British Rail ought to be brought back for passenger trains in England, Wales and Scotland.

Frank Nicholas Adam

I wish to see the railways re-nationalised, because it will be back as a service for the public, rather than a source of cash for the rich.

Ben Walsh, Cambridge

Not for profit is the only way forward. “Enslave the private company executives and chairman!”

Mark Wouters, Leeds

But not the sarnies.

Liz Moore, Coventry

Let’s re-nationalise, standardise and make the railways for the fare-paying public not the fat cat franchise management.

Mathew Jackson, York

If all else, I miss the lovely design.


Join the national protest on April 1st.

Philipa Coughlan, Bexhill-on-Sea

It is ridiculous that the rail subsidy is four times higher than in BR days when most of the train operating companies are foreign owned.

Sue Dockett, Wisbech

It can’t come soon enough.

Tim Boxley, Graffham

Privatisation has made the country poorer. Only big businesses like Virgin are gaining.

David Cross, Hull

Take rail transport out of the hands of profiteers and banks.

Martin Griffiths, Fraserburgh

Bring back our railways.

John Webber, Ware

Please bring back a decent, nationalised rail service that is accountable to its customers and not to shareholders and profiteering executives.

Joe Rus, Trowbridge

It is unfair that we are paying higher fares than the rest of Europe.

Rachel Murray, Brighton

Sort it out and give us back the railways.

Sid Willard, London

Everybody, and the environment, benefits from an affordable, dependable and comprehensive public transport system. It should not be run for private profit.

Ian Fraser, Harrogate

I fully agree.

James Dougill, Goole

Profit for public services, not shareholders.

Chris Gramger, Kendal

East Coast has given more revenue in three years back to the government than Branson has in 10 years, They are a model company that should have been the bench-mark.

Charles Chell, Peterborough

Unification is the only logical and efficient way to bring mass rapid passenger transit into the 21st century.

Fiona Potter, Billericay

I remember when it was affordable to travel by train. It’s far too expensive these days, so I use my car. I’m not paying for the greedy fat cats’ huge salaries and bonuses.

Robert Collis, Chesterfield

I hate having to split train tickets to get the best deals from different train companies. Bring back sensible pricing and Bring back British Rail.

Jenny House, Aylesbury

It’s a better service when profit goes back into the service not shareholders’ pockets.

Andrea Stow, Cleckheaton

Time to end this profiteering. Free markets are proving themselves an unsuitable way to run basic public infrastructure, as one would expect when the market is captive.

Tim Gomersall, Leeds

I spoke to a man outside the train station on the subject matter and was quite intrigued. I’m only 14 but it’s part of my future so I thought it was a good idea to sign up.

Ellis Sullivan, Sheffield

Nationalise all the transport and utilities in Britain.

Andrew Dean, Liverpool

No state subsidies for private operators to get rich at our expense.

Richard Royle, Lancaster

Time to bring back what is proudly British, affordable and fair for all members of staff involved.

Nathan Hosker, Leeds

Socialise BR now.

Jeff McCracken, Glasgow