One ticket, one destination, one rail company. Simplicity. Bring back British Rail.

Julie Elphick, Witney

The Norwich to London service is appalling under a privatised system. Old rolling stock, high fares and dreadful timing and timekeeping.

Ian Harvey, Norwich

Free tea and coffee is a must for the British traveller.

Helen Behagg, Kettering

Southeastern are a disgrace.

Alex Veysey, Meopham

Private sector vultures have destroyed the railways. We will take them back by force if necessary.

Barry O’Toole, Liverpool

I want a nationalised railway that brings down rail fares. All private companies want to do is make money and line the shareholders’ pockets.

Stephen Driver, Isleworth

Join up the dots.

Samuel Nelson, Erskine

Scrap the corrupt privatisation model. Justice for the 99%.

Paul Monaghan, Liverpool

Why shouldn’t the profits go back into the company instead of into individual’s pockets?

Katherine Dixon, Bristol

This is undoubtedly the way forward for many privatised institutions.

Graham Ross, Glenrothes

Privatisation is not serving the needs of the nation, passengers, the economy nor the environment. We need to put our heads together and create a ‘new’ British Railways.

Bill Breakell, North Yorkshire

Time for a change. Commuters have increasingly been mugged off by the rail companies and Network Rail for too long.

Steve Cobb, Ashford

The railways belonged to us before they were sold off. Re-nationalise British Rail and use any profits to re-invest in the infrastructure, not line the pockets of the rich.

Jonathan Gulliford, Merthyr Tydfil

British Rail proved it could run an efficient and cost-effective service in the run up to privatisation. It should never have been sold off.

Romney Johnstone, Anstruther

Rail, NHS, Mail. These are core social services and should not be run for profit. Directly Operated Rail has proved this will work.

Simon Pickles, Enfield

The rail service in this country has only got worse and more expensive since being privatised. Run it for the people not the fat cats.

Lucy Gaster, London

It’s time to bring back the public service ethos in our railways.

Matthew Lee, London

Simple pricing please and non-hiked prices on the day. One company for one country please.

Janice Hine, Brockenhurst

Give the railways back to the public. Private ownership doesn’t work. It’s not a new idea and it can be done with next to no cost. What are they playing at?

Naomi Brown, Southampton

Repeat East Coast success across the nation.

Keith Graham, East Boldon

Give the railways back, and get freight off the roads.

Judith McFarlane, Bedford

Just as we have seen in the privatised bus industry, services are run solely for the benefit of the shareholders, with little regard for passengers or employees.

Graeme Payne, South Shields

ScotRail is a joke. See #failrail for details on Facebook. No seats 40% of time, 30 or more minutes delayed or just fully cancelled.

Alan McDonald, Clackmannan

People before profits.

Geoffrey Bottoms, Sheffield

Give people the incentive to ditch their cars and be more environmentally friendly.

Christine Cooney, Chippenham

National Rail would be far better than what we have now.

Colin Bryan, Newport

The only way to travel that makes sense. By the people for the people. The competition fallacy has derailed with the success of East Coast thus far.

Justin Grasty, York

The railway needs investment in rolling stock to relieve overcrowding. The present system cannot deliver this.

Steven Toms, York

First Capital Connect London to Brighton service is dreadful. Old trains, noisy, rattley, uncomfortable, freezing cold or baking hot. It’s a complete rip off.

Jim Allen, Brighton

De-privatisation and de-Beeching essential to the nation.

Ken Dixon, Harare, Zimbabwe