The only part that has been privatised is the profit.

Jim Hamilton, Rowley Regis

The price of train tickets these days is ridiculous. I am a very regular traveller and it costs me far more than I should have to pay for the distance I’m going. BBBR.

Jess Golden, Bournemouth

I’m sick and tired of the Great British Rail-fair robbery.

Andrew Clark, Newton Abbot

A disastrous policy implemented for reasons of dogma. Our country needs a proper transport system, not a way of enriching private investors at our expense.

Michal Benzinski, Stroud

Our railways have become inefficient and disgustingly expensive.

Finn Croker, Hurst Green

It makes sense, pays money back into the exchequer and costs less to rail users.

Marc Scheimann, Luton

Just the ticket.

Iain Bowley, Northwich

The rail system is fine if you’re just going from A to B. If you’re going to C and need to change at D, and the second leg is with a different company – good luck with that!

Colin Partington, Wirral

East Coast is publicly owned, well-run and makes money for us – the public. Let’s see the rest of the network follow suit.

Carole Price, Hexham

It’s a no-brainer – as the Americans say. Why should companies who are subsidised by us make huge profits from us?

David Oney, Rhyl

Privatisation benefits nobody except the fat cat bosses.

Cecil Richardson, Nottingham

ALL public services should be in public hands.

Edward May, Milton Keynes

East Coast is doing really well. Let’s keep it publicly run and integrate the whole network too.

Anne Ackroyd, Peterborough

Bring back British Rail.

Mitch Harrison, Bolton

They should never have been privatised in the first place.

Giovanna Vettese, London

I just hope that the politicians accept that the current system would improve if it was just one company with proper accountability. Gas, electricity and water are the same.

Martin Rowlands, Widnes

How much longer do we have to put up with paying disgusting fares for rubbish, sub-standard service?

Robert Grant, London

Thanks for sending me stickers. Good luck.

Hatim Abou, Morocco

Certain things in our society are done best where the ethos of ‘public service’ is paramount, not first making profit so we need to think back to the British Rail of late 80’s.

Stuart Elms, Worthing

Bring back British Rail.

Paul English, Eastbourne

Bring the ownership of British Railways into the hands of the people.

Samuel Moini, Milton Keynes

I do not use railways any more. Why should single fares cost nearly as much as returns?

Helga Baggs, Old Buckenham

British Rail should be state-owned and not privately owned.

Ross Kirkland, Edinburgh

What has happened with the East Coast main line proves privatisation is not progress.

David Simm, Warrington

No to private ownership.

Thomas Lynch, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Bring BR back. It should be in the nation’s hands, not fat cats’.

Paul Greenwood, Durham

Compared to other countries our current situation is ludicrous. The railway should be for the benefit of the people not for the benefit of the corporations.

Sarah Macdonald, Melbourne

The East Coast mainline in public hands has needed less subsidy, increased efficiency and returned money to the Treasury. Government response? Re-privatise. Madness.

Kane Clements, Exeter

It’s better not to use wording like “re-nationalise”. Include all utilities and bus companies. Make sure the latter run services co-ordinated with the rail system.

William Houston, Grange-over-Sands