The French rail system is excellent, affordable, efficient.

Paul Forrest, Bourganeuf, France

Under no circumstances should it cost more to travel to Scotland by train than it costs to be catapulted there in 600mph jet-powered tube. Please sort this out.

Charlie Bartlett, Colchester

Shame on the Labour Party for their failure to re-nationalise.

Allan Mackenzie, Inverness

An efficient rail service can only be run for its users, not its shareholders.

Dilys Hartland, Inverness

The privatisation was a mistake in the first place. Railways are for people, not investors.

David Solomons, Sale

Surely there’s no-one who regularly uses the trains who thinks that the pricing is fair.

Leo Nikolaidis, Bristol

Profiteering, money before service, disgraceful lies and deceit. It’s time for a change. Escape Tory and Labour lies.

Terry McKeown, Leeds

I think that re-nationalising should be part of any agreement to build the new high speed rail line.

Hilary Strong, Emsworth

The East Coast line has shown the way. It is time for politicians to listen and think again.

Dennis Brickles, Harrogate

I have worked in the rail industry and seen first hand how privatisation and greed has corrupted the industry and the quality of service.

Caroline Joyce, London

An efficient and affordable train service is vital for the economic well-being of the country.

Nicholas Burman-Vince, London

Bring back British Rail.

Ieuan Berry, Newport

Stop the fat cats and bring back a national rail service which would be safer and modern.

Paul Oliver, Mexborough

Our rail service is off the rails! The billions earmarked for the costly and environmentally destructive HS2 should be redirected into improving our current rundown system.

Faith Hope Charity, Manchester

The parcelling out of essential services to the private sector should have never been allowed in the first place. The shareholder has one thing and one thing only – profit.

Godfrey Nyandoro, Leeds

Social ownership, run by the people for the people now.

Roy Cogo, Sutton

Bring back BR.

Don Kearney, Sussex

I worked for the railways for fifteen years and I left in 1993 as privatisation was coming in. I now cannot afford to travel by train.

Ria Jones

Sell off a public service, pay the owners to keep it running, let them have bonuses from the till while not carrying out maintenance work for years, Oh, and up the fares.

Tula Maxted, Swanley

Re-nationalise the railways.

David Buckle, Cornhill-on-Tweed

Please bring back British Rail.

Julian Bebb, Taunton

Selling British Rail was the worst thing John Major’s government did. Vandalism! The East Coast mainline shows public ownership can work when the right people run it.

Ian Hardy, Cambridge

Not one day goes past without a message on car radio listing rail delays.

Mike Noble, Sunderland

Yes. Privatising was a big expensive mistake.

David Kemball-Cook, St. Albans

It should never have been privatised in the first place. The Conservative government stole it from the nation and we want it back.

Anne Booth, Huddersfield

Critical infra-structure like railways should be owned by the public as in many European countries.

Barry Graham, York

I fully agree, the government needs to stop creating private profit on everything. The railways are there to support the economy, not necessarily directly create the profit.

Steve O’Connell, Farnborough

British Rail was always a more efficient, safer rail system when nationalised.

Leslie Crawford, Liverpool

I believe that all public transport, electricity, gas, and water should be re-nationalised for the benefit of the consumers.

David Frost, Sunderland.