Private railway companies have over-inflated prices for far too long. We need to try something else.

Darren Skeet, Pitsea

Re-nationalise British Rail and the NHS, Post Office and do not privatise the probation service.

Helen Thompson, London

Re-regulate buses as well. Cross-subsidise socially necessary routes instead of funding millionaires.

John McCarthy, Manchester

All national infrastructure and any business too big to fail must be owned by the nation and run for the benefit of its citizens.

Richard Gillett, Sheffield

I support the idea of keeping railways in public ownership. Too much profit is taken out by shareholders and not kept in the rail industry for future improvements.

Bill Tymms, Leeds

Rail fares are massively overpriced because the primary concern is to pay more and more dividends to shareholders and executives.

Steve Soar, Birkenhead

I don’t see why it was ever privatised in the first place. It only lead to higher prices and a poorer service. The government’s purse hasn’t even benefitted.

James Robinson, Windsor

Transport is too important to this country to leave it to a market which cannot operate proper competition as, by definition, most routes are going to be a monopoly.

Sarah Walton, Leeds

Privatisation has not improved services but has increased ticket prices and increased the wealth gap in the population.

Shahram Parvin, London

Everyone realises privatisation was a mistake. They just need to nudge back to British Rail.

Jane Wallace, Norwich

Other countries have not privatised their rail networks and they work better and the fares are cheaper.

Marian Standen, Leeds

Under this regime there isn’t any real competition. Let the train companies have to maintain their own permanent way etc. Profits?

Tony Hagon, Wick

Privatisation of our railways led to a big increase in rail fares and large profits for shareholders. The government still put cash into our railways for shareholders profit.

Derek Tingle, Sheffield

Standing in Virgin train on a impinged knee injury and blistered feet from a charity hike at in the Lake District. £107 to stand for 3-4hrs! Terrible service.

Melonie Gouldbourne, London

C2C commuter, crowded expensive rubbish.

Luke Bristow, Basildon

Yes Ed, be bold and re-nationalise the railways. Also ban fracking while you’re about it.

Lynn Bates, Carlisle

Although it was by no means perfect as BR, it was a whole lot better than now. Employ real railway people at the top too, not business Muppets who don’t understand.

Kaeren Daunt-Jones, Rochester

Re-nationalise all the utilities that Thatcher destroyed with her selfish aims.

Vivian Williams, Blaenau Ffestiniog

I work in the rail industry and I am sure what I have been told was that it was so much better under British Rail.

Harvey Jackson Booth, Huddersfield

British Rail was cheaper and was more efficient.

David Kernohan, Avon

Privatisation has not worked for taxpayers, passengers or rail staff. Put it right.

Shelley Black, Bradford

We’ve tried global privatisation – look where it got us. Let’s return to publicly-owned local and national services run for the public good.

Jacqui Lewis, Hook

Please bring back sanity to our rail system.

Lorna Jarman, Beaconsfield

It’s a long time coming.

Robert Bailey, Bristol

The railways must return to public ownership as soon as possible. Services to the south west are embarrassing. First Great Western are being offered incentives to continue. Why?

Mike Rumney, Paignton

Public services not for profit.

Darren Balshaw, Potters Bar

Privatisation is just a massive smash and grab raid on the state and it must be stopped by re-nationalisation.

Christine Owen, Sheffield

Private train service is an abomination.

Daniel Cocker, Manchester

It makes sense unlike a certain political party.

David Clarke, Nottingham

I am a regular rail traveller, not just on one network. The lack of a cohesive policy and co-operation between the different companies is shameful.

Jonathan Burton, Scarborough