A terrible idea to privatise in the first place. Please re-nationalise for the sake of the British people.

Christian Chess, Chippenham

This is unfortunately all I’ve known (as a 27 year old). I cannot fathom how it could be more difficult than it is in this situation if it was nationalised.

Zac Duncan, London

Working for a heritage railway I see why people want those trains and services back.

Cameron Abbotts, Rochester

The sooner the better.

Graham Chadwick, Littleborough

Travel by rail is overly expensive, complicated, frustrating. The service is poor – trains are late on a daily basis – trains are dirty with toilets frequently overflowing.

Caroline Winn

I applaud your efforts, but this can only happen with a socialist government.

Michael Bennett, Berwick-upon-Tweed

East Coast making a profit? Enough said really.

Dave Bushell, Hawkhurst

Despite massive investment our line still runs British Rail trains, built at public expense (313, 317). But at least the stations have hanging baskets now.

Chris Jones, Letchworth

Privatisation of the rail service has been a disaster: overcrowded, unreliable, expensive. End this folly now.

Mark Nicmanis, Cambridge

The system at present, with so many companies, is too complicated, particularly when planning a cross country route. Fares are complicated and expensive. No one seems accountable.

Carl Spurling, Frodsham

An affordable and reliable service, not for private profit.

Ruth Bennett, London

Hoorah and about time. Stop privatisation and greedy, profit-hungry shareholders and re-nationalise everything again.

Julie Sinclair, Nottingham

St Albans passengers never get a morning seat to London.

Denise Murphy, St Albans

Why don’t any of the politicians have the courage to do it? It’s so obvious.

Geof Branch, London

Cost of 4 weekly oyster cards zone 1-9 is £320+. My rent with all bills included is £470. Travel costs are a disgrace.

Nigel Filer, Watford

Privatisation has been a disaster for the public services and the culture that it has encouraged has lead to a cheapening of every aspect of our public life.

Michael Fearn, Camborne

Let’s show some courage and invest in public transport.

Christopher White, Bristol

Give the railways back to the public. Private ownership doesn’t work. It’s not a new idea and it can be done with next to no cost. What are they playing at?

Naomi Brown, Southampton

Everyone, including those in high places, knows it’s the right thing to do.

Margaret Croson, Rutland

Railway workers and users together to fight for our interests.

Steve Revins, Birmingham

The experience of the East Coast line says it all. More profitable, more customer-focused, less about profit.

Jo Lawson, Nottingham

Nice advert on the back of Private Eye.

Thomas Meyrick, Dorset

Rail travel should be affordable to all and fares should be at a level to encourage people to abandon their cars and take the train. For the sake of the planet, please.

Christine Gunby, Sheffield

Why privatise profits? East Coast mainline proves the point.

Mark Gough, Wakefield

Please bring it back to the people for the people, rather than for private profit. It’s not worked and never will work. We demand redress and an affordable price structure.

Kelvin Hanratty, Salford

One boss, one set of rules and strategy.

Paul Foster, Hartlepool

We are paying more in subsidies to the private companies than we were under the old British Rail. This makes no sense as privatisation was supposed to stop subsidies.

Paul Rowan, London

Privatisation has channelled public funds into private hands and left us with one of the most expensive and least efficient railways. We must renationalise now.

William Quick, Bristol

Government is subsidising railways more now than with BR and that money keeps shareholders happy. Stupid.

Margaret Whitehead, Northallerton

I’m a former rail commuter but I still want to see the return to a nationalised rail industry.

Neil Sheehan, Merseyside