My uncle and grand-dad both worked as signalmen on British Rail – so in their memories I’m signing the petition. My uncle said privatisation was the worst thing that ever happened.

Mary Lennon, Manchester

Get it brought back under one controlling body.

Kimberley Walker

Stop raising fares. Stop subsidising fat cats.

Daniel Collett, Nottingham

Re-nationalise and lets have a rail system owned by the people for the people with the profits going to the government not private companies.

Joe Laughlin, Keighley

East Coast has out-performed all other rail service providers in recent years. A true indication that it should be government run for us and not for private owners.

Rod Galilee, Warkworth

It was more reliable, safer and more cost-efficient in public ownership.

Jeffrey Keight, Liverpool

What exactly does this country own? Answers on a postage stamp please, if you can afford one.

Irene Jones, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Re-nationalise the railways.

James Martin, Glasgow

I use East Coast trains which shows what state-owned trains can do for service and value for money. Let’s extend this to the rest of the network.

James Davies, Leeds

Southern Rail is a load of rubbish.

Liam Hall, Horley

For the people, not private profit.

Eirin Julie Ingebrigtsvoll, London

The privatisation of BR was a criminal destruction of a well-functioning railway system for the stupidest ideological reasons and has been a disaster for Britain.

Francis Nixon, Marton, New Zealand

Rail is growing and the privateers are ripping us off. If private industry is so good why do they target the public sector?

Paul Elmore, London

There should be subsidised or free rail travel for the unemployed and those on low incomes. I can’t even afford to go to London for a day to see the free museums.

Mark Morgan, Petersfield

In 15 years my rail fare has more than tripled from Faversham to London using a Senior Rail Card and not arriving in London before 10am.

Marika Sherwoood, Oare, near Faversham

Rail prices are extortionate.

Jen Roberts, Skelmersdale

For too long private rail companies have been getting away with massive price increases for an often shoddy service. I want to see the railways re-nationalised.

Helen O’Leary, Milford Haven

I’d like to nationalise everything. It works in Europe.

Wesley White

Privatisation and profit before passengers is wrong.

Melinda McCheyne, Christchurch

The Conservative government of John Major in 1992 did not have a mandate to privatise the railway. Tories are undemocratic.

David Macklin, Colchester

We want British Rail back.

Ryan Pengelly, Exeter

I think that these private companies like Southern are making money out of long-suffering passengers.

Monica Marchi, Brighton

I spent ten years working as a ticket inspector at Milton Keynes and the way the privatised railways are run are a joke.

Mick Walsh, Bristol

As soon as possible.

Shaun Lowthian, Liskeard

Currently we have the worst privatisation. The loss of British Rail started the robbery from the people to the powerful.

Ian Enters, Sheffield

It just makes sense.

Jackie Stevens, Coventry

Please explain to me how sucking profits from previously nationalised businesses make them work better? The lessons of 70s have been learned. Reunite trains with the tracks.

Kevan Ogden, Chester-le-Street

Common sense.

Adrian Walker, Lancaster

There are a few things I believe should not be subject to market forces, shareholder interests etc.

Nick Packer, Glasgow