Possibly the greatest example of a failed privatisation.

Derek Carter, Sunderland

They should never have been privatised in the first place. But beware of legislation that would globally prevent this.

Mel Thomas, Blaenau Ffestiniog

Return the railways to the people. Five regions served by real railwaymen. Now they stuff trains in silly liveries.

Alan Smith, Rushden

Get rid of the layers of parasites.

Tony Nicholson, Southampton

Thank you so much for setting up this website, and trying to do something about the expensive mess that is today’s rail system in Britain. I will support you all the way.

Jon Cotton, Sheffield

Yes, bring back railways into public ownership. If East Coast can do it then nationally we can.

Chris Newsam, Malton

The selling off of British Rail was a cynical disaster on a par with Beeching’s disastrous decimation of our rail network in the Sixties.

Glyn Morrow, York

Hoorah and about time. Stop privatisation and greedy, profit-hungry shareholders and re-nationalise everything again.

Julie Sinclair, Nottingham

£34.90 every day and still no seat – how can that be right?

Paul Miles, Crawley

Not before time.

Martin Cornish, London

Run for the benefit if the people not a few shareholders.

David Mullin, Preston

I’ve recently used East Coast train service to Newcastle. It was on time, well early. Keep it in public ownership where all trains should be.

Jennifer Hunter, Norwich

Privatisation sells the UK by the pound. Virtually all sales have been made under Tory governments. They’ve all but sold the NHS now.

Bernadette Potts, Manchester

We’re not getting value for money. The rolling stock is ageing and decrepit.

Trevor Payling, Mexborough

It makes sense unlike a certain political party.

David Clarke, Nottingham

Bring back British Rail and sort out this ludicrous mess. Is there anywhere else in the world where ticket prices for the same journey change from day to day?

Les Hughes, Wakefield

British Rail was better run than all the private rail companies put together. I should know – I have been travelling on them for more than 60 years.

Alan Spicer, Bodmin

My partner works for a railway company. I travel by train a lot. We both know from experience why we need our railways back in public hands.

Kay Green, Hastings

I remember when rail travel was on time, reliable and, above all, affordable. Bring those times back.

Albert Lord, Doncaster

It is completely immoral when huge profits for shareholders are made at the expense of the public. This government should be sacked for re-privatising East Coast Trains.

John Seymour, Tadcaster

And when we have re-nationalised the railways, next will be energy and power.

Dennis Hunter, London

Rail is a necessary public service and should belong to the public.

Kaotuka Raaman, Sidcup

Nationalise more of the country. We all live here, not just the rich.

Joe Cairns – Doran, Brighton

No more price hikes. It’s beyond a joke. The silent, complicit masses need to say “No more”.

Matt Dearmer, Hitchin

The rail services in Britain are an absolute embarrassment! No other first world country has a rail service this poor.

David Toward, Newcastle

At least transport and the NHS should be re-nationalised.

Linda Ferguson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Please. I can’t get a job and it’s too expensive to use the trains.

Stuart Partlett

I totally agree with the cause. Some services should not be for profit. In my experience private does not always equate to efficiency.

Trevor Millington, Leeds

Thatcher and Major sold off the country’s assets and it’s time to get them back.

Barry Hague, Derby