It’s time the Labour Party made it a manifesto pledge.

Atkins Andy, Leeds

This should be run for the people and not for profit.

Ant Veal, Teignmouth

I believe all major infrastructure should be nationalised, so that it is controlled by government, thereby giving the voters ultimate control, not fat cats.

Steve Blackwell, Nottingham

It needs doing now. Re-nationalise the lot.

Ben Huggins, Exeter

For the love of God, get our social infrastructure away from these foul spivs! No more privatisation of anything, you avaricious bastards!

Elizabeth Rogerson, Glasgow

Leaves were never a problem for British Rail. It should never have been made a run-for-profit organisation.

Dee Hurlock

They should never have been privatised in the first place, as this is a true public monopoly.

Gilbert Fisher, Kilmarnock

Rip-off Britain. See it by rail, if only you could afford to.

Alan Rimmer, Fleetwood

Most other European countries have nationalised rail services which function far better than ours.

Neville Mosey, Leeds

Re-nationalisation could be designed to benefit passengers, workers and small/medium size companies as well through fair non-cartel competition. Fewer lazy fat cats.

Steve Goddard, Crawley

We need a proper railway service, not the one we have at the moment.

Steve Lawlor, Purley

It’s about time taxpayers stopped subsidising railways so private firms take profits. East Coast rail has proved that public ownership equals profit for taxpayers.

Michael Thompson, Doncaster

My father worked for British Rail from 1947 until 1958 when he was made redundant due to privatisation. He was devastated.

Joan How, Luton

We need an integrated rail service, not one with competing companies resulting in difficulties in organising journeys and crazy pricing structures.

Peter Clegg, Sheffield

For many reasons, public safety being one of them, the trains should come back to their rightful home – the public sector.

Hayley Lynch, Luton

Bring it back asap British Rail.

Parham Azima, London

Yes. British Rail for ever.

Lorenz Fritschi, Rennes, France

I am a former porter on BR in 1949-50. I would like the railways back in public ownership.

Dennis Warwick, Burley-in-Wharfedale

East Coast trains have shown the way. It’s no good saying if it was privatised it would do better. It was tried twice and failed twice. Let’s bring all the network back.

John Spokes, Luton

The service is Dickensian and all about profit, not about the quality of service. We the general public are held to ransom by giving Southern Rail another renewed franchise

Angus G Bennison, Snodland

Give us back our National Rail.

Ellie Gibbs, Knaresborough

It is high time we reclaimed the railways which should be a public service. Public money should never be paid to supplement private sector profits, as is being done now.

Guru Krishnamurthy, London

Keep the fare prices down and the public services in public control.

Freddie Gould, London

My father, my granddad, my uncle, my ex-partner all worked on BR. How it has been run and maintained the past few years has been of great concern to me.

Sharon Roberts, Colchester

Give us back the good old days.

Dorothy Braithwaite, Blackburn

I loved British Rail as a tourist. I miss it.

Nea McKeon, Albuquerque, USA

East Coast is handing back millions to the government. Keep it as Directly Operated Railways and do the same for the rest.

Tony Ethridge, Bridgwater

Rail profits back to the people.

Patricia Burn, Manchester

It’s better not to use wording like “re-nationalise”. Include all utilities and bus companies. Make sure the latter run services co-ordinated with the rail system.

William Houston, Grange-over-Sands