Only a Tory government would privatise a profit-making, much-beloved line like East Coast rail. It’s not logical, it’s ideological, and we all know it. Stop it now.

Jack Campbell, Leeds

I like East Coast service – it works. It’s currently public and I want it to stay that way and get better with the people’s ownership.

David Hufton, Newark

I look for joined-up thinking on the railways where trains with enough seats for all can be achieved once more. With privatisation there’s no incentive.

Arthur Bostrom, Manchester

I used to work for British Rail, Euston HQ. It was a wonderful family with our extended family being all the workers of every train & station beyond. Repair the family!

Abigail Buchanan, Northampton

Public services should never never be privatised. A re-unified national rail network is the way forward.

Gillian Codling, Barnet

Service provided by Arriva Trains Wales on Central Wales line is poor, and condition of stock even worse. No toilet available on a 3 hour journey from Swansea.

Geoff Weaver, Knighton

Privatisation does not work, and will never work. It’s time to take ownership back into public hands.

Mark Simmons-Jenkins, Crediton

It’s ridiculous the prices of train travel, short or long trips. I drive or get a bus to Scotland from South England to visit my family. Train would be ideal if affordable.

Carole Dickson-Earle, Hitchin

Please lets have British Rail turned back to British Rail. There have been far too many British industries sold off and not for the best of reasons.

Carol Wheeler, Nottinghamshire

All transport systems should be integrated, reasonably priced and in public ownership.

Catherine Brotherston, Edinburgh

Before privatisation, British Rail was the second most efficient rail service in the world, second only to Japan.

Peter Slegg

Privatisation has been a complete waste of time, has not benefited anyone who uses it. It’s turned out worse value for consumers as prices hike and services get worse.

Nicolas Richardson, Cardiff

This would stop us being ripped off by all the different train companies and the profits staying in this country.

Trev Davis, Gloucester

I have nothing to add that isn’t obvious and said already.

Michael Morrison, Chelmsford

I think that privatisation has been promoted purely for political expediency and short-term gain. The politicians who allow this aren’t living with the consequences.

Jake Bolton, Blackburn

As the chronic chaos and mismanagement (not to mention the costly subsidy from public funds) shows, there is an unanswerable case for a re-nationalised rail service.

Lindesay Irvine, London

Nationalise the whole thing, undo the Beeching cuts and then expand the network!

Robin Lee, Lochwinnoch

If the amount invested in subsidies since privatisation had happened to BR, there’d never have been an excuse to privatise it.

Joseph Pakenham, Glasgow

I feel that all major transport in the UK should be publicly owned, especially when the private owners have proved so incompetent.

David Knibb Ba, Warrington

The Post Office too while you’re at it.

Sarah Kay, London

I think that re-nationalising should be part of any agreement to build the new high speed rail line.

Hilary Strong, Emsworth

Railways are for everyone, not just their shareholders.

Bob Williams, Flitwick

Rail privatisation was always going to be about contracts and money, not people or good service.

Deirdre Forsyth, Glasgow

The government keeps banging on at us to use public transport, car share etc. yet they hike the prices up making it merely impossible for people to use it.

Andrew Eglon, Christchurch

Darlington is my hometown, and if I want to visit my disabled mother with a day’s notice, it could cost me more than £100 to do so. This is wholly unacceptable.

Oliver Ferries, London

Please bring back real rail travel in the UK.

Ahsan Naseer, Birmingham

Yet another privatisation failure and rip-off.

Glyn Scott, Cardiff

Nationalise the railways.

Linda Long, London

Listen to the people.

Michael Perre, Paddington