Arriva Trains Wales has got to be one of the most expensive services in the UK and its service is appalling.

Oscar Davis, Ludlow

Privatising the railways has failed the passenger and rewarded only the shareholders.

Roger Kay, Crawley

I wholeheartedly support your campaign to re-nationalise the UK rail network.

Geoffrey Allen, Cramlington

The country which invented rail travel deserves the best national railway.

Nicholas Ward, Croydon

Hopeless franchise process continually adding to ticket prices.

Michael Bramley, Skipton

How will capital be raised and serviced and prices set? Should management consult and respect subsidiarity, socialist emulation and more? How will workers be disciplined?

George Talbot, Watford

The carriages need to be cleaner and there should be more of them. Fares should be standardised and the journey and customer experience should be prioritised.

Colin Thompson, Bury St Edmunds

Privatisation of publicly owned assets is theft.

Colin Nicholson, Edinburgh

Rail is a natural monopoly and should be in the hands of the people through democratic government.

Peter Collins, London

It always worked better under government control.

Shabir Ahmed, Watford

I recently travelled on trains in Europe and China, superior to the UK and run for their people. UK get a grip and nationalise.

Lisa Mundy, Portsmouth

Privatising the railways was a misconceived policy that wasn’t even prosecuted competently. It is disgraceful that driving is cheaper than train fares.

Andrew Grant Robertson, Edinburgh

As soon as possible

Tola Dabiri, Watford

Major stole my railway system. l want my trains back.

Clive Pritchard, Brighton.

It can’t possibly be any worse.

Jane Moorhead, London

It’s common sense to re-nationalise the railways and use the profits for this country.

Peter Woodcock, London

I’m actually quite alarmed for my personal safety on overcrowded platforms filled with angry would-be passengers. I also fear disease from filthy carriages.

Diana Rossborough, London

Railways should never have been privatised.

Heather Cartwright, Southwell

Division of the rail service into smaller providers would always be economically unviable and a waste of resources.

Chris Stevens, Robertsbridge

More consideration, care and respect for train users. Many of us have no choice but to use the trains. Overly high fare prices and still I have to stand every day.

Ivy Pearson, St Albans

Ticket prices have ballooned since privatisation, as every player in the rail industry whacks up the profit margins.

Aaron M, East Sussex

All profits should go back into the railway not into private investors’ pockets. Railways should be subsidised and for the people not the wealthy.

Mark Lauri, Reading

Enough is enough. As a regular user of trains who experiences the ridiculous pricing, it’s time to get some standardising back to this public service.

Tim Baker, West Bridgford

Take our railway out of the hands of greedy and corrupt businessmen and return it to us.

Jim Mayes, Blyth

Bring back the love of travel and not the love of money.

Rob Gray, London

It’s obvious that this has to happen.

Wallace Henning, Folkestone

I travel on a bus for two to three hours extra to go to university and back as the trains are too expensive. It saves me about £26 per week.

Courtney Williams, Anglesey

All services in the country should only be owned by the British people.

Roger Drion, Durham

I am fed up with overpricing, dirty trains, poor journeys, no choice and trains being cancelled. And they think its acceptable.

Karen Veitch, Holmes Chapel

Yes I agree.

Andrew Raine, Oswestry