£34.90 every day and still no seat – how can that be right?

Paul Miles, Crawley

End the fraud and corruption by the City of London and the bought politicians.

Paul Hollister, Stockport

My father was a railwayman all his working life, and I am a railwayman. Please give us back the railway we all need. BBBR.

Steve Lawrence, Billingshurst

The privatisation was a shambles and the network and whole system has continued to suffer.

Terence Hardy, Nottingham

I am fed up with standing when I travel to and from Manchester. I have to go to Blackpool North to get my train to Manchester so I can get a seat.

Martin Parr, Preston

I’m fed-up with fat cats creaming off profit from what should be a nationalised industry.

Thomas Brewis, Berwick-upon-Tweed

It has been one of our most disastrous and pointless privatisations, contradicted by such a large proportion of the TOCs being owned by other countries’ state transport.

Neil Turner, Bridgend

Anything to keep the fares down.

John Brice, Ulverston

Rail travel should be affordable to all and fares should be at a level to encourage people to abandon their cars and take the train. For the sake of the planet, please.

Christine Gunby, Sheffield

The recent East Coast line experience shows it’s the only way to run the railways.

Garry Martin, Sheffield

Although, fortunately, I no longer have to use the rail service as much as I had to before retirement, I find that the difference in pricing and such like is a minefield.

Douglas Searle, Rotherham

Privatisation was the easy way out for Margaret Thatcher – along with selling off council houses. Then energy. Now we are owned by multi-nationals. Give back our transport.

Catherine Vickery, Market Harborough

Southeastern is the worst train operator ever I have never in four years left or arrived on time and the state of the trains is disgusting.

Daman Gaskell, London

The government had no right to privatise British Rail – and without our permission. Where does Cameron get off?

S Tuffham

Privatisation isn’t working. We need to secure a future for the youngsters by keeping the railway in the public sector and stopping the fat cats reaping big bonuses.

Enzo Carrubba, Liskeard

About time.

Caz Mowe

There are far too many different companies operating the railways. It’s far too complicated.

Sueton Sayers, Wolverhampton

I’m sick of expensive fares and low service.

John Carlson, South Shields

Let’s put rail back in public ownership and stop private companies profiting from essential services.

Jill Harland, Durham

I agree whole-heartedly with this campaign.

Helka Thompson, Swindon

Rail is a natural monopoly and therefore all arguments in favour of marketisation are a complete nonsense.

Nick Shepley, Cardiff

With private rail companies one of the main considerations is profit and keeping shareholders happy. Bring back British Rail – a public service that serves the public.

Antonia Martinez, Stockton-on-Tees

Not-for-profit railway for the people of the United Kingdom would be value for money and not-for-profiteers employment security for rail workers – and would be cheaper.

Mark Denny, Wigan

Rail travel is a human necessity and should be made accessible to all in availability, price and quality.

Susan Scarth, Edinburgh

Do we not owe this to the future generations? I miss the scene of an InterCity liveried train whizzing past the rural coastlines. British Rail all the way.

Alex Lewis, Bangor

Let’s have the profit for the nation – it should cut the deficit a bit.

Alister McNeish, Reading

CrossCountry Trains are German. I would like to see British Rail back in the UK.

N P Bradley, Devon

UK rail is controlled by directors who never get the train. Give us back our rail services that used to be on time, clean and British.

Paul De La Cruz, Leeds

The present system is crazy.

David Cook, Oakham

Travel in Europe is always cheaper and cleaner. Emergency travel to distant family here is too expensive.

Ann Smith, Middlesbrough