Please bring back British Rail.

Julian Bebb, Taunton

Give us a rail system we can afford to use, and one which runs on time.

Zelia Dickinson, Norwich

This alleged privatisation has been costing British tax-payers far too much and provided nothing for us. Seize the so-called rail companies’ assets and re-nationalise.

Tom Halpin, Aberystwyth

Hands off our railway. It is making a good profit. Stop selling off the crown jewels.

Jennifer Ware, York

It should never have been privatised in the first place.

James Nicholson, Camelford

Passengers and the Great British tax-paying public deserve better. Bring back British Rail.

Hayden Wright, Basildon

The privatisation of British Rail was supposed to benefit the customer. What a laugh. In fact, the new owners are laughing all their way to the bank. Re-nationalise.

John Homer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I’ve had a lot of my family all worked or work for the railway. Unfortunately my father and uncle were made redundant under the Thatcher years.

Clifford Alexander, Wickford

It’s easy to do by letting current franchises run out and not renewing them.

Keith Brighty, York

British Rail will see a return to regular, affordable, unified travel for all. It needs to be reformed. Privatisation allows companies to exploit passengers.

Aeron Linton, London

I can’t even afford to visit my friends in Woking, even though it’s such a short journey. These prices are obscene.

Hannah Davies, Basingstoke

We need our British rail – for all the people.

Mary Pipkin, Connah’s Quay

Privatisation only works for shareholders, not passengers. Bring back BR.

Maryvonne Lumley, London

Aspiration for passengers has deteriorated through privatisation and costs have risen. It’s a failure.

Anthony Hinds, Harrogate

Breaking up railways breaks up communications, so we’re isolated in the north. HS2 won’t make things any better for Barnsley either.

Kim Boon, Barnsley

In my trainspotting days it was British Railways. Why stop at Rail?

Bill Peter, Aberfeldy

Public transport, not private profit.

Stuart Pratley, Lewes

The money earned from an integrated system should be used to invest in government and the railways themselves instead of lining the pockets of shareholders.

Sven Hanson, Brighton

Our train network in England is a joke and needs reform.

Dan Mills, Essex

It ain’t working so let’s fix it.

Jeff Sacree, Bude

They should never have been privatised in the first place.

Thomas Edwin Eddleston, Oldham

If all else, I miss the lovely design.


We need to bring the railway back to the people who can make the track for the next generation… Bring back British Rail.

Joshua Outen, Milton Keynes

I always thought privatisation was stupid. Time has confirmed that viewpoint.

David Marriott, Exeter

All sold-off businesses should be re-nationalised.

Vic Bagshaw, Stockport

Public transport in public hands.

Cecilia Ballesteros, Hove

Keep up the good work.

Fergus Priest, East Linton

Lying thieves at the train operating companies, extorting enormous profits from taxpayers whilst running third world services. It is a scandal.

Thomas McAnea, London

Stop subsidising train operating companies and invest in an integrated rail system, not this disjointed farce.

Sharron Tootell, Penwortham

Why break something that was working so well?

Alison Oxley, Pickering