Enough sky-high fares, increasing year in year out for a service that is only becoming worse and only profit driven.

Yann-Eric D’addario, London

The Secretary of State signed off the NRCoC, which means train companies are exempt from general consumer protection because of the ministerial involvement.

Jocelyn Peacock, London

The trains are overpriced and unreliable.

Charlie Claydon, London

It is more than time to end this absolute shambles that gives us the worst and most expensive railways in Western Europe.

Iain Wordsworth, Sheffield

The British railway system should be in public hands. Most of what was closed by Beeching should be re-opened, as people live in those isolated places now with poor public transport.

David Kent, Prescot

Put the rail system back in public hands so we don’t keep getting ludicrous price increases that just don’t happen across the rest of Europe.

Jonathan Kirk, London

Bring it back into public ownership.

Peter McQueen, Crewe

Enough of the price hikes, let’s get working together on a publicly-owned service for the benefit of the nation.

Ron Lofkin, Gateshead

Re-nationalise the rail system. This should be publicly owned and affordable for all.

Hannah Evans, Mansfield

It is not working, late trains and profits going to faceless people, where it should be taking care of passengers. There are not enough carriages for folk to sit down.

Florence Arthur, Edinburgh

I really hate the waste that goes on in huge areas of the railway industry today.

Pauline Stephens

I would like to travel on trains but they’re just too expensive. Surely, if fares were cheaper and services joined up, more people would buy tickets.

Judy Sleath, Nottingham

Privatisation was and still is a publicly funded rip-off, to defraud the public of money, the very taxes we all pay. Shame on you Con-Dems!

Zack Kahn, London

Now Thatcher has gone, it’s time we erased the odious Me! Me! Me! legacy she and her minions left behind and saw the return of services run for people, not profit.

David Hurst, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Selling essential public infrastructure was (and still is) absolute stupidity.

Adrian Barron, Maidenhead

Absolute Economic Sense

Jacob Tong, London

The privatisation of our railways by the Thatcherite Tories has been a theft of massive proportions that must be reversed. It was totally immoral.

Frank Lawson, Halifax

Northern Rail needs to go. Levenshulme commute doesn’t work. The 08:11 is a myth.

Chris Schiele, Manchester

Bring back British Rail, better trains, no over-crowding, better fare structure, more carriages to clear standing room.

Forbes Watson, East Kilbride

Rail network is a disgrace. I work up in Glasgow and I’m fed up with trains being cancelled, overcrowding and sky-high fares for a deplorable service.

Isabelle McGoogan, Ardrossan

it is crazy that our rail prices subsidise cheap rail in other countries who own shares in our rail. The Tories hate the people clearly if they think this makes sense.

Tina McCloskey, London

The East Coast mainline is making a profit and shows that public ownership can work for the benefit of the people.

Anthony Phillips, Leeds

Get rid of the daylight robbers.

Marcus Turley, London

The price of public transport seems to go up all the time. The trains are a mess and are often late. What are we paying for?

Corinne Deakin, Barnsley

I want the service I pay for! Is that too much to ask for?

Stuart Smith, Wigan

We need to reclaim all that is rightfully ours.

Steven Bartlett, Diss

Many of the lines removed by Beeching would now be profitable given subsequent economic development.

Talat Chaudhri, Aberystwyth

Public services should be not-for-profit. To reduce our carbon footprint, taking back control of rail and offering affordable prices for everyone is the best way forward.

Rob McDonald, Newcastle upon Tyne

I lived in the UK until a month ago, and East Coast offers a much better service than all the other rail operators. I suspect it’s because it’s government-run, as BR was.

Leon Kennedy, Hong Kong