Let’s look to other European countries where the railways and other forms of transport are in public ownership. We got it wrong but we can still make it right.

Clare Atkins, Edinburgh

We have tried privatisation and it clearly hasn’t worked. I’m happy to support this new initiative.

Gareth Williams, Reading

Re-nationalise the railways. They are for transport for all of the nation and should be nationally owned.

Barry Wilkinson, Aldershot

One of the easy options for reducing CO2 emissions, would be to encourage people to use trains, not do the complete opposite.

Andy Vaughan

There can be no alternative, if ever this nation’s transport system is to simplify itself and return to its former glories, but a return to nationalisation.

Drewe Shimon, Aylesbury

Appalling quality and ludicrous prices of rail in the UK are uneconomical, unfair, and do nothing but push commuters to use cars. Nationalisation is for the common good.

Charlie Furness, Cardiff

It’s the intelligent and rational thing to do.

George O’Mahoney, St Leonards-on-Sea

If it worked here before it’ll work again. I will use it a lot more if British Rail returns.

Barbara Thomas, Dorchester

This country, which invented railways, deserves an integrated, comprehensive and affordable railway network. No more foreign-built rolling stock. Let’s buy British.

Jerry Hepworth, Lowestoft

It is more than time to end this absolute shambles that gives us the worst and most expensive railways in Western Europe.

Iain Wordsworth, Sheffield

Exploitative and uncaring. Profit before humanity and safety. It is despised by everyone.

Anna Donfrancesco, Forest Row

Enough is enough, I don’t care about fancy stations with shops and restaurants. I just want to go to work and get home with the minimum fuss.

Joe Loughrell, London

The private rail companies of the UK are an absolute disgrace. Re-nationalise now.

Wilfrid McNeill, Manchester

Disabled people need to be able to bring tricycles on trains.

Martin Powell, Wigton

Having a nationalised train service is essential to providing our country with an effective, affordable and consistent service.

Alex Williams, Bradford

It is galling to learn that privatised Arriva Trains Wales is owned by Germany’s state railways.

John A K Davies, Haverfordwest

We need all our vital necessary services back, including rail. Affordable services are needed for the benefit of the many, not for lining the pockets of the few.

Gary Rowen, Bromley

Enough is enough. Let’s get back to a joined-up rail system.

Fiona Wright, London

It’s time we got back to basics. One network with a commitment to providing an efficient service without the need to rip off the passengers. Bring back British Rail.

Chrissie Storey, Morden

People not profit.

Maya Bhogal, London

Public transport should be exactly that. accessible to the public with ease and affordable..

Sarah Robinson, Liverpool

Private companies’ primary duty is to their shareholders, not passengers. People (workers) and service should come first, not profit.

Jonathan Kershaw, Salisbury

British Rail always provided a good service. If you got a job with them it was for life.

Ann Welton, Orpington

Put people’s rail service back with the people.

Neil Merrett, Nottingham

British Rail was using no subsidy when privatised. Now we have a company with a massive subsidy.

Graham Sharman, Peterborough

At my local station there are no staff after 11am. The platforms are ill-maintained, railings missing and graffiti and litter everywhere.


We will never have reliable weekend travel while shareholders matter more than rail users.

Jane Bunting, Bristol

People Not Profits.

Mark Lansbury, Isle of Wight

Bring back British Rail, so that we can try to make rail travel what it once was.

Julia Vango, Shepperton