Reopen as many of the stations as possible closed by the Beeching review. Glastonbury has no station. Neither does Wells or Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

Simon Ford, Glastonbury

Please re-unify the rail network.

Carol Cook, Leeds

Railways, gas, water and power are strategic assets. Why does the government think is a good idea to sell to private companies? They’re idiots.

Linda Steers, Milton Keynes

Yet another delayed journey on a network unfit for purpose because it is run for private profit.

Alan Masson, Dunbar

I can’t believe people think these companies want to put money into the system. They all want to take it out and that’s Tory policy.

Bob Hawkes, Romford

It can’t happen soon enough.

John Rolfe, London

Rail privatisation has been a spectacular failure, benefiting neither passengers nor taxpayers.

Simon Lowe, Glasgow

Privatised rail has only resulted in complicated and highly expensive services.

Anita Maunsell, Newark

Listen to the people.

Michael Perre, Paddington

Enough is enough. The rail infrastructure in this country is beyond terrible. It’s expensive, embarrassingly bad and the companies are without culpability.

Andy Travis, London

Give it back to the public.

Annie Niner, Leyton

Privatisation has not worked. Public subsidies have tripled, fares are much more expensive and investment levels inadequate. It’s not what we were promised at privatisation.

David Herbert, Sunderland

This makes sense.

Rose Burn-Murdoch, Loanhead

Why doesn’t the government learn by their mistakes? Outsourcing does not always work. It’s all about the shareholders wanting big payouts. It’s time to say no more.

Yvonne Weaver, Dagenham

I’m tried and fed up of having to pay money to stand up and get crushed against a door or seat. The British Rail Network is on the bring of collapse, we need our rail back

Matthew Wright, Southampton

East Coast line has proved that a state-run railway can succeed and make money, so let’s keep it nationalised and extend railway nationalisation.

Margaret Hunt, Doncaster

If we’re going to subsidise it anyway, I don’t want my taxes going into the pockets of shareholders.

Chris Bright, London

Northern Rail – what a rip off.

Anthony Webster, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

It costs almost £150 to get from Manchester to see family in Devon. It’s cheaper to fly to Paris. What a joke.

Sam Wahnon, Manchester

This country desperately needs a unified, streamlined, better value and better service railway.

Nick Pope, London

I’m an ex-Saltley guard. This infrastructure that’s losing a battle is ludicrous. Bring back British Rail.

Tony Sandland, Birmingham

Fares get absurd as commuters are ever more crushed for space and reliability gets ever worse.

Brian Keeping, London

Public transport is for the public good not for private profit.

Michael Ellis, Honiton

Transportation is a public good that must not be a source for private rents. It’s silly to privatise the road system, equally so rail.

William A Edmundson, Atlanta, USA

Half empty first class seats, standing only on certain routes with above inflation ticket prices. Compare East Coast financial figures with franchises. No contest.

Danny Kearney, London

It’s not just the railways that need to be brought back into public ownership, but that’ll do for a start.

Andrew Pettigrew, Sheffield

I actually use the train more in Holland than the UK. It is terrible to think that the Dutch trains are so efficient because they are subsidised by their running UK trains.

Stuart Thomson, Glasgow

We’ve given up Empire, we’ve given away the Navy. We’ve given away the gold.

Sebastian Sandys, London

This is the only country I know where you can’t travel at weekends without hassle and where you can get fined for travelling with the ticket you bought in good faith.

Angela Briggs, London

Bring it, Bring it, Bring it back to me.

Mark Parr, Newhaven