Southwest Trains are horrible.

Timi Horwell, London

This is extremely important and could also pave the way for a return to all the public services we used to take for granted.

Debbie Reed, Prudhoe

We need fairer fares and more job security for rail workers.

Gurmeet Singh, Leeds

Trains for the people.

Heather O’Hara, Blackpool

Privatisation is not working. This is a public service that should be non profit-making.

John Harrison, Rotherham

East Coast is making money and they want to sell it off. It may finish up in foreign hands with our money going abroad, We need a joined-up railway system.

Douglas Arnold, Washington

It’s about time something was done to stop this profiteering.

Chris Walker, Middlesbrough

The joke is on us and it’s time we said ‘enough is enough’.

James McAlpine, Inverness

Why should train profits go to overseas investors and not recycled into the system?

Ronald Donnelly, Burgess Hill

Public services are best. The railways need to be given back to the people who should own them, the people of this country, not those who just want to make money.

Sarah Markham, Flitwick

The service provided by Chiltern is woefully inadequate. Clearly not enough resources are allocated to developing infrastructure.

Clare Simmonds, Beaconsfield

Privatisation gives the weak quality of service, because it is focused on how to make the greatest profits. In London, public transport is far too expensive.

Radoslaw Lach, London

Re-nationalisation of our railway is the aim and let the people decide how it’s best run, from local to nationwide level.

Nick Dombkowski, Warminster

Keep up the good work.

Anthony Farrell, London

Modern infrastructure is vital to economic growth and cannot be left to short term aims of the private sector.

Win Gibson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

It’s time to return all our assets to the people – water, gas, electric too.

Kevin Madden, Birmingham

Privatisation of the railways is a sham so that shareholders can make millions. We should re-invest in re-opening closed lines and bring back a real service.

Chris Tugwell, Welling

I take the train every day. It is inefficient and overpriced.

Yasmin Chotai De Lima , Gravesend

British taxpayers and rail customers pay for rail services – but don’t get the service they need – and private companies and shareholders take the profits. It’s mad.

Sally Millar, Edinburgh

We need to re-establish fair prices for rail travel. Privatisation has simply enabled business greed to hike prices far beyond what is reasonable at the public’s expense.

Mark Kavanagh, Leeds

Hopefully, one day we might get back to one kind of National Rail provider, stopping all private investors milking our system.

Karen Christmas, York

Yes, National Railways – Dutch/Euro style.

Vicky Long, London

In the modern world, transport infrastructure is a vital resource and should be run as such.

Benjie Moss, Brighton

I’m dismayed and tired of standing.

Peter Marles, Leeds

Cut carbon emissions and subsidise rail travel now.

Steve Burns, Brighton

Value for passengers not profit for financiers.

Sydney Wilmshurst, Caterham

Every private railway has demonstrated their total inability to serve the nation. We cannot rely on the profiteering tendencies of private business.

Dave Kavanagh, Woking

Return public transport to a service for the public not just a money-making exercise for a few.

Barry Gibson, Dundee

I want to be treated as a respected customer. I feel I’m coerced, tricked and ripped off by the train franchise monopolies.

A Barton, Bath

I do not use railways any more. Why should single fares cost nearly as much as returns?

Helga Baggs, Old Buckenham