I have absolutely no idea why we sold off the railways in the first place. If they are so successful, why does the taxpayer still subsidise them? It’s total madness.

Raymond Isom, Sudbury

We need to be retaining the profits for the benefits of British passengers rather than foreign owners’ shareholders.

Chris Tradgett, Whitley Bay

I don’t want to bring back the British Rail as was – but a modern British Rail which puts quality, safety and comfort first, not profit. The current system is crap.

Jon Waring, York

The fat cats are at it again.

Tyso Short, Bedford

We need an integrated rail service which offers affordable travel to reduce pollution and congestion on our roads.

Pauline Wickham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Why give money to privateers to bail them out when we can unify the railways and make a profit like the state owned East Coast mainline.

Graham Shipman, Retford

I am disappointed with the service from Trowbridge to Bath which I have just heard will continue for the next four years.

Laura Virtanen, Trowbridge

We need to upgrade King’s Cross to Scotland via Durham and Newcastle, instead of wasting money on HS2. Also bring back freight lines to take passengers during rail works.

Kay Rowham, Easington

I am a regular traveller on East Coast rail. It runs very efficiently at a profit and I see no good reason why it should be changed.

Sarah Dowden, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Cheaper fares, British owned, better living now.

Emily Sweetman, Potters Bar

CrossCountry Trains are German. I would like to see British Rail back in the UK.

N P Bradley, Devon

Rail transport should belong to the people.

Paul Steadman, South Shields

Great Eastern commuters have no choice of rail companies, so how can privatisation be of any use to this line? Private business always wants to make profits, not run great railways.

Russell Stubbs, Colchester

We need to return to a way in which the system actually works for the people, not for the shareholders!

Joe O’Dell, Bedfordshire

The privatisation of an integrated railway system has been a failure. It has brought nonsensical fare structures. Many trains are simply not fit for purpose.

Stephen Holmes, Wakefield

I love Virgin who have the west coast franchise. Their service is excellent – trains comfortable and staff outstanding. However, the rest is a mess.

Hazel Mayamba-Kasongo, Chester

East Coast is making money and they want to sell it off. It may finish up in foreign hands with our money going abroad, We need a joined-up railway system.

Douglas Arnold, Washington

Bring back British Rail. Simplify train fares – one ticket and price for any train, not separate tickets for Virgin, Cross Country, London Midland etc.

Paul Duffy, Motherwell

The current system just does not work.

Oliver Bowen, Abergavenny

Re-nationalise energy as well.

John Raynor, Luton

We must not let Network Rail – our transport infrastructure – go out of public ownership.

Hazel Thompson, High Peak

We need to bring back British Rail on a “not for profit” basis in order that we have a safe and prompt railway in the UK.

Bill Allen, Manchester

The East Coast line has made a profit since it was taken back. Now they want to put it back into private hands.

Peggy McKeown, Consett

If Mr Miliband tore up his advisers’ scripts and enunciated this as a serious aim for next year he could just win to give this notion real traction.

Martin Egan, Torbay

Since the railways were privatised I have never travelled on them.

Brian Hodgkinson, Nottingham

Rail, like water and electricity, is a public utility and should be in the public domain.

Vicky Bear, Bodmin

Start by retaining the wonderful East Coast line which is a delight to experience.

Linda Edmonds, Sheffield

Brilliant idea. I agree 100%!

Danny Barrett

British trains are deplorable for their service and prices. We need to compete with our European peers.

Harry Willoughby, Wells

Track, rolling stock, time-tabling, maintenance planning, financing all run by one organisation working for the same purpose. What’s wrong with the common sense of that?

Roger Gowers, Telford