Rail privatisation was never going to work. We need a fully-integrated, national rail system where there can be no confusion. I back a public rail system to the hilt.

Julian Clark, Swindon

We need a rail network that serves the people and isn’t there for private profit.

David Scott, East Linton

Train fares are just too high. I work for a charity and year-on-year increases in ticket prices wipe out any salary increase I receive.

Richard Jarvis, Leicester

It would be great if it actually happened, but unlikely I fear with this Tory-led government.

Suzie Litton-Wood, Derby

We’re bringing back Great British Rail with Sir Jeremy Corbyn in 2017 to make the UK OK.

Paul Bright, Bournemouth

Travelling by rail should be at the heart of our transport system, popping on and off a train instead of waiting in endless traffic queues on our overcrowded roads.

Elizabeth Ellis, Oakham

Why sell it off if it works? Money for the boys.

Raymond Raw, Seaton Sluice

Rail travel that people can afford, not lining pockets of the rich.

Andrew Marriott, Loughborough

Railways run as a public service, not as a money making operation . Profit should be ploughed back into operation to continually improve service.

Irene Lovell, Romford

Privatisation has failed and is a rip-off, just as many of us said when this misbegotten scheme to enrich investors was hatched.

Michael Mccarthy, London

Privatisation was a really stupid idea.

Ross Williams, Gravesend

When British Rail was in existence the price of a journey was set. 1st and 2nd class. Now it is a muddle and many different fares depending on when you book. Not good.

Margaret Al-Rekabi, Nottingham

The trains are overcrowded, overpriced and cost the tax payer more than when nationalised. They used to be a bit scruffy but at least you got a seat.

Kay Hallam, Tadley

From the customers’ point of view, give me three benefits of privatisation.

James France, Edinburgh

I’ve just had the most appalling journey recently, with every leg of it fraught with rail company failings. Please bring back British Rail.

Moira Uddin, Berwick-upon-Tweed

I would scrap HS2 in favour of a high-speed north-south freight line running along the course of the Great Central and reopen vital link and branch lines cut by Beeching.

Hugh Terry, Reading

More people would use railways if they were more affordable.

Kim Rowling, Newton Aycliffe

An essential service should not be run for profit but as a service.

Lorna Robertson, Surrey

Privatisation has been a complete and expensive shambles. Bring back British Railways.

Fred Manning, Maidstone

British Rail should never have been privatised.

Maureen Wakefield, Ipswich

Nationalise the whole thing, undo the Beeching cuts and then expand the network!

Robin Lee, Lochwinnoch

My old man worked for British Rail from 1936 to 1967. He was just a driver/labourer, but he loved the job.

Colin Noble, Huddersfield

Why can’t we have a rail service we are proud of?

Juliet Chard, London

The new timetables are terrible and on top of this there are frequent cancellations and short trains resulting in overcrowding.

Liam Murphy, London

We need a proper railway system again, not HS2.

Chris Blackmore, Melksham

I would like British Rail back as, at the moment, if I were to try to buy a ticket for a train journey, I just would not know how to find the price or the timetable.

Liz Grant, Camborne

Sucking profit out of transport has left it disorganised, expensive and fragmented.

Peter Bailey, Cambridge

I’m sure a re-nationalised railway would be better value for the taxpayer. Cut out all the overpaid lawyers writing unnecessary contracts between too many businesses.

Barrie Anderson, Ware

Stop wasting tax payer money on private rail. Bring back public owned transportation.

Naomi Wallace, Otterburn