It’s been proved they can make money when run by government just like East Coast Trains is. They are being subsidised to the hilt and where is the money going?

Brian Darvelll, Beverley

Re-integrate each franchise as it expires, starting with the well-run East Coast line.

John Watson, Brighton

Profit motive built the railways, when they really competed with one another. Now, and especially after WWII, it is a national asset. It must stay.

Andrew Hoadley, Archway

Re-nationalisation of the railways would mean more care for people, more efficiency, fairer prices and less stress.

Alexander Kershaw, Caterham

I travelled with British Rail for many years and it was always good value and the best service. They should have left British Rail alone.

Jennifer Gray, Selby

Overcrowding, overpriced, understaffed.

John Roberts, Liverpool

Run for and by people not for private profit.

Cameron Christian, Leeds

Rail travel is a human necessity and should be made accessible to all in availability, price and quality.

Susan Scarth, Edinburgh

Rail travel is a monopoly and private industry has no competitive motivation in running the railways. Therefore they do not respond to customer or worker needs.

Alexander McMahon, Mancot, Wales

Bring back nationalisation.

David Richardson, Bedlington

I totally support this petition.

Elvina Wilson, Brentwood

Without someone to answer to, privatised companies can walk all over the British public, providing far less for more. It’s time to stop this ludicrous demise of our railway.

Julie Woodley, Horsham

I’m sick of overpriced train fares. I think it’s disgusting that it is cheaper for people to go abroad than travelling round your own country.

Erin Pepper, Liverpool

Too many bad experiences, too few characters to write them in. Bring back British Rail.

Emma Hadden

I’m disgusted that London Midland has had its franchise extended.

Jacqui Rowe, Birmingham

We must have a public railway owned by all of us. It is ours and public ownership means a safer service.

Kathryn Foster, Keighley

Bring back British Rail.

Chloe Limb, Tenby

Any train departing within 10 minutes of its scheduled departure time is officially ‘on time’. This shows the mess the system is in; services are totally unreliable.

Simon Botten, Diss

Privatisation doesn’t work. Nationalisation does, if not interfered with by those with vested interests. Get the country moving and working properly again.

Helen Ingham, Luton

Let’s turn the privatisation tide.

Peter Murray, Doncaster

Another theft which needs to be sorted.

Nicola Godfrey, Inverness

I’m stick of being overcharged by rail operators who provide disconnected services on dirty, uncomfortable and overcrowded trains.

Sarah Macbeth, St Leonards-on-Sea

Network Rail manager pay is just sickening.

Bernard Carney, Leeds

Among other evils, the process of privatisation destroyed nearly all of our train building companies.

David Salinger, Leeds

Bring back BR.

Nicholas Bigsby, London

Let’s get some pride back.

Tom Ransom, Brighton

All energy, all transport and all water in this country should be as in most of the rest of the world – owned by its people.

Gordon Nash, Arlesey.

Why privatise profits? East Coast mainline proves the point.

Mark Gough, Wakefield

Before nationalisation (and I was there) people complained about the trains. The same complaints are happening still – fares are beyond reach, and profits exist.

Elizabeth Lindsay, Matlock

I’ve been a commuter for over a decade and have witnessed cramped trains and steep fare rises. It is time for railways be re-nationalised.

Isabel Shaw, Cardiff