We are supporting the network with our taxes. Let’s get something back from our investment. Nationalise Now. Put the people back in charge.

Stephen Doggart, Dundee

The sooner the better.

Graham Chadwick, Littleborough

Privatisation has had the exact opposite effect that we were promised.

Steve Radford, Poulton

The railways are farcical. Stop this fragmented system and bring back common sense.

Stewart Bramman, Doncaster

The railways, like other public services such as buses, water, electricity, gas and the Royal Mail should all be in public ownership.

Stephen Peacock, Leeds

I believe the new rail ticket design is confusing for all and unfair for people with sight problems. The design needs to revert back to the old one.

Thomas Davis, London

BR was a nationwide co-ordinated rail system. BR needed much less government subsidy than the current fragmented privatised system. Bring back BR.

Tim Stevens, Peterborough

A railway system should be a public and publicly-owned service, not a profit-driven company.

Sarah Richards, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Great grandfather, grandfather, uncle and father all worked for the railways. Dad said if service was privatised we would regret it – how true!

Pat Cunningham, Liverpool

Completely overpriced for the service and comfort of the trains. Always my last resort.

Helen Amphlett, Tewkesbury

Privatisation of such a valuable service was a catastrophe from the start, so let’s rectify the mistakes of the past.

Benjamin Walker, Manchester

good luck with Your campaign

Adam Hiley, Upminster

Put passengers before profits. We’re the only country in Europe that has a privately-run national railway network, with poor governmental control and ‘toothless’ regulators.

James Andrew Robson, Leeds

Once upon a time we, the common people of the UK, did own BR. Then we gave it away to the rich kids to play with.

Louis Boyce, Kingston-upon-Thames

Make rail public again.

Nicholas Cleverley, London

I use the train all the time and some of the fairs are unreal for long journeys. It costs me just over £20 for a return to Edinburgh from Dumbarton.

Buckie Bhoy, Dumbarton

Profits at all levels instead of one public service.

Michael Crook, Hucknall

You know it makes sense.

Alex Gordon, Bristol

The rail system needs to be brought back into public ownership. Private companies have lumbered from one disaster to another. It’s not value for money.

Martin Tolley, Ipswich

Service not profit.

Andrew Moody, Warrington

The land, its resources and its infrastructure belong to the nation.

Jonathan Sussams, Lewes

It is nonsense to privatise an industry and then subsidise all or part of it while shareholders still expect a profit.

Joan Lawson, Berwick-upon-Tweed

I’m tired of a Trabant service at Rolls Royce prices. We need a nationalised railway run for the benefit of people, not profit.

Ian Westbrook, Folkestone

Dr Beeching screwed the railways up. So let’s do the right thing and bring back British Railways. Forget HS2.

Richard Love, Stamford

Please re-nationalise all the other railways and keep the East Coast public. The evidence is clear. It is so much better than the others.

Maureen Parnell, Edinburgh

The franchises bloat the cost of management of the railways. The shareholders – often foreign national railways – are not investing profits in the UK rail companies.

Martin Griffin, Edinburgh

Public transport is a common good best provided collectively at cost.

Michael Prato, Exeter

Far too expensive and people getting rich on the back of it. Let’s subsidise and bring down prices, not make fat cats richer.

Aud Jones, Leicester

People before profit’ says it all. Rail network is crucial for the nation on so many different levels. We can’t leave it up to companies whose only concern is the bottom line.

Sarah Dewing, Epsom

I’ve had enough of this privatised rail charade, costing taxpayers more and more. East Coast Direct Rail is the right approach. Re-open strategic lines, e.g. Oxford-Cambridge.

David Eldridge, Wallingford