A general strike is the only way we can halt the erosion of our public national services.

Tim Wilson, Gateshead

Privatisation is rubbish. All that matters is profit, never mind the public.

Stuart Edwards, Birmingham

It is about time to take back what was taken away and have it returned to the people.

David Collins, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I want a public train service I can afford to use.

Daniel Dowsing, Bangor

Inconsistent brand identity and decentralised control create confusion for customers and overheads for train operating companies.

Andrew Marsden, Bath

Having so many TOCs does not provide competition, but very complex and expensive fare structures. They should all be merged into a publicly owned company.

Thomas Smith, Chesham

Re-nationalising our railways is the most cost-effective and operationally efficient thing to do. Private monopolies only work for the shareholders – not the customers.

Martin Davison, Chesterfield

East Coast works well. Why not run the rest the same way?

Tony Thomas, Hitchin

Dr Beeching screwed the railways up. So let’s do the right thing and bring back British Railways. Forget HS2.

Richard Love, Stamford

Please put a stop to the confusion and make this something to be proud of.

Andre Ward, Dudley

Former apprentice with BRML.

Ian Clark, Northampton

Transport for people, not profit.

Caroline Taylor-Martin, Bromley

If you have to travel from Plymouth to London you really only have one route, so where is the ‘competition’?

Mike Friend

Privatisation has failed – fragmented services, high fares, health and safety issues, fewer staff and worse to come. No to private profit, Yes to public benefit.

Carrie Hedderwick, Sheffield

My old man worked for British Rail from 1936 to 1967. He was just a driver/labourer, but he loved the job.

Colin Noble, Huddersfield

The deterioration in the rail network since privatisation has been awful. Profit is all they care about and the paying public don’t matter.

Ken Horn, Swadlincote

I hope this succeeds and is the first of many to be brought back under re-nationalisation, but with a better management structure.

Bernadette Urmston, Warrington

Get the rail network back on track.

James Ross, Addingham

Privatisation is a mess. It’s just ripping off the public and taxpayers.

Christine Sweeney, Durham

We need investment in new trains. Why would a company with no long term guarantee of keeping its contract invest in new stock?

Diane Green, Huddersfield

I started using BR in the 1970s, along with National Bus Company buses. I see nothing wrong with state-owned transport and I support this campaign. I must get the T-shirt.

Adrian Willats, Waterlooville

It used to be so easy to get anywhere at a reasonable price. Now it’s so difficult with all this profiteering going on.

Holly Roberts, London

I pledge to add my weight to the fight to put our national rail service back into the hands of people not business.

Craig Armstrong, Warrington

The railways were once the envy of the world – now it’s a mess. The pricing strategies make no sense. Plough profits back into British Rail, not shareholders’ pockets.

Patricia Reed, North Shields


Jordan Smith

Private companies messed it up once. Nationalised it had its faults, but this re-privatisation is a disaster. The only investment in our railways is still public.

Jon Carver, Bedford

The railways should be available to everyone, and serve every part of the country. They should not be another way for a handful of already rich people to get even richer.

Elizabeth Cleere, Rye

My father, my granddad, my uncle, my ex-partner all worked on BR. How it has been run and maintained the past few years has been of great concern to me.

Sharon Roberts, Colchester

Bring it back to stop putting performance ahead of safety.

David Haines, Humberston

If there’s more than one travelling it’s cheaper by car.

Polly Thomas, Sheerness