Why are our train operating companies now owned by bus companies and French and German state railways – not our Government?

Kirk Martin, London

Not tomorrow – now.

Dennis Lane, Middlesbrough

Privatisation – lining shareholder’s pockets since 1995.

Gail Bishop, Caterham

Take back our railways. They’re ours…

Margaret Kerr, Wirral

The current service is expensive, unfriendly and wasteful.

Ian McCall, Llanidloes

For an affordable and integrated public transport network.

Caroline Schmutz, London

British Rail should never have been privatised in the first place. Let’s get it back and then set to getting the Royal Mail back too.

Lynne Finn, London

Privatisation has failed. Any monopolistic system with so many interfaces and profit being creamed off the top is just illogical.

Paul Clark, Southampton

Rail transport and its infrastructure should be nationally-owned and run in a cost-effective way, not making profit for shareholders.

Gillian Morgan, Doncaster

I’m fed up with profits going before passenger service and think the railways should be renationalised.

Debbie Richens, London

The rail system in the UK is one of the worst in the world. It’s very expensive, never on time and with price rises above inflation year after year. It has got to stop.

Mary Abbott, Portsmouth

Private railways are an expensive scam.

Nicholas Figgis, London

Keep up the good work.

Anthony Farrell, London

I hate Virgin and First.

Rowan Crawshaw, Caernarfon

This privatisation experiment has failed. The East Coast Line ran at a vast profit when in government hands but not when previously run privately. It’s time for British Rail.

Richard King, Bristol

There is enough evidence that re-nationalising the railways would work, so stop the waste of re-franchising our railways.

Mark Parkes, Birmingham

This current rail system has gone to pot and is very expensive. Bring back BR now.

Graham Potter, Stevenage

It must happen now.

Mark Tibbutt, Worcester

It’s disgusting that it costs more to travel by train than plane than in nearly every other country in the world, while getting such poor service.

Cliff Askey, London

The infrastructure is owned by the government and the promised private investment has failed to materialise. Competition has failed to keep prices down.

Robert Jump, Colne

We only have the current situation because of the Thatcherite obsession with private enterprise for all things.

Alan Freeman, Leeds

Bring back British Rail.

Ned Lane-Barry, Leeds

It’s great that we finally have a forum to help put an end to this crazy state of affairs that is rail privatisation.

Stephen Millership, Stockport

Stop privatising the railways.

Liz O’Brien, London

Considering the public already subsidises the rail network 3-4 billion a year, yet fares continue to rise. The entire rail network should be standardised to public good.

Ethan Radford, Nottingham

The highest fares in Europe, and the money goes to profit not improvements. Re-nationalise now.

Rebecca Roseff, Colwall

Bring the rail system back to the people. Make it fairly priced so that low income people can travel too. Ban HS2 and concentrate on the people that matter.

Carole Hadley, Cornwall

Public transport is a public service and should be run as such, not for profit.

Eileen Dale, York

Let’s bring to an end the privatised fiasco that provides the worst service for the highest fares in Europe.

Keith Bryant, Sandown

Blow Major!

Terence Broad, London