Come on, let’s join the Spirit of ’45.

Emma Kraus, Bracknell

Take the railways back from the greedy corporates who profit while we suffer every day.

Damon Newton-Goode, Portsmouth

Re-nationalise BR and whilst you are at it, do the same for the utilities companies.

Colin Crowther, Swindon

Access to decent affordable transport for all will contribute towards levelling inequality and support collaboration, productivity and a growing economy.

Frances Priest

Why is it considered reasonable for a private train company with a monopoly to fleece its customers in order to fund investment to its infrastructure?

Scott Nye

You know it’s the right thing to do. People not profit. Let us be proud of something as important and vital as our rail network.

Shela Close, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

End this madness! Make train prices fair.

James Forber, Warrington

Britain deserves better than the total shambles that privatisation was always going to be. Money for fat cats doesn’t provide a decent railway.

Kevin Gaylard, New Milton

It couldn’t be worse than it is now. Where are the bigger trains we were promised 30 years ago? It’s still horrible on our line.

David Williams, Stamford

Please check your records as I may have already signed this petition.

Edward Washington

Living in Brighton, I have seen first-hand how ridiculously terrible and increasingly expensive beyond belief the rail networks have got in Britain.

James McArdle, Brighton

Bring back British Rail.

John Robertson, Reigate

It’s time to stop the train operating companies running the rail network into the ground.

Daniel Collins, Brentwood

Subsidise public transport, tax fuel.

Bill Holland, Manchester

I agree 100%. Public services, not profits.

Matt Chadwick, Nottingham

I’m tired of seeing money wasted on pointless franchising and the commercial marooning of services off the core network, like East Anglia.

John Salisbury, Norwich

Trains are always late and stupidly expensive. This has to change.

William Carter, Wigton

Re-instate simple fare structures, with one price wherever you buy. The thought of a public service run for the public should not be a revolutionary concept.

Dorothy Nelson, St Austell

Money is being wasted paying dividends to shareholders rather than being invested in the infrastructure.

Michael Church, Dewsbury

Aside from GNER, Anglia Railways and Chiltern, privatisation has done nothing for the discerning passenger.

Benjamin Denton-Cardew, Ipswich

Quasi-competition has driven subsidy to unheard of heights and reduced efficiency. A single, publicly-owned and -operated railway is the best way forward.

Toby Fenwick, London

Railways should be run for public benefit rather than private profit. The current fragmented and micro-managed network can never achieve this, and needs re-integration.

Richard Connell, Leeds

I’m speechless with anger.

Ian Greenhalgh, Edinburgh

Hiking prices up is wrong and especially in view of the fiasco at Kings Cross Station this year. What a mess.

Anne Hayes, Chesterfield

Privatisation of the railways has been a disaster. Bring back British Rail!

Graham Bunting, Northampton

Better a public than a private monopoly.

Robin Holden, Chipping Norton

We need a nationalised rail service back for the good of the country.

Nicholas Eve, Shefford

I believe that all utilities should be in public ownership and not run for the profit of shareholders, other than the British public

Barrie Blayney, Leeds

The fiasco over the West Coast line says it all.

Andrew Kirkham, Knaresborough