Privatisation does not create competition; it creates monopolies.

Howard Gough, Wakefield

A well-run public transport system is an essential part of a sustainable society. A properly-funded, publicly owned rail system a key element, less expensive than private.

David Ashton, Hitchin

It’s criminal what happened and continues to happen to the railway.

David Hill, Crewe

But not the BR sandwiches.

Paul Hardman, Manchester

Bring back British Rail. Now With Investment and reopening closed lines.

Josh Welby, London

A national rail system run efficiently for the convenience of the people, not for the profit and benefit of the few.

Janis Bradshaw, Wolverhampton

Follow that with the Post Office.

Ray Waterman, Sheerness

Bring back joined-up railways and joined-up thinking on public transport.

Janet Forsyth, Edinburgh

The fact of the matter is that only ScotRail will now service the Leuchars station, instead of East Coast which will stop most direct long haul journeys from Leuchars.

Evan Tatnall, St. Andrews

A unified and affordable rail system, owned by this country, would transform public transport and make it far more user-friendly.

Diana Defries, Cheshunt

Re-nationalise the railways.

Tony Whitfield, Preston

We’re passengers, not customers and we need one good service, not a wasteful bunch of businesses.

Tom Constable, Caithness

Privatisation pushes up fares and reduces services, hitting the worst-off and the young hardest. For many the railways are their connection to their livelihoods.

Ed Willey, Ware

The fares are ridiculous and unfair. Rail travel is far more environmentally friendly than car driving and should be affordable for all.

Arwen Nicholson, Cambridge

Privatisation benefits no-one except the shareholders who probably always travel by chauffeured car.

Cecilia Marshall, Salisbury

Rip-off Britain. See it by rail, if only you could afford to.

Alan Rimmer, Fleetwood

The service is run for private profit. The transport system is vital for environmental purposes as well as the needs of the public.

Tom Pitman, Cardiff

Yes, get rid of private rail companies.

Betsy Barker, Berwick-upon-Tweed

First are extortionate.

Dale Shanley, Bristol

As commuters we get no advantages from private companies running trains (badly). Labour should commit to the re-nationalisation of the railways as they had the vision in 1948.

Clive Gehle, London

This is a very important issue and we must return our railways to public ownership.

Ronald Branton, York

For a stronger economy and a fairer society, bring it back.

Philip Thomson, Dalry

Just look at East Coast mainline.

Rod Anderson, London

Progress hasn’t been made with privatisation, just big mistakes like the Virgin franchise. BR was when we had and are going to get real progress.

Jack Plumb, Colchester

All the train companies employ an army of people whose sole purpose is to argue about the attribution of delays – not to improve performance, just to save money.

Phil Simpson

The railways are a public good and should be run as such.

Peter Critchley, St Helens

Former apprentice with BRML.

Ian Clark, Northampton

Stop the theft.

Annie Thompson, Portsmouth

There was more efficient running of trains back then and there were proper locomotives.

Jacob Colclough, Stoke-on-Trent