The railways need to be brought back to the people.

Andrew Cooper, Wigan

Hopefully re-nationalisation would help end the enormous discrepancy in fares in different parts of the country.

Heather Morton, Grimsby

The profits should be ours to be re-invested in the railway network.

Steve Reed, Barry

The private system is shockingly badly run. We need a government to run it without greedy eyes on profit.

Tommy Geddes, Liverpool

Return railways into public hands, so that profits can be returned to the railways to improve services rather than the money going to shareholders.

Allen Teare, Bishop Auckland

Just bring it back. It can’t go on the way it is now.

Noni Peters, Crewe

Privatisation means low wages and worse terms and conditions for staff, excessive returns for management and corporations, and poorer service for the public.

Jim Shannon, Harrogate

What gives this Coalition the right to sell off the Royal Mail against the wishes of the British people? I’m more than unconvinced. Stop this now.

Thomas Burke, Oldham

I’m completely disgusted with all aspects of the rail service in the UK since its privatisation. Extortionate fares, constantly late trains, penalisation of customers.

Catherine Parfitt-Evans

I am an occasional user, not a commuter. On those occasions when I do travel the dis-service afforded to rail users by the current shambles is more than apparent.

Bruce Scott, Leigh-on-Sea

We need a service run for the good of passengers not shareholder profits.

Ian Cameron, Scotter

I am utterly dis-satisfied with the level of corruption, incompetence, and lack of respect our current railway system has. The people should suffer no more.

Robbie Lee, Manchester

Time for a real change in politics, time for the nation’s good and the welfare of all, not just shareholders.

Geoff Walker, Stoke-on-Trent

Privatisation has been a complete failure, inept, heavily subsidised and confusing.

Vivienne Roberts, London

The rolling stock on Northern Rail is shocking. The fares even on East Coast main line are daylight robbery.

Nick Troth, Doncaster

I wouldn’t go back to the old British Rail, but East Coast demonstrates how a not-for-profit company can still deliver good service and value for taxpayers.

Ian Halsall, Bath

Public ownership is the only way to ensure investment in the future, lower fares, more staff and a railway that works for everyone.

Thomas Freegard, Swindon

Bring it back. Things are a joke with these companies.

Paul Tiebout, London

Well done.

C Mac, Dingwall

Laissez-faire capitalism – where the taxpayer contributes to shareholder dividends via subsidies. Seems eminently fair to me?

Wallace Traill, Bathgate

Arriva Trains Wales hands down the worst operators ever. Very expensive. Late and old trains which belong in a museum not the track.

Mark Edwards, Tywyn

Under this regime there isn’t any real competition. Let the train companies have to maintain their own permanent way etc. Profits?

Tony Hagon, Wick

Re-nationalise the railways. Renew East Coast’s contract to continue running that service in the interests of the people of this country.

Ben Burman, Radlett

Bring it back but make it the John Lewis method, where everyone is equal.

Fraser Henderson, London

The railways should be owned as being part of the country’s infrastructure.

Christopher Quinn, Dunstable

We taxpayers are paying more in subsidy to the private companies that run the railways now than we ever did when it was state-owned. Re-nationalise now.

Jerry Cooper, London

Railways should be in public ownership.

John Heathcote, Ludlow

As soon as possible.

Tom Lovelock, London

I’m exasperated by the appalling service of Southern Rail.

Samantha Stevens, Caterham