Bring back British Rail. Simplify train fares – one ticket and price for any train, not separate tickets for Virgin, Cross Country, London Midland etc.

Paul Wheeler, Birmingham

Vote Labour.

Alex Harvey, Wantage

The sooner the better, Trains in East Anglia are old, dirty and expensive.

Richard Procter, Ipswich

The prices will keep going up and up under the pointless, anti-competitive, inefficient franchising system. The government should take back Britain’s railways.

Adam Eveleigh, Aylesbury

Not one day goes past without a message on car radio listing rail delays.

Mike Noble, Sunderland

There are too many outside contractors. It’s a real mess and needs sorting out.

Richard Lee, Liverpool

A uniform train regulation and pricing structure please. Trains for people, with enough carriages and enough seats and a reliable service.

Helena Rockett

We want a public rail service that functions to serve passengers, not shareholders.

Sandra Reardon, Montgomery

I’m a full time student studying art and design at Exeter. A return for me from Totnes is £11.70..with a rail card. That’s daylight robbery.

Ray Goodwin, Totnes

Bring Back BR.

Ethan Humble, Whitby

Trains should be in nationalised ownership.

Jacqueline Jackson, Chichester

Re-nationalise the railways. They are for transport for all of the nation and should be nationally owned.

Barry Wilkinson, Aldershot

The financial success of the East Coast publicly owned company should convince government that good public railways can work.

Ian Small, York

Privatisation is just a legal rip-off to the public in general.

Terry Barnard, Bridgend

On leaving school in 1957 I worked for British Rail for 14 years. Whilst it wasn’t perfect, it was affordable for working people. It was privatised and everyone knows the rest.

Gerry And Brenda Leach, Leeds

Privatisation has failed, as it seems do in most public services.

Melvyn Dalley, Sheffield

The management of rail services has been a shambles since privatisation. This essential service needs socially responsible national management.

Patricia McCarthy, Milton Keynes

If the government needs 70+ academic reports and a year’s success in Oz to put cigarettes in plain boxes, where is the similar level of proof that rail privatisation works?

Julian Srodecki

Bring back the railway as a national asset for national advantage – it needs us.

Tom Tibbits

We commuters have had enough of private train companies running a monopoly and putting cash before customers.

Ben Nicholls

Little chance for something that was not on the agenda of any of the main parties, but more important now than ever.

Colin Matthews, London

I worked for British Rail in 70’s – the butt of everyone’s jokes, but a fully inclusive company. No franchises. Now everyone is paying for privatisation, profit and greed.

Bob Pinder, Hebburn

British Rail should never have been privatised and, if at all possible, should be re-nationalised

Patricia Sever, Birmingham

I am really fed up about the sky-rocketing price of train tickets brought about by the “free market” model. My family are scattered and can rarely afford to get together.

Barb Sheppard, Windermere

We need this.

Adam Fisher, York

A country-wide rail system needs a single national point of control and investment.

Carolyn Saunders, Stoke-on-Trent

That was a terrible bodged privatisation in 1995 and needs to be completely reversed.

Alan Hird, Basingstoke

For the people.

Mark Larter, London