If the primary aim of private companies is profit for shareholders, think how much we could invest in rail infrastructure if these were taken out of the equation.

Pete Rose, Bristol

The East Coast line has shown the way. It is time for politicians to listen and think again.

Dennis Brickles, Harrogate

The rash of privatisations which started in the 1980s has impoverished many people and failed to deliver good, or even adequate, services for all.

Margaret Green, Glasgow

British rail should be British Rail.

Jennifer Andrew, Bicester

Reduce fares and stop taxpayers and passengers lining the pockets of the owners of train operating companies.

Ewart Fitzgerald, Sittingbourne

This debacle has been going on for too long, let’s make a change.

A J Allan, East Lothian

It is high time.

Nigel Rush, Llanelli

There are certain services that should be run on a not-for-profit basis because people rely on them, e.g. water, gas, electricity and transport.

Frank Smith, West Bromwich

I want a rail service that I can afford to use please.

Simon Canfer, Swindon

Anything would be an improvement and one single operation would make booking easier. People not profits should be the top priority for such services.

Ann Scott, Birmingham

God protect us. Have you ever tried to buy a ticket via the Indian telephone No? It’s a nightmare.

Alan Marshall, Boston

I would like to travel long distances and know connecting trains will be waiting for me.

Alison Broadley, Bedworth

it’s time to end the chaos brought about by privatisation.

Simon Evans, Leicester

I left my native Britain because of Thatcher’s lunatic policies. Destroying the railway system was just one of these. Here you can travel 60 miles for £9.50 return.

Charles Billette, Vlastislav, Cz

I believe in the railways but not in the way they are run for fat controllers and shareholders. It’s a vital utility, unlike the motor car.

Ian Smith, Chippenham

Privatisation has been a disaster for the taxpayer and rail passengers. It’s a costly and inefficient mistake that needs rectifying.

Marc Sutton, Derby

We have had enough. Fix this now!

Danielle O’Hara, Lancashire

Privatisation is not the solution. Better investment is.

Lesley Hall, Westbury

I remember how dreadful British Rail was, run for the convenience of the staff, no customer care, and no investment, but even that is better than this awful mess.

Kevin Lycett, Leeds

Please re-nationalise the railways.

Colin Naisbitt, Stockton-on-Tees

I’m sick of expensive fares and low service.

John Carlson, South Shields

All East Anglian train licensees have been a dirty, late, packed-trains nightmare for years. Re-nationalisation is the only answer, and re-open branch lines.

Chris Mills, Ipswich

It would be great to see the return of a great travel organisation..

Edward Niven, Dundee

Bring back BR. Reverse the Beeching cuts.

Neil Redfern, Heswall

Bring back British Rail.

Honor Melissa Hieatt, Colchester

Please re-nationalise all the other railways and keep the East Coast public. The evidence is clear. It is so much better than the others.

Maureen Parnell, Edinburgh

Public transport should belong to the public, not to money-grabbing shareholders.

Diana Reddaway, Welwyn Garden City

Brilliant idea!

Katie Daley-Yates, Bristol

I just hate the way I subsidise the European state-owned railways through their owning our train operating companies and keeping the profits.

Krien Scarfe, Rayleigh

We need to combine modern-day quality of trains with BR style joined-up service, punctuality and value for money.

Peter Henderson, Worthing.