If BR had been given the subsidies that are being given to private companies we could have had the best railway in the World.

Arthur Crawford, Edinburgh

147% on every pound they put into their business.

Peter Pearse, Cambridge

We need a nationalised railway because being able to travel easily around the country for work and leisure is a necessity that ordinary people are being priced out of.

Julie Brownlie, Dawlish

Privatising railways was a politically inspired experiment with a clear negative outcome. Britain’s railways are over-expensive, under-co-ordinated and inefficient.

Arnold Zermansky, Leeds

Governments in other countries recognise the value of public ownership of railways. The Labour Party should make it their policy.

Cheryl Jones, Sheffield

No more profiteering. Don’t hand private companies a monopoly.

Matthew Tiller, London

The railways should be owned as being part of the country’s infrastructure.

Christopher Quinn, Dunstable

Same as always – prices are too high, fluctuate too widely and the time-tabling is massively confusing.

Stephen Abel, Leeds

Privatisation was never going to succeed. It failed as a privatised industry when first created and it will fail again.

Robert Bergh, Ipswich

Privatisation has brought little investment, higher-than-ever fares, awful customer service and long delays/cuts. All were supposed to be fixed by privatisation…

Edward Callow, Bristol

It should be publicly owned.

Russell Wilson, Derby

I have been using rail in the UK for thirty years and it has gone downhill rapidly since privatisation.

Euan Rafferty, Leamington Spa

We could even bring back the connecting service.

Peter Wilton, Maidenhead

The public is paying for it so it ought to be owned by them.

Robert Head, Aylesbury

This needs doing.

K Badlan, Ludlow

I am in total agreement with you.

Ian Carruthers, Bolton

Privatisation has been an expensive disaster. Re-nationalise.

Gill Page, Bedale

British is best.

Ann Barnes, York

Please bring back our BR. It was Richard Branson who destroyed it by introducing Virgin Trains with buying off parts of BR.

Janus Polenceusz, London

The present system is completely unacceptable.

Chris Bhamra, Sheffield

Nationalise the rail network.

John Greig, Edinburgh

British Rail, though cash-starved, was actually very efficient. Rail costs after privatisation are running at 20% above inflation.

Chris Jones, Letchworth

The railways can be managed much more efficiently in the public sector. We need an integrated system.

Anne Bundock, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

As well as rail, nationalise the bus and bring back the National Bus Company. Our infrastructure will then improve and we the people will be able to travel for work and leisure.

Paul Riches, Paignton

Privatisation of the railways was a huge mistake. They should be in public hands.

Mike Macneil, Newport, Nova Scotia, Canada

Railways are too important to be left to private companies who are only out for profit. Our roads are at breaking point and we need a rail system with proper investment.

Michael Robbins, Norwich

A disastrous policy implemented for reasons of dogma. Our country needs a proper transport system, not a way of enriching private investors at our expense.

Michal Benzinski, Stroud

Bring British Rail back into public ownership, so we can have proper railway system again.

Michele Bateman, Wrexham

Public transport systems should not be there to make a profit. They are there for all of us, for the public, by the public.

Colin Bloomfield, Letchworth

Sending good wishes from across the pond for success in your fight for a British Rail run for people, not profit.

Nancy Neal