It’s time to end privatisation. As each franchise ends, return it to a public run railway at no cost to taxpayers.

David Zipfell, King’s Lynn

Let us take it back. It and all the other state companies and the NHS do not belong to a sick bunch of half-wit profiteering politicos to sell off as they wish.

Michael Coleman, Redditch

The British privatisation disaster has been copied in various European countries, also in the Netherlands.

Rolandt Tweehuysen, Kimswerd, Netherlands

Decent transport and good service for everyone, not profit for the few is essential for a decent society.

Catherine Leach, Birmingham

The price of rail travel in this country is absolutely scandalous – a disgrace. It’s time to re-nationalise and become reasonably priced.

Carole Harrison, Redcar

Bring it back!

Dewi Loveluck, Bridgend

A re-unified national rail network could lead to greater efficiency and a less complex pricing system.

Joan Vickers, Darlington

I agree that the rail industry is too fragmented and needs to be brought under one public banner.

David Warner, Warrington

I would like to see is a railway system that is managed and run efficiently with good opportunities for commercial growth and employment. Bring back British Rail.

Richard Stone, Canterbury

Just common sense and not greed.

Tanya Levy, London

As a former rail worker I don’t believe privatisation works. Railways should be a service not a business

Robert Mills, Newbury

Public ownership of the rail network makes economic sense.

Matt Irvine, Sheffield

Stop foreign companies creaming off the profits.

Martin Mills, Tunbridge Wells

The rot must stop!

Zach Elsbury, Melbourne

We need an integrated national rail system, with profits going back into infrastructure, not shareholders’ pockets.

Lesley Typhair, London

It’s a disgusting state of affairs.

Jacqueline Kennett, Sidmouth

Profits should be re-invested not go into an individual’s pocket.

Martin Ashdown, Ballater

A railway network based on service not profit. I want a truly inclusive rail service so the average citizen can travel at a reasonable price.

Rik Manning, Stroud

Privatisation was a disaster for the railways, the passengers, and the employees. Please bring them back into public ownership as soon as possible.

M Wilson, Carmarthen

Privatised railways cost more to the consumer and the government than nationalised ones.

Zach Robinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I’m tired of monopolists extorting from me over an essential service.

Nicholas Simcik Arese, Oxford

Our train network is vastly inferior to that of any other major European country, and is an embarrassment.

Sebastian Hall, London

Surely everyone can now see privatisation is not working? The East Coast line has actually been profitable while it has been run by the state.

Audrey Stewart, Hitchin

I’m ex-railway footplate staff.

Michael Fitzgibbons, Barnsley

Please bring back the British Rail for those that need it for transportation. It’s hard enough getting reliable transportation over here.

Christina Sundborg, Yakima

Bringing Back British Rail will save millions of lives on our roads and help save the NHS. It is a sensible way to fix the UK economy.

Paul Bright, Bournemouth

The only sensible rail network is a unified rail network. Bring back British Rail.

Tina Richards, Huntingdon

Please re-nationalise the services of this country.

Gary Hilsdon, Brighton

It is currently cheaper for me to drive or even fly than it is for me to catch the train.

Hannah Jones, Bristol

I use East Coast trains which shows what state-owned trains can do for service and value for money. Let’s extend this to the rest of the network.

James Davies, Leeds