All energy, all transport and all water in this country should be as in most of the rest of the world – owned by its people.

Gordon Nash, Arlesey.

I’m fed up with being half an hour late every day. The Southern main line needs massive investment. SWT have made it clear they won’t do it. Maybe BR would.

Simon Wragg, Brockenhurst

We are paying for it anyway so let’s have it back.

Mark Westendorp, Lyme Regis

I can hear my two great grandfathers, grandfather and great uncle (all dedicated railway men) turning in their graves – they took such pride in their work.

Peggy Clatworthy, Gloucester

Given the funding it works. Why should shareholders cream off profits?

Mike Taylor, York

Privatisation of the railways has completely failed the nation.

Ian Shaw, Brighton

Bring back British Rail. Privatisation isn’t working.

John Marskman, Manchester

Privatisation seems to be the default position of Tory policy. The services are never better run, but at least the select few can benefit.

Terence Sythes, Milton Keynes

The East Coast Line before privatisation was excellent. I would like it to return to those standards.

Stephen White, Darlington

Nationalisation is what the rail system needs.

Isaac Reid-Guest, Birmingham

For the sake for of the environment, and because the railways should be a service not a money machine.

Julie Wilkinson, Stockport

Bring it back.

Jim Love, Middlesbrough

We need to do something because soon Kent to Manchester will cost over

Steve King, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Rail privatisation has caused me huge problems over the past sixteen years, primarily because the companies refuse to co-operate with each other over problems.

David Lockwood, Worcester

£4,116 for an annual season ticket to work – 20% of my income. What for? Slow trains, sitting on the floor and heated carriages in the summer. BBBR I say!

Will Benton, Godalming

It’s impossible to get a seat on the train in the morning to work and they’re overpriced and dirty..

Phil Miller, Manchester

After living in France and Italy and Germany and using the rail networks there, I fully support the re-nationalisation of our rail network. Our system is a farce.

Paul Barrow, Brighton

Sack Southern and Claire Perry.

Nicola Laing, Haywards Heath

British Rail was safer. The rail system we have now is dangerous.

David Butcher, Carlisle

Fare increases every year for an increasingly diminished and unreliable service. Privatised companies have had zero accountability for too long.

Ersan Hakki, London

Just the ticket.

Iain Bowley, Northwich

You should never privatise public services.

Trevor Smith

I wholeheartedly agree with your aims. Ex-British Rail employee, took voluntary redundancy in disgust after privatisation. RIP Bob Crow and John Green.

Stephen Williams, Ashford, Kent

Transport should be easy, effective and as cheap as feasible. How else do you clear the roads of pollution and chaos?

Andrew McKay, Downham Market

I agree with Jeremy Corbyn. British Rail.

Derek Richardson, South Queensferry

It would be great to also see improvements to rolling stock used on regional services like here on the Carlisle to Newcastle line.

Mike Domingue, Hexham

If I want to travel to London (36 minutes away) It costs me £36. £1 per minute, that’s crazy.

Andy Ruffell, Ashford