Fundraising for More Days of Action!

7th February 2015 | Fundraising / News

Fundraising for Nationwide Day of Action

Bring Back British Rail needs your help! We are now fundraising to pay the costs of materials / leaflets for two more nationwide Days of Action for Public Ownership of Our Railways before the General Election on 7 May.

2nd Day of Action: Wednesday 1 April 2015
Don’t be Fooled by Franchises! To mark 21 years since the enactment of the Railways Act (1993), which began this disastrous privatisation.

1st Day of Action: Friday 27 February 2015
To coincide with the second reading in the House of Commons of Caroline Lucas’s Railways Bill for a publicly owned railway that puts people before profit.

Many of the organisations we normally work with cannot pay for materials / leaflets in the run-up to the General Election because of the new draconian ‘gagging law‘. That’s why we need to do this from the ground up, by collecting small donations from Bring Back British Rail supporters all around the country.

Our goal is Β£2,000.
Please follow the link to donate today!