I travelled by steam train to school. It”s the best way to travel if only they were better organised.

Jean Gray, Whitstable

Free market capitalism is not the answer to everything and is certainly not the optimal solution to how a country should provide essential services to its population.

Cristian Gurran, Rotherham

Just when East Coast was moving into profit it was stolen again.

David Annand, Cupar

Keep up the good work and let me know if you need volunteers.

Aimee Neat, London

Something like this needs to be under one umbrella to make sure things run smoothly and be sure that maintenance is properly carried out on a regular basis.

Judy Pemberton, Prestatyn

Fallacy of competition improving service and reducing costs thoroughly falsified by our extortionate rail system.

Alice Pearson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Privatisation hasn’t worked. Nationalise now.

Jane Hitchin, West Kirby

Keeping the rail nationalised helps bring money in and provides better service. Privatisation doesn’t work. Capitalism only serves a few. Return to humanity.

Jody Clark, Grantham

It should be run by people for the people not for the rich and greedy.

Leonard Jones, Ellesmere Port

I never understood why taxpayers pay private rail operators to take passengers’ money, with no gain to the taxpayer.

Jane Lennie, Shepshed

Privatised railways put profit before passengers. The result is unreliable, expensive services which are less safe. Public ownership is the only cure for this disaster.

Paul Harrop, Hull

Please bring back the nation’s railways. We need to reach rural areas. People will volunteer to help get it back up and running.

Catherine Davies, Richmond, Yorkshire

I think it’s disgusting that we are still paying high taxes for services that are slowly being sold off. The government is a joke.

Christina Poole, London

Then we might have a suitable rail service near us.

Jennifer Postlethwaite, Bewdley

So we gave it a go and it failed us all. Bring back British Rail.

Jamie Robertson, London

It should be back to government control. There are too many privateers and profit-seekers.

Jim Pryce, Asfordby

I’m a student and the prices of trains are extortionate, especially for cramped and delayed services. I often have to travel to London for fieldwork and it’s food or work.

Alesia Harris, Woking

We need a model like the East Coast Mainline where money does not go to private shareholders.

Phil Round, St Helens

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Since moving back into public ownership the East Coast line is thriving once more. Nothing more needs saying really.

Harry Bird, Sheffield

The sooner the rail service is out of the hands of greedy shareholders, the better.

Andrea Fry, Huddersfield

I believe in an integrated system that is owned by the government, not a fragmented railway.

Stuart Anderson, Nuneaton

We’re being subject to legalised robbery. HS2 will bring more of the same. Fat profits and a service priced for the rich or on expenses.

John Keith, Appleby

Private profit never serves people.

Graham Askew, Cambridge

Re-nationalise British Rail.

Alan Hughes, Oxford

I agree in principle to the railways being in public ownership. Credit must be given for improvements in frequency and quality of service, which we don’t want to lose.

Clive Nicks, York

Please put rail users’ needs before greedy shareholders’ demands for profit. Other countries do.

Thomas Dunn, York

In 1948 the Government of the day had to nationalise the railways to keep them operating. That time has returned.

Roger Jacob, Wrexham

The free market has not worked, so let’s get back to what did.

Maureen Taft, Eastbourne

The success of East Coast since de-privatisation makes the point better than any rhetoric. Now do it for them all.

Antony Johnston, Leeds