The transport infrastructure should be owned by all of us so we can develop a coherent transport policy for the future.

Pauline Allies, Maidenhead

Britain saw the birth of railways, but since privatisation the system has steadily declined and fallen well behind other countries. It’s in the public interest to improve.

Chris Poulton, London

Let’s bring back the golden days of British Rail.

Karen Blakeley, Manchester

SNCF, DB, SNCB, rail in Denmark, the Netherlands etc. All work very well, are bang up-to-date, and are cheaper, with plenty of investment and modernisation. Why not BR?

Tim Perry, London

When I think of what we used to have and what we have now it is definitely regression not progression.

Julie Hope, Cheddar

The railways should be in public ownership. Better services, no private profits.

Maria Peterson, Nottingham

This is our railway. It should be run as a service and not profit going into private hands.

Jessica Gale, Nottingham

The service has been bad since privatisation, and the fares sky high.

Arvind Jadwa, London

Good luck with the campaign.

James Mundy, New Eltham

We have enough pigs with their snouts in the troughs. Keep this line for the people.

Eric Hill, Sheffield

An affordable and functional public transport system is necessary for a nation to thrive.

Dave Lee, Dartford

The railways should never have been privatised. It’s a mess.

John Armstrong, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Amber Rudd is trying to kill our local rail route to implement another even more corrupt, private, expensive disservice in order to kill our town.

Em Law, Hastings

Let’s put rail back in public ownership and stop private companies profiting from essential services.

Jill Harland, Durham

Extortionate prices, no seats and no competition. Bring back British Rail.

Julie Holland, Sunbury

We need to stop governments selling off our British services to other countries. Make our railways British again.

Paula Du Luc, Redhill

British Rail should be kept public and not sold off to those only interested in money.

Kathleen Byrne, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Railways and all essential services need to be run as public services which are much, much more trusted than big business. We have bad banks, and profiteering water companies too.

Nicola Mortimer-Stokes, Cheltenham

We are a not very big island in the Atlantic ocean The railways, like electricity and gas should be run by the nation for the nation. We don’t need corporate investors.

Sue Radford, York

I actually use the train more in Holland than the UK. It is terrible to think that the Dutch trains are so efficient because they are subsidised by their running UK trains.

Stuart Thomson, Glasgow

The prices are unaffordable and it is now cheaper to fly from London to the North of England

Nicola James, London

Bring all of the railway system back into public ownership. It will cost a hell of a lot less than it does now.

Ted Ryder, Mansfield

I agree in principle to the railways being in public ownership. Credit must be given for improvements in frequency and quality of service, which we don’t want to lose.

Clive Nicks, York

Things have changed for the worse, and not for the better.

Elizabeth Smith, Whitchurch

The train service should be more integrated and more affordable, if they want people to use public transport.

Caitlin Burns, Leamington Spa

I agree that travelling by rail in the UK is often too expensive. State-owned railways in other countries such as Germany and Sweden seem fairer. Why can’t ours be?

Ryan McCarthy, Swindon

Please re-nationalise the rail service as it will aid the recovery and growth of the country.

Rob Kennedy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne