are confusing, expensive and don’t make sense. Trains are crowded, unsafe, and unhygienic. Things need to be changed. We need an affordable and safer railway.

L. Grad, Manchester

Aside from GNER, Anglia Railways and Chiltern, privatisation has done nothing for the discerning passenger.

Benjamin Denton-Cardew, Ipswich

Keep up the good work.

Anthony Farrell, London

Bring back BR and stop funding other countries’ state-run railways.

Chris Honeyman, Chelmsford

This alleged privatisation has been costing British tax-payers far too much and provided nothing for us. Seize the so-called rail companies’ assets and re-nationalise.

Tom Halpin, Aberystwyth

Bring back British Rail. A unified railway is a good railway.

Jason Warner, Raunds

I’ve reached the end of the rail with Southeastern. We need a return to a service run for passengers not for profit.

Louise Butcher, Kent

I have always loved travelling by train, as, when I was a child, my father was a guard.

Angela Lloyd, Newport